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The holy month of Ramzan is here. This is ninth month of Islamic Calendar. The month of Ramzan is special to the followers of Islam worldwide in more ways than one. Whenever the month of Ramzan arrives, people think that during this month Muslims observe fasts. In other words, a person who is observing fast doesn’t take food and drink water from the sun rise until the sun set.

In theory this is true. During fast, the observer of fast must neither eat nor drink anything. But there’s still more. The Arabic word for “fasting” is “sawm.” The literal meaning of this word is “to refrain.” To elaborate further, fasting is not only refrain from food and drink but also refraining from evil actions, thoughts and words.

The person who is observing fast must offer prayers five times a day. He must not look at unlawful things. His hands must stay from committing unlawful activities. He must not indulge in gossiping or bad mouthing others. Since this month is a time of enhanced devotion and prayers, one is supposed to refrain from sexual relations and behaviour. In a nutshell, the entire body (not just mouth) must observe the fast.

The purpose of this holy month is to redirect the heart away from the worldly activities and reevaluate one’s life vis-a-vis the teachings of Islam, and thereby achieve cleansing or purification of the soul.

This holy month teaches Muslims self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice and empathy for the underprivileged. This month encourages acts of generosity and compulsory charity known as Zaka’at.

Why is Ramzan the most sacred month in Islamic Calendar? It was during this month that the prophet Mohammed received revelations of the holy Quran. And this is precisely why the repeated reciting of the Quran during Ramzan is highly recommended.

Ramzan Mubarak.

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