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Who doesn’t know Manish Tewari? Manish Tewari is an I&B Union Minister. He also has a dubious distinction of trending on a popular micro blogging site Twitter on famous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif’s birthday. The reason why he trended on Twitter on such a fateful day is once again he did what he is expert at doing. He shot his mouth off.

Everybody knows that Dr. MMS doesn’t speak at all. Manish Tewariji is a complete contrast to MMS. He speaks too much. He doesn’t try and understand whether his comments or observations are required and whether they’ll serve his party well or not. No sooner he sees camera crews from TV news channels than he starts speaking sometimes much to the chagrin of the party he represents.

On the condition of anonymity, some senior Congress leaders have admitted that a tacit understanding between ever silent PM and motor mouth Manishji does exist. It is mutually agreed by both PM and Manishji that while the former will observe an all time silence, the latter will start hyperventilating every time he comes within sniffing distance of a mike.

That said, after all who can forget his notorious jibe at Anna Hazare and his team? It was Manishji who had accused Annaji of corruption. But he had really met his match in Anna Hazare who took him to the cleaners by demanding an apology from him without delay. That public spat with Annaji helped Manishji score brownie points within his own party. This is precisely why every time Manishji suffers from the foot in the mouth disease, his party throws its full weight behind him.

But alas his luck seems to have run its course. This time around Manishji has reportedly earned the wrath of his party big wigs while taking a jibe at BJP for charging admission fee at an event in Hyderabad where Mr. Modi is the main speaker. The latest round of verbal dual between Manishji and BJP hasn’t gone down well with the party High Command. Rahul G is livid at the way BJP has attacked the central leadership of Congress on account of Manish Tewari’s potshot at Modi show in Hyderabad next month. Congress has been finding itself on back-foot ever since Mr. Modi’s elevation at the national stage. The party think tank has decided not to lock direct horns with the Gujarat CM. But Manishji has sounded the war of bugle without getting a green signal from 10 Janpath.

Rahul G has reportedly asked Manishji to avoid mikes and TV cameras until further orders. In the next party meet, Rahul G – it is learnt from the sources close to him – will welcome Manishji with a garland of five rupee currency note and advise him to keep that note as a token of appreciation for keeping his mouth shut in future.

Though many senior leaders feel that five rupee note is such a small amount for Manishji, Rahul G is believed to have convinced them by citing the fall of rupee from the grace. It remains to be seen whether Manishji will come out unscathed from his latest predicament. Those who know the gritty minister claim that this is like a storm in the tea cup for the beleaguered minister, trust him to kick off another another controversy to bring him back in the reckoning as soon as possible.

BJP claims to be a party with a difference. In the recent past, its detractors have twisted this punch line to take potshots at party they hate the most. They try to poke fun at BJP and make their dislike known for it by twisting its punch line from party with difference to party within differences.

But today BJP proved that it is indeed a party with a difference. After announcing the new members of its much talked about Parliamentary Board yesterday, on April Fools day it also announced its Prime Ministerial candidate for the upcoming General Elections in 2014.

Mr. Rajnath Singh, the party president, held a press conference at the party head quarter in the Capital today and made the announcement by reading out a carefully worded written statement. “Today the top BJP leadership has decided unanimously that its prime ministerial candidate will be Rahul Gandhi. All the party leaders have come to a conclusion that if India wants to witness a revolution in development and infrastructure, if India wants to root out corruption, only one leader has it in him to do so. And that leader is none other than Shri Rahul Gandhi.”

Mr. Singh declined to answer visibly shocked reporters’ questions citing the lack of time due to his tight schedule much to the disappointment of the reporters. Soon after the announcement, he was whisked away in his car to an undisclosed location. His mobile phone was also switched off at the time of going to the press.

All senior party leaders of BJP are tight lipped about this mysterious and baffling announcement. What has prompted the party to endorse Rahul Gandhi’s prime ministerial candidature is intriguing all BJP supporters. The party workers are a shaken lot. They came to know about this development only when the TV news channels broke the news earlier on in the morning.

Die hard BJP supporters brushed this news item aside thinking that the TV channels were playing April Fools’ Day prank on their gullible viewers. And that soon BJP stalwarts would take the wind out of the sails of these news channels by issuing a presser to clarify the rumours doing the round. But till now no clarification from BJP on the announcement of Rahul Gandhi as PM candidate is forthcoming. This has sent the rumour mills into a tizzy. Is BJP a divided house? Where’s party’s development mascot the Gujarat CM Shri Narendra Modi? These and many more questions India is asking.

The Congress Camp was visibly jubilant. Overzealous party workers were seen as bursting the firecrackers outside Rahul Gandhi’s official residence. The sweets were also distributed at all the Congress party offices across the country. Quite surprisingly, neither Rahul Gandhi nor his senior party leaders have addressed media to give their reaction. When this reporter tried to interview one of the senior Congress leaders reportedly close to Rahul Gandhi, he declined to say anything on the record. Off the record he said on the condition of anonymity that it appeared to him that Mr. Singh had joined Congress and he had made that announcement at madam’s behest. But he also admitted that no such circular he had received from the High Command, and he was merely taking a wild guess.

Those who know Mr. Narendra Modi are sure that this is his brainchild. By announcing Rahul Gandhi as PM candidate, BJP has taken the fight to the enemy camp. Mr. Modi, the Hindu Hriday Samrat, is the indisputable choice in the race for country’s top job.As far as BJP is concerned,  it has indeed shown a greater degree of maturity so far by announcing the Congress man as its PM candidate.

Now the ball is in Congress’ court. If Congress has any shame left, without wasting time it should announce Mr. Narendra Modi aka NaMo as its prime minister candidate. That will even the score. The balance will be restored. And the country will witness the tightly fought General Election in next few months. Mr. Narendra Modi will lead BJP to a historic win and occupy the coveted post of PM. This is what India wants.

Buoyed by the success of today’s rally in New Delhi, the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s PR Machinery has planned a few more things to keep Nitish Kumar in spotlight in the build-up to the 2014 General Elections.

The purpose of today’s rally was to request the Centre to grant the special status to Bihar. Nitish Kumar exerted the pressure on the mild mannered and ever silent PM by saying that his support is going to be crucial in the formation of government at Centre in 2014.

By this bold assertion, the insiders say that Nitish Kumar is hoping to jolt the PM into speaking a few words. The whole nation has been eagerly waiting for the PM to say something on the rising prices of essential commodities. Many employees working in the sales and marketing field have abandoned their two wheelers since they cannot afford costly petrol any longer. It is important to note that every other week the price of petrol receives a silent hike of minimum three rupees.

Nitish Kumar is also going to firmly advocate the use of cycles. In a unique move, he plans to urge the Centre to build high quality tar roads across the country so that he can promise skating shoes to the potential voters. He wants to see people going to work not on two wheelers but on skating shoes.

Nobody can match Nitish Kumar’s grand vision for the country as of now. He also plans to unveil a brand new development model for the country. His development model will be inclusive for all. He staunchly believes that development must be for all and it must affect everyone equally.

The way he wants PM to grant special status to his state, he wants Prabhu Deva to teach dancing skills to every child below the poverty line. This will be easier for the poor children to dance to the tunes of his party when they grow up.

His office has contacted Shah Rukh Khan to teach acting skills to the people living in underprivileged conditions. The advantage of this move will be when the media tours his state to gauge the progress made under Nitish Kumar’s rule and visits slums to interview people living there, they can act as if they are living in a palace to hoodwink the mediapersons

The rumour has it that the latest batting sensation Shikhar Dhawan is roped in to teach cricket and fast running between the wickets to the workers from the rival parties. This will help them run furiously when the police resort to lathi charge to disperse the protesting crowd outside the CM’s bungalow under Nitish Kumar’s tutelage.

Nitish Kumar is looking to go in for a complete image make over. He wants people of India to be happier and more productive. He wants his countrymen to have a dynamic PM in 2014. He will do all he can to make that charismatic leader PM in 2014. That’s the promise made in his election manifesto scheduled for a release pretty soon.

Many well wishers are delighted at the emergence of new Nitish Kumar that is likely to herald the dawn of a new political chapter in the Hindi heartland. However, they are skeptical about his attempts to make the current PM say a few things.

In the recent past, Italy tried its level best to hear the voice of our PM. When everything else failed, it gave those two Marines orders to go absconding. Italy thought such a grave provocation would make PM roar like a lion. And the entire world will be forced to listen to him. But nothing happened as PM declined to break his vow of silence.

Nitish Kumar’s well wishers hope that Nitish Kumar has embarked upon a challenging journey. It is possible to make mountains move. But it is impossible to make our PM speak. Nitish Kumar is an astute politician and the hope is that PM’s silence will not deter him from his brave mission to gift India with a charismatic PM in near future.

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