Break-up In The Age Of Social Media

Posted on: December 21, 2011

This is the story of a young boy and a young girl who were in love. They were always busy on twitter and facebook. They wanted their romance to blossom online so that all their friends on facebook and followers on twitter could come to know what had been going on between them. Soon the romance fizzled out and they decided to call it quits. They did so in style on facebook. The boy updated the following status on his wall and the girl shared it on her wall. The break-up was complete and they lived happily ever after.

Dear Ex,

You have hurt my tender feelings so much that I can never bring myself to utter your name. However, I ought to thank you for whatever nice poems you posted on my facebook wall in the past. You knew how to please me with the words and how to make me feel special. You were successful.  I indeed felt right on top of the world. 

Well, like all good things come to an end, our online romance too must come to an end one day. Today is that day. Please forgive me as I don’t know how to break this news to you. I want to inform you that I have fallen out of love with you. No longer you arouse the same intense feelings of love and admiration in me as you once did. There are plenty of reason for that. Let me share them with you so that you can understand my decision of  dumping you so unceremoniously. 

To begin with, of late you’ve stopped retweeting my tweets on twitter. You’ve stopped sending me direct messages on twitter. When I ask you to check your DM, you say your DM is not working. You didn’t show any interest in creating the hashtag #whyiloveyou and making it trend on twitter. Instead you went ahead and created the hashtag #whyihateyou and said so many uncomplimentary things about our platonic virtual love under the guise of this perverse hashtag that had begun to trend on twitter worldwide. I never knew so many hate-mongers lived out there. The icing on the cake was you stopped following me one fine morning and when I brought it to your notice, you feigned ignorance and said by accident you had unfollowed me. That really left a deep scar on my heart. How could you be so cruel? 

What else? Should I also tell you what emotional injustice you did to me on facebook while I am still at it? You might be laughing after reading all this. But who cares? Why have you stopped suggesting friends for me? Why have you been declining to join any groups or events I create? What has made you stop sharing my status update on your wall? Why have you been demanding for an unlike option? Why is your chat status off nowadays? Why am I unable to access some of your profile information? Why don’t you tag me in your photos any longer? And above all, why on earth have you stopped poking me? 

All this indicates sudden loss of interest in me on your part? I am sure someone else has entered your life in the real world and you have decided to abandon your virtual lover. Before you drive the final nail in the coffin of our dead love, let me do it. Not only I unfollow you on twitter but also I block you and report you as a spam. Not only I unfriend you on facebook but also I change my profile status to private and restrict my visibility on search option to those who know me by my real email address. 

You had never seen my real face and now you will never see it too. It’s bye for ever. Be as happy as you can. At the same time, thanks for torturing me and making me go through the hell.

Sincerely Yours

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