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The time is ten am. There is no one in the house. Ravi is all alone. His mind is wandering here and there. All through the previous night he couldn’t sleep a wink. His mind is busy thinking thoughts that can get him lynched if, by mistake also, he ends up sharing with anyone.

He is restless. He is helpless. He is powerless and has no clue as to how he should get rid of those ideas that have been tormenting him since past twelve hours.

Deepa is someone whom he cannot put out of his mind. Deepa is always in his thoughts no matter where he is and what he is doing. She has become such an infatuation that has, of late, begun to border on the obsession.

She is a sweet girl of twenty-five with an extraordinary smile that can light up the entire world. Her sparkling eyes are so beautiful that they can make you forget all your worries in an instant. Her voice is so sweet that it can heal any wounds without applying any ointment. She has all that a young guy like Ravi expects a modern girl to possess.

Killer looks with intelligence. Sense of humour with innocence. Sense of fashion with a touch of modernity. And much more.

The only unfortunate part of Ravi-Deepa saga is Deepa has no feelings for Ravi whatsoever. However, she is aware of Ravi’s feelings for her who, once upon a time, had tried his best to bring her around in vain.

The entire episode had ended up with a lot of heart burns and there is no way Ravi can seek redemption from whatever his persuasive skills had inflicted in a distant past.

Though Ravi pretends to have forgotten her, in his heart of hearts he still thinks her thoughts and firmly believes that the day is not far when Deepa is going to be in his arms. How that turn around can happen is one question the answer to which Ravi hopes to get through some mysterious way while he is fast asleep.

He has a firm belief whereas Deepa has stubborn nature.

After five years, previous evening Ravi and Deepa come face to face with each other in the most unexpected way. At a shopping mall, Ravi has gone to pick up some grocery items. To her surprise, he finds Deepa also there whom he fails to recognise initially as she has gained a little weight.

Ravi thinks that his memory is playing tricks on his mind and tries to dismiss the thought from his mind when Deepa’s phone blares out the ring tone “Mere mun yeah bata de tu, kis aur chala hai tu…”, she presses the answer button and whispers a sweet hello into her cell phone. Both the ring tone and that hello convince him that it is indeed Deepa whom he is seeing. The moment he realizes who is inches away from him, he loses the sense of time and place.

Ravi cannot recall what else she speaks into the phone as the sound of her soft hello transports him to a dream land where only Deepa and he live and for a living they do nothing. To while away their time they make love round the clock. And to quench their hunger and thirst they eat fruits and drink water from a stream flowing in their garden. When they grow bored, Ravi writes poems and romantic stories and reads them out to her. This is all they do in that dream land.

The dream lasts only a few minutes as he soon relises that he is in the way blocking movement of shoppers in the grocery section.

From the toiletry shelves, Deepa picks up soaps and shampoo bottle and heads to the billing counter. While walking past Ravi – whom she has noticed at last and is showing no signs of recognition let alone surprise – she hums sweetly “Thoda sa pyaar hua hai… thoda hai baaki……”

Ravi is losing his mind. He cannot believe what he hears. Is the song a covert message that she is ready for him now? Ravi gets a dull ache in his forehead and presses it with his fingers. He gets so overcome by what has happened just then that without shopping for anything he saunters out of the mall hoping to catch a glimpse of Deepa who too may be on her way out after paying.

There is no such thing waiting to happen as Ravi throws nervous glances around desperately searching for Deepa who is nowhere to be seen.

He gives up and goes home unable to get rid of the mini storm that unexpected run-in with Deepa rages on in his mind. She has changed completely. She has become more dignified with the passage of time. She is dressed up also so fashionably. Those white leggings and printed frock are making her look that way or has she really gained weight? All these thoughts keep racing across his mind as “thoda sa pyaar hua hai..thoda hai baaki” keeps reverberating in his head.

He cannot sleep however hard he tries. His mind keeps going back and forth to Deepa and her song. What does it mean? Who called her? Why that ring tone? Is she into some relationship? Has she found someone nice at last? Is she going to be happy  with him? What will happen to him? What will happen to his dreams? Will they remain merely dreams?

He keeps raking up his brains thinking all such torturous thoughts. He doesn’t know when he falls asleep.

In his sleep, he sees a dream. The ocean waves are rising and falling. The sun is burning into the sea. The beach is deserted. But somewhere far away there is a ship that looks like a tiny dot from the distance. Deepa and he are walking slowly in the direction where the ship is anchored.

She is wearing pink leggings with a black embroidered top. They are walking hand in hand. Their fingers are intertwined. The sweat beads keep appearing on Deepa’s forehead. From time to time Ravi wipes them with his handkerchief and kisses her forehead as they keep walking. In the background, “thoda sa pyaar hua hai….thoda hai baaki” is playing as the ocean waves rise and fall in perfect synchrony.

They both look content and perfectly at peach with each other. They are going away somewhere. The ship is waiting to take them on board. Once they climb into the ship, it will set sailing and transport them to a land where the pure love gets celebrated day in and day out.

Finally they reach where the ship is anchored. They look into each others’  eyes before climbing up into the ship. They smile and say I love you simultaneously to each other. When they realize what has happened, they laugh and start kissing each others’ lips. Now “thoda sa pyaar hua hai… thoda hai baaki…”. is playing at full volume.

At this juncture, Ravi’s dream comes to an end as he wakes up from the sleep sweating profusely. He looks at the time on his cell phone. It is four am. What is she doing right now? Is she also seeing the same dream as I saw just now? Has she also woken up sweating the way I did? He has no answers and only questions. Feeling frustrated he types out an email on his cell phone addressed to Deepa. It reads.

 Hello Deepa,

     I am extremely sorry for what happened five years ago. Can we bury the past and start talking once again? I promise to behave respectfully with you. Please trust me.


He doesn’t have the courage to send that email so he discards the draft.  He tries to return to sleep.

Next day it is five minutes past ten am as he sits at a plastic chair in the living room staring at the TV screen that is not turned on. He doesn’t know how to get rid of that mental state. He hopes secretly that it will leave him alone soon so that he can get up and go to the duty.

He has lost appetite. He just wants to sit in silence as the words “thoda sa pyaar hua hai….thoda hai baaki” keep playing somewhere in the background.

The door bell rings. He gets up unwillingly to open the door expecting the milk man. When he opens the door, he cannot believe what he sees.

Deepa is standing and smiling that powerful smile capable of melting the whole snow mountain. Before Ravi can pull himself together, she says, “Hello, good morning. Can I step in for a minute?”

Ravi steps aside to let her in without speaking a word. The same brand of perfume from five years ago she is wearing. Her choice has remained unchanged.

Ravi closes the door behind and turns around to see Deepa already seated on his plastic chair. He walks past her to the refrigerator to fetch her water. While pouring the water into a glass from the bottle, he nervously looks in the direction of Deepa who is staring at the screen of the switched off TV with a remote in her hand. She is wearing those pink leggings and black embroidered top from the dream.

Ravi’s heart is beating fast. The whole situation feels surreal.

Finally he is standing in front of her holding the glass of water. He wants to smile at her but cannot bring himself to smile. He is way too nervous for that.

She holds his hand that is holding the glass of water and says, “Ravi, now I realize that how much you love me.” She goes on after blinking at him naughtily,  “I cannot live without you. I want to be your friend, soul-mate and take a long walk down some sunny beach. You can text message and call me any time and become my friend on FB. You can even talk to me in private. I won’t breathe one word about it to anyone. Now come on. Stop having that far away look on your face and smile at me.”

The time comes to a standstill as these words strike against Ravi’s ear drums and then go on to reverberate in his head. She takes the glass from his hand, gulps the water down. While handing him back the glass, she closes his eyes and starts singing softly, “Thoda sa pyaar hua hai….. thoda hai baaki…..”

The End.


Amar’s heart was pounding against his ribcage as he made his way through the evening traffic of Bangalore to reach home. He had stopped feeling excited for past few days. All of a sudden the excitement had returned. He didn’t know how to deal with the excitement.

He knew that Reema was at his home. She was there with her mother. He didn’t want her to be there when he reached home. He was scared that something bad would happen. Something so bad that for which he would end up regretting forever.

But the battle was between the mind and the heart. The mind didn’t want her to be around when he reached home. At the same time the heart wanted her to be around. The heart, moreover, wanted her to smile at him when he reached.

While waiting for the signal to turn green, he pulled out his cell phone and nervously typed a text message that read can you please ensure that nobody is around when I reach home? He paused for a while before sending the message. When the signal was about to turn green, he pressed the send button and kick-started his bike after sliding his phone into his shirt pocket.

Amar had sent the text message to his wife Jyoti.

Amar had, once upon a time, a crush on Reema who was Jyoti’s cousin. There was a history of bad blood between Amar and Reema following the various attempts made by Amar to make Reema his ‘friend’.

Reema had initially kept those overtures a secret from Jyoti thinking that that would upset Jyoti and both husband and wife would end up fighting on account of her.

Amar had misunderstood her silence as a covert green signal and had gone to the extent of asking her out one evening after showering her with expensive gifts.

All this he had done after extracting a promise from Reema that she would never divulge a word of it to Jyoti.

God only knew how long all that love-struck behaviour of Amar would have gone on, had Jyoti not come across a text message accidentally in Reema’s mobile.

The message was from Amar asking Reema whether she would prefer dining with him at her favourite restaurant at Koromangala. Obviously, that had infuriated Jyoti who, in turn, had demanded to know what the whole thing was all about after accusing Reema of having an affair with her husband.

Bucketful of tears were shed as the accusations flew thick and fast. When Reema successfully proved that it was Amar who was stalking her, the attention shifted to Amar who was made to swear by their two daughters against any such future transgressions.

The doomsday had long gone. But its ugly aftermath kept casting its long shadow time and again. Amar had to prove his love for his hurt wife and commitment toward their marriage all over again.

The faith in their marriage was the main casualty. Now it was up to Amar to rebuild that faith brick by brick.

It was proving to be difficult as Reema was a family relative and her entry couldn’t be banned into their household. Time and again they ran into each other. Again the doubts cropped up and the old memories would come back to haunt the couple.

It was five years ago. But the wounds were still fresh. At times they both tried to pretend that it was a painful episode left behind for good. But in truth, those memories were always at the back of their minds.

While riding his bike he anxiously waited for his phone to vibrate against his chest in his shirt pocket. But the phone refused to vibrate indicating they were there to stay .

The evening was promising to be eventful as the hunter was about to see the prey after a gap of a couple of months.

Amar reached home and as feared Reema was there.

He nervously knocked at the door. As he stood waiting for the door to come open, the questions would Reema look at him, would she at least smile at him, will she give any indication that all was forgiven and forgotten and she was ready to move on raced across his minds making him go weak in his knees.

He felt like sitting down on the steps. Finally the door came open and he saw Jyoti and his younger daughter Sumi beaming at him proudly.

They both stepped aside to let him in. As he entered, Sumi asked, “Papa, what have you brought me?”

“Leave your papa alone, beti. He has returned home tired.” He heard Jyoti call out after Sumi as he walked into the bedroom for a change and shower.

Sumi was six years old and she snatched Amar’s Wildcraft bag and began to go through it frantically to come up with something for her. This behaviour struck Amar as odd.

His eyes were looking for Reema who was nowhere in sight. A pleasant smell pervaded in the air. The house looked cleaner than usual. The neat and clean bed-sheets adored the beds. The chairs were properly kept in the corner. The TV was switched off. The festivities were in the air thought Amar while throwing nervous glances around.

He continued to look around searchingly for their elder daughter. Even she was nowhere to be seen.

Jyoti could sense who Amar was looking for. She said, “Sara is over at Rosie’s place for the homework” while handing him over a glass of water.

Without a word Amar gulped down the water and handed the glass back to Jyoti who was standing there waiting for him to finish.

“Can you please say hello to aunt?” said Jyoti pointing in the direction of the kitchen.

He walked across to the kitchen and saw Reema and aunt huddled over the gas stove making dinner.

“Hello aunt, how are you doing?”

Aunt turned around to smile at Amar. But to his dismay Reema’s back continued to face him. Obviously, he was heart-broken.

Without bothering to wait for aunt’s answer, he turned back out of frustration and headed into the bedroom slamming the door shut behind him.

He was humiliated. On his own turf, there was a guest who was not interested in looking in his direction. He felt the snub had robbed him of all his self-pride in a single stroke.

The feeling of worthlessness grew more painful with each passing moment as he sat on the bed plotting the revenge.

Jyoti, sensing trouble, decided to stay out of Amar’s sight.

After half an hour, Amar heard Reema calling out to Sara. What he understood was Reema wanted Sara to accompany her somewhere for an urgent errand. He didn’t know what the errand was all about.

Suddenly an idea flashed across his mind. With a chuckle he got up and hurried out of the bed-room.

“Sara, what’s up? Don’t you want to say hello to your papa?”

Reema and Sara were at the door ready to go out somewhere.

“Hello Papa, sorry. Mommy asked me to let you sleep for a while. That was why I didn’t come in to say hello. Now give us five minutes. We are going out somewhere and will be back soon” said Sara with a naughty wink.

She was nine years and was very talkative. Everybody adored her in their family and neighborhood.

“No darling. How can you step out at this hour? Roads are unsafe out there. I want you to stay indoors”.

Reema and Jyoti exchanged nervous glances as Sara’s face lost all its colour.

It was futile to argue with Amar. Reema let go of Sara’s hand and looked in a corner where Sumi was seated on a plastic chair playing racing game on her PSP.

Amar knew what Reema was thinking. Without wasting a second, he said, “Sumi darling, can you press my head? I have a severe headache”.

Without a word, Sumi got up from her chair and rushed into the bed-room. Sara too followed her as Amar smiled a triumphant smile while closing the bed-room door behind them.

A silence fell over the house-hold. Nobody said a word for a long time. They ate dinner too in silence.

After dinner, Reema and her mother took their permission to leave.

It was eleven pm and the time to go to bed.

He went inside the room where his daughters slept to kiss them good night. Both had white cotton dresses on and they looked like angels. None of them looked up to smile at him.

Amar didn’t know what to do. He stood there for a while. It took him some time to realise that they were crying.

Amar sat next to his elder daughter Sara and cupped her small face in his palms. She looked at him and said, “Papa, you are really very cruel. How could you do that? Do you know how much you’ve hurt Sumi?”

He looked at Sumi who was sobbing loudly.

“Papa, go away from here. I don’t want to see your face. You remember nothing. Today was my seventh birthday. Forget about bringing cake and celebrating it, you haven’t even wished me. I will never forgive you. Please go out of my sight” yelled Sumi the birthday girl.

Amar felt like fainting right there.

“And you know what. While we were going out to bring a cake, even that you stopped from happening. Thank you for all your concerns. Please leave us alone now” cried Sara.

Amar noticed the presence of Jyoti behind him.

He turned around and walked past Jyoti as she mumbled, “For some human beings, their grudges and egos override everything else. They never change”.

Had the earth slid, Amar wouldn’t have minded falling into it.

The End














Poor Shah Rukh Khan gets detained in the US airport and back home our publicity hungry politicians get their knickers in a twist. Whenever this happens, there is this huge media uproar that follows. The kind of prime time this story grabs in the media is an eyesore to these media savvy politicians who think it’s their birthright to be “live” on every news channels simultaneously especially during the prime time.

This is why Rahul Gandhi borrowed Shah Rukh Khan’s epic line “My Name Is Khan and I am not a terrorist” to grab some eye balls for himself. This time he didn’t consult his script writer and went hammer and tongue with the line “My name is Rahul Gandhi and I am a Brahmin” daring his detractors to oppose him. Sure enough the main opposition party of India took the bait and added fuel to the fire by trying to take potshots at this Brahmin remark of the young(?) scion of the ruling party. As soon as that happened, Rahul Gandhi began to smile to himself for luring the enemy to fall into the pit dug exclusively for them.

While the Brahmin controversy was brewing, Mamata Banerjee did her bit to take her revenge on the US authorities for having detained the Poschim Bongla Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan. She did so in style. She had a cartoonist arrest for mocking at her. It was surely a case of mistaken identity. She thought the cartoonist was the cousin of the immigrant officer from the US who had detained Shah Rukh Khan. Didi was certainly looking forward to killing two birds with one stone. But the media would have none of it and insisted on reporting the arrest of the cartoonist purely on the basis of poor professor having shown disrespect to Didi in his cartoons.

Right from Shah Rukh Khan to Rahul Gandhi to Mamata Banerjee to the cartoonist received their fair share of publicity. Nobody is complaining at the way these publicity stunts turned out to be. Shah Rukh Khan keeps saying that the police of twelve countries have been on a look-out for him. Therefore, it was natural for him to get detained at the USA Airport. The students of Yale University where he was due to give a speech can certainly wait for the King Khan to appear albeit a few hours late.

Rahul Gandhi’s charisma has gone to Karishma Kapoor for brushing up. It will only come back to him before the general elections of 2014. Till such time poor scion is left with whatever famous lines from legends his mother has written in a note-book and handed him over to learn by heart. He can make a few situational changes in those lines to manufacture a controversy as this is the only way media is going to take note of him.

Mamata Banerjee has  been talking about a change for quite some time. Now the people of her state has realised what change she has been talking about. There’s nobody who can say anything slightly displeasing to Didi and get away. The law will soon catch up. Not only the police will arrest the offenders but Didi’s personal army of supporters will also rough up the offenders before the police whisk away the culprits. Keeping all these things in mind some writers and filmmakers have got busy making an epic that depicts Didi as the empress of Asia so that no harm can come their way in case she were to become the PM or the President.

Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t need any controversy to become the bigger star than he already is. It is quite unfortunate that people manufacture controversies using the King Khan’s name for their own personal gains. Last heard, SRK was contemplating applying for the patent law on controversies that are going to be generated using his own name. He and he alone will have exclusive rights on all those controversies in which the name Shah Rukh Khan appears.

The only solution to avoid publicity hungry film actors and politicians is to stay away from all this by watching IPL5 that lacks any excitement with all geriatric players participating in it. Since people take vicarious pleasure in manufacturing controversies and cracking jokes on the so-called successful people, the most sensible thing to do is forget all these controversies because we can never know which new controversy is going to pop up after every one hour.


This is the story of a young boy and a young girl who were in love. They were always busy on twitter and facebook. They wanted their romance to blossom online so that all their friends on facebook and followers on twitter could come to know what had been going on between them. Soon the romance fizzled out and they decided to call it quits. They did so in style on facebook. The boy updated the following status on his wall and the girl shared it on her wall. The break-up was complete and they lived happily ever after.

Dear Ex,

You have hurt my tender feelings so much that I can never bring myself to utter your name. However, I ought to thank you for whatever nice poems you posted on my facebook wall in the past. You knew how to please me with the words and how to make me feel special. You were successful.  I indeed felt right on top of the world. 

Well, like all good things come to an end, our online romance too must come to an end one day. Today is that day. Please forgive me as I don’t know how to break this news to you. I want to inform you that I have fallen out of love with you. No longer you arouse the same intense feelings of love and admiration in me as you once did. There are plenty of reason for that. Let me share them with you so that you can understand my decision of  dumping you so unceremoniously. 

To begin with, of late you’ve stopped retweeting my tweets on twitter. You’ve stopped sending me direct messages on twitter. When I ask you to check your DM, you say your DM is not working. You didn’t show any interest in creating the hashtag #whyiloveyou and making it trend on twitter. Instead you went ahead and created the hashtag #whyihateyou and said so many uncomplimentary things about our platonic virtual love under the guise of this perverse hashtag that had begun to trend on twitter worldwide. I never knew so many hate-mongers lived out there. The icing on the cake was you stopped following me one fine morning and when I brought it to your notice, you feigned ignorance and said by accident you had unfollowed me. That really left a deep scar on my heart. How could you be so cruel? 

What else? Should I also tell you what emotional injustice you did to me on facebook while I am still at it? You might be laughing after reading all this. But who cares? Why have you stopped suggesting friends for me? Why have you been declining to join any groups or events I create? What has made you stop sharing my status update on your wall? Why have you been demanding for an unlike option? Why is your chat status off nowadays? Why am I unable to access some of your profile information? Why don’t you tag me in your photos any longer? And above all, why on earth have you stopped poking me? 

All this indicates sudden loss of interest in me on your part? I am sure someone else has entered your life in the real world and you have decided to abandon your virtual lover. Before you drive the final nail in the coffin of our dead love, let me do it. Not only I unfollow you on twitter but also I block you and report you as a spam. Not only I unfriend you on facebook but also I change my profile status to private and restrict my visibility on search option to those who know me by my real email address. 

You had never seen my real face and now you will never see it too. It’s bye for ever. Be as happy as you can. At the same time, thanks for torturing me and making me go through the hell.

Sincerely Yours

Wow....!!! This Much Love.....!!!!

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