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The Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Mr. Omar Abdullah is a passionate cricket lover these days. He’s following the national side’s selection process quite closely nowadays. Today he went one step further. He aired his opinion on Twitter as to who should be picked up and dropped from the playing eleven.

Needless to say this unsolicited advice has obviously not gone down well with many cricket fans and he has drawn a lot of flak. The question is why is cricket Mr. Omar Abdullah’s new found love? Why this sudden interest in cricket and the functioning of national side?

Well, the answer is for the ongoing India-Zimbabwe series, the national selectors have picked a promising cricketer Parvez Rasool who hails from Jammu & Kashmir. And as it turns out, Mr. Omar Abdullah is very keen on Parvez Rasool making his debut in the ongoing series against Zimbabwe.

Though Parvez Rasool is with the Indian cricket team right now, he’s yet to get a game. He’s warming the benches. And according to Mr. Omar Abdullah, this could be demoralising for Parvez Rasool. He blamed BCCI for this on his Twitter page. He went on to say that if BCCI wanted to do this, why did it send Parvez Rasool all the way to Zimbabwe. It could have demoralised him here in India.

Nobody knows whether BCCI wants to demoralise Parvez Rasool or make him a cricketing hero. Why Mr. Omar Abdullah is taking a dig at BCCI is confusing all cricket lovers who had never expected a CM to speak on behalf of a player from his state selected to play for the country. This is as strange as it can get.

This pressure tactic from Mr. Omar Abdullah has left genuine cricket lovers fuming and frothing at their mouths. This happens in cricket. Many cricketers get selected for a particular series or tournament. But they don’t get chance to play and make their debut in that series or tournament because the captain and the coach don’t want to tinker with the winning combination.

But it doesn’t mean that they are always denied a chance. Later on, when they do get a chance, they make the most of it. As a result, they end up becoming an integral part of the national side and go on to play for the country for years together.

What’s the big deal?

What’s the fuss all about?

What prompted Mr. Omar Abdullah to jump the gun and slam BCCI? Should politics and sports be mixed? The national selectors have found Parvez Rasool to be a talented player. This is why they’ve selected him. Let’s assume that he doesn’t get a game in the ongoing series. After returning, he continues to perform at domestic level. Selectors will certainly give him another chance.

When the national captain and the coach place their trust in Parvez Rasool, he will make the most of it and leave no stones unturned to create a lasting impression. But unfortunately, CM Mr. Omar Abdullah’s over-enthusiasm has created an unnecessary controversy and opened a whole new debate.

Why should politicians interfere in the affairs of Cricket? Selectors pick up a formidable national side and hand it over to the captain and the coach. If the politicians start putting pressure on the captain to include players from their respective states in the playing eleven, nothing can be more damaging for the spirit of the game.

What’s even more surprising is Mr. Omar Abdullah is worried that this warming the bench would demoralise Parvez Rasool. But he is not bothered what kind of demoralisation his tweet would cause to the captain, his team members and BCCI.

Will BCCI ignore this diatribe and nurture Parvez Rasool’s talent for future? Or has Mr. Omar Abdullah’s ill-fated tweet ended the career of a promising player like Parvez Rasool even before it kicked off? Only time will tell.


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has achieved everything at such a young age. Many of his achievements are so rare and extraordinary in nature that most of us cannot even think of achieving them in our dreams. He has not only broken all the records on the cricket ground but  also set many new records. In every sense of the word he is the God of cricket.

Then why this outrage against someone upon whom we have bestowed the sobriquet of God so adoringly? Sachin Tendulkar is an extremely smart icon of the contemporary India. He is one of those rare living legends who has never courted any controversies in his career spanning across a couple of decades. His integrity is beyond reproach. His level of commitment speaks for itself. If he wants to become the Rajya Sabha MP, let him become. It is a matter of his personal choice.



Quite surprisingly those who claim to be the fans of Sachin Tendulkar have gone on a rampage in the cyberspace with a cry of their idol being used as a pawn in the great game of politics. The problem is it is the Congress which has nominated him as the Rajya Sabha MP. In the recent times, the Congress-led UPA government has been at the receiving end for almost everything under the sun. The government has been battling against the corruption charges. The leaders are often seen squabbling in public and to the party’s embarrassment coming out with the contradictory statements.

Many blame this government for muzzling Team Anna’s anti-corruption movement that had the massive popular support and was promising to root out the corruption completely by introducing the Jan Lokapal. The devil lies in these details here. According to those who are protesting the master blaster has committed a grave sin by accepting the nomination as the Rajya Sabha PM from such a corrupt government. And this is why many fans have begun to paint him with the same brush as they paint this corrupt government.

His former colleagues too have expressed concern over such a move the God of cricket seems determined to make. The path that he is contemplating is fraught with many dangers and this may harm his status and popularity adversely. There’s nothing wrong in what they are saying publicly. Even Sachin Tendulkar knows that the politics is a dirty game and the politicians are hated by one and all in our country although we cannot do without them.

Sachin Tendulkar knows what he is doing. He has always known what he has done in the past. When he completed his hundredth hundred, rumours were rife that he was going to hang his boots. But he surprised everyone by saying that there was still a lot of cricket left in him and the retirement was the last thing on his mind. This goes to show how well the world knows Sachin Tendulkar.

All said and done, every cricket lover has followed Sachin’s on and off field heroics closely ever since he made his debut. But nobody can claim to know Sachin Tendulkar fully. He is one person who holds his cards close to his chest. Politics is one field that tends to attract every celebrity in some way after he or she has achieved everything and the popularity is all time high.

Sachin Tendulkar rarely does anything without thinking the matter thoroughly. His decision to join the Rajya Sabha as an MP too must have undergone vigorous thinking before the final call. Who knows he has got some grand vision for the sporting fraternity? Who knows he has some plans up his sleeve that he wants to share with his countrymen as an MP? He has not joined the Congress or any other political party for the sake of becoming a CM or PM. Nor he has vowed to support or campaign for any political outfit in the upcoming elections.

Then what has got his fans’ knickers in a twist? Why are they suddenly turning into foes with the hashtag #UnfollowSachin on twitter and other forms of venomous abuses against him? Instead of wishing him all the best for the new career he has chosen for himself, why subject him to unnecessary character assassination? He is not some retired and out-of-work cricketer who has  nothing else to do and therefore he has decided to  join politics.

He deserves a lot of praise for becoming the MP when he is still playing and looks forward to taking an active part in the next World Cup too. When I think of his desire to serve the people of this country selflessly after entertaining them for so many years, the admiration grows for him by leaps and bounds. He is surely going to do justice to what he has taken up and won’t merely end up as an ornamental MP as some are suggesting.

As far as the controversies go, he has got years of experience behind him and he knows how to steer clear of them. All year round he is busy playing cricket and how he is going to be able to attend the sessions of parliament and take part in the proceedings to share his vision. Well, to this hypothetical theory nobody can give convincing answer until the man is seen in action inside the parliament.

This stint as the Rajya Sabha MP he fully deserves and moreover going by his track record, the God is going to come out smelling of roses in this endeavour as well. All the best, Sachin.



This is the time when everybody wants to prop up his or her candidate for the post of the President of India. Although this is not the most powerful post in the Indian polity, every political party wants to install their man at the helm so that when the time comes, he can return the favour.

Many out-of-work politicians throw their hats in the ring. Before they fade into the oblivion, they want to try their luck at the shot of immortality that the post of the Prez tends to offer. Having said that there are many politicians who would like to have a young President this time around who is not necessarily from the political background. The J&K CM tweeted earlier in the day to convey this message.

Now if this were to really happen, who fits the bill? India is a young country, and; the young generation would love to have a young President if given a chance. The President should be someone who is always in the news for the bold decision he takes and thereby controversies that he generates. At any given point of time half a dozen OB vans belonging to various media houses ought to be stationed outside the official residence of the Prez awaiting breaking news or some juicy stories.

Who can call a spade a spade and cope up with the pulls and pressures that are such an integral part of the life after occupying the chair of the President? Well, there is only one brave heart who can set a new precedent by becoming the President of India. That person is none other than Mr. Lalit Modi.

Mr. Lalit Modi needs no introduction. The whole world knows him. The politicians cutting across the party lines swear by his popularity. He has forever changed the face of cricket by launching the IPL and introducing the concept of franchising into the much loved sport of this country. Who can forget the initial shock waves generated by the auction of big cricketers?

If he becomes the President of India, the first thing he will do is introduce the same concept of franchising into the politics as well. Unlike IPL, this political franchises will have state wise teams. This means the number of Indian states will equal the number of political teams. Each team will be known by the name of the state it represents and not by the name the respective franchise owners choose for their respective teams.Each team will comprise of twenty five politicians from the state the team comes. International politicians will not be allowed to be a part of any team.

Imagine the high profile politicians owned by the Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis,  Khans, Adanis and Mittals of this country. Their job will be to legislate maximum laws favouring their masters. If any politicians fail to do so, his owner has every right to discard him or her before the next general elections that take place every five years.

The official residence of the President boasts of a palatial bungalow that never sees much partying or flurry of guests. But with Mr. Lalit Modi at the helm the bungalow will see as many parties as possible. After the grueling day at the Parliament he would love to relax amidst young and bubbly cheerleaders from across the country. All the franchise owners too will gather there and have a good time by socialising with one another over free flow of liquor with the liquor baron Mr. Vijay Mallya promising to provide unlimited supply of all his famous brands of whiskey and beer.

All his detractors will flee the country and live in exile when he becomes the  President. But Mr. Lalit Modi won’t indulge in any kind of political vendetta. On the other hand, he will pursue them to return to the country by rolling a red carpet upon their arrival. Mr. Modi is a kind soul who wants every human being on earth to prosper and enjoy. This is precisely why he gifted IPL to his countrymen by bringing together players, coaches and commentators from across the world.

Similarly he will bring together the politicians of all hues and cries by promising them mega bucks from their respective owners. This will foster a lot of healthy competition amongst the politicians as their prices and selection will depend purely on their performances, and not on any kind of muscle power. The party high command culture will make way for the board-room kind of culture as “shape-up-or-ship-out” will be the only motto that will come to determine the worth and usefulness of any politician worth his salt.

Finally the biggest advantage or disadvantage (depending upon the way you look at it) of Mr. Lalit Modi becoming the President of India will be that Narendra Modi will have to wait few more years to stake his claim to become the prime minister since two Modis at the helm will send out wrong signals and their common last names will create a lot of confusion amongst the visiting foreign dignitaries.

This means one Modi’s gain is another Modi’s loss. But all said and done Mr. Lalit Modi is the one man who can bring much needed glamour to the post of the President of India which it lacks as of now.



Poor Shah Rukh Khan gets detained in the US airport and back home our publicity hungry politicians get their knickers in a twist. Whenever this happens, there is this huge media uproar that follows. The kind of prime time this story grabs in the media is an eyesore to these media savvy politicians who think it’s their birthright to be “live” on every news channels simultaneously especially during the prime time.

This is why Rahul Gandhi borrowed Shah Rukh Khan’s epic line “My Name Is Khan and I am not a terrorist” to grab some eye balls for himself. This time he didn’t consult his script writer and went hammer and tongue with the line “My name is Rahul Gandhi and I am a Brahmin” daring his detractors to oppose him. Sure enough the main opposition party of India took the bait and added fuel to the fire by trying to take potshots at this Brahmin remark of the young(?) scion of the ruling party. As soon as that happened, Rahul Gandhi began to smile to himself for luring the enemy to fall into the pit dug exclusively for them.

While the Brahmin controversy was brewing, Mamata Banerjee did her bit to take her revenge on the US authorities for having detained the Poschim Bongla Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan. She did so in style. She had a cartoonist arrest for mocking at her. It was surely a case of mistaken identity. She thought the cartoonist was the cousin of the immigrant officer from the US who had detained Shah Rukh Khan. Didi was certainly looking forward to killing two birds with one stone. But the media would have none of it and insisted on reporting the arrest of the cartoonist purely on the basis of poor professor having shown disrespect to Didi in his cartoons.

Right from Shah Rukh Khan to Rahul Gandhi to Mamata Banerjee to the cartoonist received their fair share of publicity. Nobody is complaining at the way these publicity stunts turned out to be. Shah Rukh Khan keeps saying that the police of twelve countries have been on a look-out for him. Therefore, it was natural for him to get detained at the USA Airport. The students of Yale University where he was due to give a speech can certainly wait for the King Khan to appear albeit a few hours late.

Rahul Gandhi’s charisma has gone to Karishma Kapoor for brushing up. It will only come back to him before the general elections of 2014. Till such time poor scion is left with whatever famous lines from legends his mother has written in a note-book and handed him over to learn by heart. He can make a few situational changes in those lines to manufacture a controversy as this is the only way media is going to take note of him.

Mamata Banerjee has  been talking about a change for quite some time. Now the people of her state has realised what change she has been talking about. There’s nobody who can say anything slightly displeasing to Didi and get away. The law will soon catch up. Not only the police will arrest the offenders but Didi’s personal army of supporters will also rough up the offenders before the police whisk away the culprits. Keeping all these things in mind some writers and filmmakers have got busy making an epic that depicts Didi as the empress of Asia so that no harm can come their way in case she were to become the PM or the President.

Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t need any controversy to become the bigger star than he already is. It is quite unfortunate that people manufacture controversies using the King Khan’s name for their own personal gains. Last heard, SRK was contemplating applying for the patent law on controversies that are going to be generated using his own name. He and he alone will have exclusive rights on all those controversies in which the name Shah Rukh Khan appears.

The only solution to avoid publicity hungry film actors and politicians is to stay away from all this by watching IPL5 that lacks any excitement with all geriatric players participating in it. Since people take vicarious pleasure in manufacturing controversies and cracking jokes on the so-called successful people, the most sensible thing to do is forget all these controversies because we can never know which new controversy is going to pop up after every one hour.


What a dance of democracy! Nobody can match our politicians when it comes to entertainment. Even the supposed blockbuster Agent Vinod bombed on the box-office Kareena Kapoor’s mujra not withstanding. There are times when our films and film stars have failed to provide us any real entertainment. But these politicians know the importance of entertainment. And this is precisely why they, time and again, step into the shoes of film folks and serve us tasty dishes of entertainment till we cry out, “Enough now.”

How else can you explain Sharad Yadav’s outburst against Team Anna for abusing the MPs and the temple of democracy? Our rulers are above everything. The subjects have no right to criticise them or call them names. The rulers are innocent and their position in the Parliament is sacrosanct. Dare raise voice against them and be ready to get persecuted. All politicians cutting across the party lines will stand united and ensure even the slightest hint of opposition against their ilk dies a natural death.

As if all this were not enough, we have a story of the army chief being offered a bribe of high sum for the purchase of army trucks belonging to a particular manufacturing company. As soon as the story is out, allegations and counter allegations begin to fly thick and fast. All sorts of theories start doing the rounds. The poor army chief becomes the butt of all sorts of joke. The Defense Minister too is not spared and the trial by media gets underway with the entire country sitting in the judgement.

This is the real dance of democracy where anybody is welcome. The proceedings are televised and the whole country can partake. There’s nothing wrong in it. This is the hallmark of a truly vibrant democracy. But there is something that doesn’t quite jell well. What’s that? All this hyperbole masquerading as freedom of speech borders on voyeurism. The real issues get buried. The work doesn’t happen. The politicians at whom cameras are trained begin to act like actors who are under tremendous pressure to get the lines right and make the scenes they are enacting as memorable as possible.

With the film industry looking so bereft of new ideas and newer acting talents, it should consider shifting its responsibility of entertaining people to these wily politicians who know the pulse of the nation and will leave no stones unturned in making the TRPs soar as high as the sky and break all previous box-office records. Any takers?






The results of the UP, Goa, Punjab and Manipur Assembly elections are out. Exit polls are proven wrong. Results are unexpected. Those who were supposed to emerge winners have emerged losers and those who were supposed to lose have walked away with all the glory. The voters are the winners because they know who to elect. The democracy is the winner because in a democratic set-up the voters have options to boot out the non-performers via electoral rout. The political parties are the winners because they talked about development instead of divisive politics and that’s the reason why they’ve done so well. Those who tried to polarize voters along the religion or caste lines have received a telling reply from the voters of India.

In a nutshell, everybody is a winner. The analysts are too confused at the moment and therefore, they have decided to confuse those who care to listen to them. As a result, nobody is getting the clear picture. The scenario of gloom and doom is prevalent. How can all the stake holders be the winners? If everybody is the winner (as they would like us to believe), where have the losers gone?

Now when stakes are as high as this, there are bound to emerge heroes and villains. All eyes are on the Generation Next to lead the country. Many young leaders from well-known dynasties were looking to make their mark. Some have succeeded and while others have failed miserably. Again the so-called pundits have heralded the dawn of a new era with the rise of young leaders like Akhilesh Yadav of SP. It is believed that it is he who has led the party to victory, and, the expectations from him to deliver are sky-high.

It remains to be seen how long this initial euphoria lasts. After every election the new governments get formed riding on the popularity wave. Six months into the governance people who have elected them to power realise the more things have changed, the more they have remained the same. The disappoint sets in paving the way for much-talked anti-incumbency factor.

Coming to the villain of this star-studded magnum opus, Rahul Gandhi has become the favourite whipping boy of the entire nation. This has got to do with the manner in which some of the senior Congress leaders chose to defend this poor show even before the results were out. This type of blatant cronyism enraged the people of this country. Attempts are always on to project Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister of this country. He decided to take the bull by its horns by exclusively campaigning in the poll-bound UP state visiting each and every constituency and urging the voters to vote for his party.

When so much of efforts and time have gone into making UP a Congress bastion by unleashing the prince himself, will it not raise eyebrows when the so-called pillars of this grand old party play down the aggressive campaigning undertaken by the future Prime Minister himself? Why are they over-protecting the Prince Charming whose charm is yet to work? Where’s Rahul Gandhi aka Rahul Baba’s much talked about magic? The voters are not fool. They know what UPA-II has been up to. Announcing  sops disguised as various quotas are not enough to gain votes is evident from the voting pattern. One can see the deep wrinkles on Rahul Baba’s forehead who doesn’t seem destined to have it as easy as his late father.

The way forward for the Congress Party and the PM aspirant is not to rely upon the expert advice of Diggi Bhaiya and other oldies who have been shooting from the mouths and coming out with contradictory statements which only leave the party embarrassed. The party is clearly bereft of innovative ideas and seems out of touch with the ground realities. This is perhaps why many feel that the arrogance of Congress did the party in. Local parties put up a far better show at the hustings proves that leaders from Delhi have failed to win the trust of locals. Even the BJP’s loss of Ayodhya seat is a clear indication of the direction in which the wind is blowing. Whether this mandate is going to put an end to communal politics remains to be seen.

The General Elections are not very far. This performance is bound to give sleepless nights to Rahul Baba. His ambition to become the PM has clearly hit the road-block this time around. Will 2014 be any better? Akhilesh Yadav beat him at his own game. The battle ahead appears to be far tougher with Narendra Modi straining at the leash to make a go for the premier post. Is Rahul Baba ready? If not, then he should take some tips from some wise old man who can drill into his head that the surname Gandhi is not enough, the country is in search of a tall leader who can make all the problems disappear with a magic wand. Had surnames been that important, Poor Abhishek Bachchan would have become the undisputed king by now. If only this mandate could deliver the desired massage to the man who has come under so much flak for his party’s no show.


The Indian democracy is on a “fast” track mode ever since Anna Hazare fasted at Delhi’s Ramlila Ground in August this year. Seeing the unprecedented success of his fast, the politicians too have decided to cash in on this “fast” euphoria generated by the team Anna. What added to the luster and charm to the Anna Hazare fast was it saw many celebrities endorsing his version of Jan Lokpal Bill for the acceptance of which he had embarked on the fast-unto-death. Across the country too common people united to show the solidarity with Anna Hazare and the cause he was spearheading.

Now the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has gone on a much-talked about three-day Sadbhavana fast beginning from today to promote communal harmony. Ironically, whatever Mr Modi does gets analysed threadbare. Needless to say the intelligentsia has got its knickers in a twist over this latest fast.  As usual (and predictably too) the state opposition leader from Congress Shankar Singh Vaghela too announced his decision to go on fast. The Congress always imitates Narendra Modi in Gujarat and ends up losing. But from a string of losses which are the direct results of imitating Mr Modi blindly it doesn’t learn any lessons. In this latest battle of one-upmanship too Narendra Modi is going to emerge smelling of roses.

Narendra Modi is a clever mass leader who knows how to keep his charisma alive. A fact accepted by his detractors as well. He has that Midas touch envied by both his opponents and admirers alike. It is a well-known fact that he has his eyes trained on the country’s highest post. This fast – going by the initial buzz – is going to help him further in this ambition. Just like Anna Hazare’s fast at Ramlila Ground where the media lapped it up and gave the fast round the clock coverage, at the venue of this fast the history seems to be repeating itself. It will be interesting to see how many celebrities will turn up to pledge their support with Mr Modi’s Sadbhavana Mission.  BJP is looking for a mass leader who can deliver in the general elections of 2014. If Mr Modi can endear himself as a national figure with the help of this fast, BJP will have no problem in projecting him as its prime ministerial candidate.

However, one thing is clear, and that is this three day Sadbhavana fast is going to see lots of excitement. Minus any big stars or big names Mr Modi will pull it off in style. Media knows the power Narendra Modi wields in his state and perhaps this is why it is raking up the issue of 2002 riots asking him to seek forgiveness for the lives lost and wounds inflicted on the Muslims of Gujarat. The media thinks if he shows remorse and apologises for the riots, he will light up many faces with smiles and score loads of brownie points.  Mr Modi is a man in full control of what he does. He is the captain of the ship that is going places.  He is for the six crore Gujaratis. He has been protecting the Ashmita of Gujarat for past one decade. How can media preach such a larger-than-life leader? He knows what he is doing. Media has not been able to dictate or influence Mr Modi’s future course of action no matter how hard it tries. But Mr Modi has always manipulated media to his advantage.  For such a man who has been keeping both his critics and the media at arm’s length, it’s better not to pass any judgement or force him into toeing some line knowing full well he won’t toe the line that they want him to toe.  Silence is golden when nothing else works. Perhaps the so-called conscience keepers will do well to observe silence while Mr Modi is observing three day Sadbhavana fast.


The Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi  aka NaMo – as his supporters call him fondly – is always surrounded by controversies. What are the allegations levelled against him? Those sitting in the judgement claim that he presided over the worst pogrom in the year 2002 that systematically targeted Muslims of Gujarat and killed over 2000 people. It is noteworthy that these riots broke out following the burning of a bogey of the Shabarmati Express carrying the Karsevaks returning from Ayodhya  at the Godhra Railway Station sending shock-waves across the country. It is rumoured that what followed was the state-sponsored ethnic cleansing for which neither Narendra Modi has apologised nor has he made any attempts to provide the healing touch to the victims.

In spite of such serious allegations levelled against him, he continues to remain the most popular CM not only in Gujarat but across India. He has done a lot for his state. Under his leadership Gujarat has progressed and prospered forcing even his detractors to sit up and take notice. Country’s business tycoons have heaped generous praises on Narendra Modi’s administrative and leadership qualities. The Super Star Amitabh Bachchan is Gujarat’s Brand Ambassador. In the BJP-ruled Gujarat, he is the strongest leader who cannot be challenged by anybody. Such is the charisma NaMo has over the masses that get hypnotized by his charm and oratory every time he speaks at rallies and the public functions.

Many people fear that Narendra Modi has trained his sights on the Prime Minister’s chair. He wants to play a major role at the national level politics. After Gandhinagar, his next destination is New Delhi. His name as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate has been doing the round and that seems to have got many knickers in a twist. How can Narendra Modi be the Prime Minister of secular India? He will never be accepted as the Prime Minister. Whether he will be accepted as the PM or not time will tell. Rahul Gandhi is going to have sleepless nights over this and so is L K Advani who is gearing himself for yet another Rath Yatra.

For a moment let’s imagine Narendra Modi indeed becomes the Prime Minister of India. What will happen? Will he endanger the secular fabric of India? Will he drive the Muslims out of country? Will the riots break out targeting the Muslims forcing them to flee the country?  After 2002 there has not been even a single major riot in NaMo’s Gujarat. Even Vastanvi praised NaMo for the progress Gujarat has been making under his leadership from which the minority community too has been benefiting. There is a palpable feeling that Narendra Modi is not against any particular community. His sole agenda is to give good governance to his countrymen and develop new infrastructure to attract more wealth to the state he has been ruling.

After becoming the Prime Minister he may not target the Muslims as feared by many. He will show zero tolerance towards terrorists and any acts of terrorism. Afzal Guru and Kasab will soon be dispatched to meet their makers thus setting a strong example to those wanting to harm the nation and its secular fabric. Corruption will drop drastically. Babus will become more efficient and more accountable. Our neighbours (Pakistan and China) will begin to fear and take us more seriously. The grand Ram Temple at Ayodhya will become a reality. The majority community will no longer feel suppressed. The Minority community will no longer feel like a vote-bank. Nobody will ask them to prove their loyalty to Hindustan at the drop of a hat with NaMo at the helm of affairs. He will surely repeat the magic of Gujarat in the rest of India too. If Narendra Modi chooses to contest the general elections in 2014 with a view to becoming the Prime Minister of India, nobody has the right to stop him. It is the voters of India who will decide who they want to elect as the Prime Minister of their country. Period….!


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