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For the Indian cricket fans the cricket World Cup is over. India are out of the tournament. The blame game has been going great guns even as the players struggle to come to terms with the magnitude of their loss against the mighty Aussies. 

It is the famous Hindi Film Actor Anushka Sharma’s fault that India are out of the World Cup reckoning. If you are following cricket and cricketers’ personal lives excite you, you know what the aforementioned statement means. For all those who don’t know the connection between Anushka Sharma and Team India, it is sufficient to say that Anushka is India’s vice-captain Virat The Middle Finger Kohli’s girl friend.

She flew all the way to Australia yesterday to provide moral support to Virat Kohli and cheer for team India. As the luck would have it, Virat Kohli fell cheaply after scoring only one run much to the dismay of Anushka and India lost. The angry fans soon started slamming Anushka for having brought bad luck to Team India that was undefeated in the tournament until yesterday’s fiasco.

The scheming and hyperventilating tv anchors like Arnab Goswami were ready to tear into Team India with an eye on TRPs. Soon Arnab launched a scathing attack on team India using his (in)famous Times Now. The hashtag #ShamedInSydney that Times Now tried to trend on Twitter became the turning point as far as the fans’ collecting anger was concerned. Soon the joke was on Arnab and his holier-than-thou Times Now. 

The twitterrati wanted to know why Arnab was so anti-national and was overlooking the fact that Team India had done all it could do to retain the World Cup. In the blink of an eye, the hashtag #ShameOnTimesNow became the top most trending hashtag on Twitter. Sympathies for Anushka Sharma too began to pour in. 

She was a brave girl who had chosen to be with her soul mate at a time when he was in need of all the support in the world. For an entire team’s failure how could people be insensitive enough to blame one girl who was sitting in the stands praying for her home team to win?  

The captain cool MS Dhoni had tears in his eyes. The passions were running high. But Arnab Goswami managed to wrestle the limelight from men in blue’s defeat to his sanctimonious self sparing the players the agony and trauma of having to go through the vandalisations of their homes or cars at the hands of angry fans.

(There were indeed reports of angry fans smashing their TV sets but that must have been because of Arnab’s diatribe on Times Now and not because of India’s poor performance nudging it out of the tournament.)

Be that as it may the fact remains that the fans from subcontinent always tend to focus upon the non-cricketing reasons for their respective teams’ defeats. For example, when Bangladesh was knocked out of the tournament, the angry fans had went on rampage on the streets baying for the blood of their national team.

It took the premier of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina to come out and restore sanity by blaming the organisers of the tournament that according to her wanted India to reach the semi final and that was why, in her expert opinion, the umpiring was of such pathetic standards. As soon as Sheikh Hasina blamed the umpiring decisions responsible for Bangladesh’s loss against India the sulking fans calmed down. 

Back home in India too, the prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji tweeted in solidarity with Team India that played great cricket right through the tournament and made all countrymen proud. 

All said and done, there are many takeaways from the 2015 World Cup. Australia are a tough side to beat on home turf. Secondly, Anushka Sharma is a real brave girl with steely determination to wear her heart on her sleeves. And lastly, nobody can claim to have his or her finger on the pulse of the nation especially when cricket is concerned.

An average Indian fan will worship his cricketing icon. He will express his fury too when team doesn’t perform. But he has not sold his soul to the devil yet. If any sanctimonious tv anchor tries to insult cricketers who have undergone a gruelling overseas tour, he will ensure that both anchor and TV channel are taught a lesson and cricketers are protected from further humiliation and embarrassment. 

This is what makes cricket such a fanatic religion in India. Three cheers for the Indian cricket fan.   

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