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Whenever there’s an incident of gang-rape, there’s a lot of outrage, condemnation, verbal attacks on the police force and government of the day, demand for the resignations of the police chief and CM and so on and so forth.

The social media helps gauge the popular sentiments prevalent at that precise time. The mainstream media does its bit to exploit collective anger by giving the gang rape victims names like Nirbhaya. A lot of frustration and disappointments coupled with rage and helplessness are generated. The public sentiments are running all time high.

Amidst all this, powers that be try to rein in protesters or those demanding tough action against the rapists by offering token gestures like paying off victim’s medical bills. But still the basic issue remains even after the outrage dies a natural death after some time.

A normal human being cannot understand the mentality of those who indulge in the act of rape. Many excuses come to light every time there are incidents of either rapes or gang-rapes. Some of which are quite regular by now. And a few of them are the girls should not step out of the house after the sun-set. If they do so, a male companion should accompany them. The girls should dress up properly. They should avoid wearing mini skirts and low rise jeans. Scantily clad girls invite rape upon themselves and the list goes on. In fact, some of the excuses cited are so sickening that there’s no doubt left that whenever there’s a rape, the victim is to be blamed.

Nothing can be more cringeworthy than this general attitude towards the victims. Then this is not all. God alone knows what social stigma and ordeal the poor victims go through in case they want to seek justice. No wonder why in our society rapes keep happening.

After a bout of collective outcry, there’s utter silence because newer scandals have grabbed the headlines or Indian cricket team has won the important champions trophy or Rahul Gandhi has decided to get married.

So who’s to blame? According to me, the entire society is to blame. When rapes happen at an amazing regularity in metros like New Delhi and Mumbai, this means that the whole society is facing a moral crisis of conscience.

Many a times we tend to come across people who, even today, think that a working woman is a fair game for sex. The girl who hangs out with her male friends late into the night is a fair game. Immediately such girls get labelled as loose. And when they resist advances from strangers, the problem starts.

To root out this mindset, every child must learn to respect women. If our society wants to see the change it wants, that change has to begin from home first. If every male child receives the knowledge to respect female children right from a very young age, when he grows up, he will see women as his equal and have a healthy and genuine respect towards their contribution either at home, school, college or work place.

Secondly, the media must exercise a lot of restraint in highlighting incidents like rapes or gang-rapes. No doubt that they bring a lot of TRPs and circulations. But they leave the survivors’ existence permanently damaged. The psychological impact on the survivor of a gang-rape would be so devastating that they can never get over and get on with their lives. Moreover, it gives smart Alecs an opportunity to cast aspersions on victim’s character.

Thirdly, police must get into swift action without brooking interference from anyone. A special task force to nab the rapists must be formed and deployed in every city. This task force must operate secretly keeping a deadline in mind.

Fourthly, politicians can channelise the collective anger into forming groups of volunteers who are ready to campaign against the social stigma a rape survivor has to face in the society.

Lastly, a rapist is a rapist. The moment he indulges in an heinous crime like raping an innocent woman, he ceases to be a follower of any religion. A rapist must face a boycott and nobody should come forward to protect or defend what he has done. When that happens, a man will think hundred times before committing a rape. He will know that if he gets caught, he will be spared no mercy on any ground and his end will be inevitable.

In conclusion, it will suffice to say that instead of advising girls to stay indoors after the sun-set or asking them to put on ‘proper’ dresses, if men are advised to expand their horizons by being more accommodative in nature and more understanding and sensitive towards their female counterparts, it will automatically restore a sense of security, safety and confidence in them.

Dear Pankaj Pachauri Sir,

Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s Indian Express column ‘While we were silent’ has created buzz throughout the day. You were right in saying that our country progressed while he was asleep. Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s column seems to have touched some raw nerve and it has indeed found many takers. Forget about takers, those takers are mostly on Twitter and Facebook. We need not take them seriously. But can you please explain to me as to how a person can remain asleep for nine years at a stretch?


Okay, sir. Just don’t give me any explanation. You are in a very influential position. You know better. When you say Mr. So-and-so had been asleep for almost a decade, one must believe your words without an iota of doubt. Sir, Mr. PBM must have received a serious shock when you rolled out statistics along with graphs and tables.

One look at the statistics tweeted by is enough to convince anyone that employment has doubled. The corpus of PF for private sector employees has increased four fold. Agriculture wages have increased. Poverty has declined in the country. Telecom sector is booming. Rural tele density has crossed 40 from 1.5. As far as freedom is concerned, millions of Indians have used the RTI to keep an eye on public expenditure as a tool of transparency. Roads too are built.

The graphs are impressive. The data is mind blowing. The progress is enormous. India has never been in such safer hands before. Nobody must be in doubts now. Those who praised ‘While we were silent’ and jumped with joy have gone into hiding now as their joy has proved to be so short-lived.



Sir, there are a few things that you could have done well to include in your tweets. Those omitted statistics would have made stunning graphs. Even those things our countrymen deserve to know. Please allow me to share them with you in case you had been asleep while they were happening. It is quite possible, isn’t it?

As far as poverty is concerned, it has indeed declined. How? Commonwealth Games wasted public fund only to the meagre tune of 101.02 crore. It is just a small bucket from a big ocean. Remember coalgate? Only 1,85,591lc. And then comes 2G spectrum. Again a paltry 309,845.5 but according to Mr. Kapil Sibbal ‘zero loss’.

After taking care of poverty, UPA regime moved heaven and earth to provide roof above people’s head and built The Adarsh Housing Society that captured the imagination of the whole country. It has contributed to banking sector also significantly by way of money laundering. Since India is a rich country and people have started resorting to air travel, the Railway was neglected. But UPA infused fresh lease of life into the Railways with the help of appointment scams.

Sir, another achievement that you seemed to have overlooked is Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Kumar Bansal voluntarily resigned from the posts of Ministers on the same day to mentor young and upcoming leaders of India. Our investigative agencies have no work left to do. Therefore, UPA has asked them to bring Salman Khurshid and Sriprakash Jaiswal under their scanners. Subodh Kant Sahai and MS Gill were dropped from cabinet to give more work to rusting investigative agencies.

What else? A Raja, Kanimozhi and Suresh Kalmadi visited the Tihar jail to examine the conditions prevalent in India’s jails. They spent great deal of time behind bars to prepare detailed reports to table before the Parliament.

The achievement that takes the cake is 15th Lok Sabha is likely to go down as the most disrupted house in history.

Sir, please do include these achievements in your graphical tweets next time.

Thank you.

Jai Hind.

Dear Ministers & Political Leaders,

I am the leader of all the goats and lambs in India. The intention of this open letter is to make the voice of my community members heard. My name is Lamb and I live in the vicinity of 10 Janpath. Today one of our community members has made our community proud.

At the young age of seven months, Chulbul has sacrificed herself to save the portfolio of one of the ministers who finds himself embroiled into the charges of corruption. Our intelligence report suggests that demand for my young community members is only going to go up as more scandals are likely to tumble out in the days leading to the general elections.

The mango man of this country may not know why high and mighty sacrifice young members of my community. Today one goat is sacrificed. And thanks to TV news channels entire country has come to know the important role we goats and lambs play in running the governments at both central and state levels.

The secret behind sacrificing us is we have direct connection with god. We can enter god’s room any time without knocking. We can barge into any high level meeting god is presiding over. We can wake up god from sleep any time. God loves us. He listens to our pleas and requests. He is accessible to us any time. This is why when our netas are in neck deep troubles, they come knocking at our doors. Before sending us to the Heaven, they tell the member who is chosen what exact message they want delivered to god.

This practise has been in fashion since time immemorial. Netas belonging to the ruling party (at the Centre) are our prime customers as more often than not it is they who end up as the targets of opposition’s sting operations and are exposed. When they fall out of High Command’s good books, they seek divine intervention and get in touch with us.

We never fail to deliver. My members are trained specifically for the purpose carrying netas’ messages to god in code languages so that the opposition doesn’t know what messages have gone up there. After my member reaches up there, Party High Command changes her/his mind within no time and ministers about to be shown the door are promoted up the order. The spin doctors successfully dress up that promotion of minister as some sort of punishment for the alleged misdeeds to calm down growing anger of mango men.

However, what is sad is after using our services the political class keep us at arm’s length. In many cases, ministers have promised the kith and kin of sacrificed members jobs and various government perks entitled to the VVIPs. But there has been no change in the condition of my community. None of the promises has been kept to our dismay. Even media persons ignored and refused to cover us for fear of offending the political class.

Today let it be known to the entire world that next sacrifice will not happen until special quotas in railways and civil aviation are reserved for my community members. The kith and kin of Chulbul (the goat sacrificed today) have placed a demand on record that one percent of amount taken in bribe must immediately be shared with them. Unless this happens, minister’s message will not be delivered to god and minister will get the boot in all likelihood.

I sincerely hope that following world wide attention we have received on social networking sites, netas will learn a lesson and start treating us with the respect we deserve.

Yours Faithfully.
All India Leader of Goat and Sheep Association.

The whole world has gone insane. How else can you explain such vile remarks and attacks on my integrity from all and sundry? They don’t know they are targeting a saint like me. The developments over past few months have pained me a lot to say the least.

Once upon a time the critics called Mrs. Indira Gandhi “gungi gudiya” for her alleged inability to give rousing speeches while addressing public gatherings. I am aware of the whisper campaign currently underway that describes such an honorable man like me as “gunga guda” for my deep and contemplative silence.

After all, what is there to speak? Kapil ji, Chidambaram ji, and Digvijay ji are all the time speaking. Sometimes they bribe my peon to steal the print-outs of my speeches andĀ  replace them with the blank A4 papers. Then they shamelessly learn these speeches by heart only to reproduce them verbatim in the TV studios much to the dismay of my spin doctors who so painfully write my speeches.

All these underhand techniques of my cabinet and party colleagues have forced me into such a remorseful silence that the whole world is heaping scorn on me. I know that my integrity is beyond reproach. The scams have been around even before my premiership. It is not that all the scams have taken place during my tenure contrary to the impression that has gained ground.

I have always made it clear that I have nothing to hide. That I am ready for any debate on the floor of parliament. That I am all for the impartial inquiry of my roles into various scams that have unfortunately tumbled out of closets during the UPA regime.

The opposition has been baying for my blood. My own cabinet colleagues are giving contradictory statements with a view to pushing me out of Madam’s good books. The social media too is trying its best to create social unrest. Whoever is making life difficult for me doesn’t know that I am the best PM the country has seen till date.

To bolster my claim, here are a few achievements. I have put the Tihar Jail on the global map. Various scams with mind numbing zeros have flourished under my premiership. All this has contributed towards many Indians becoming multimillionaires to adore the cover page of the Forbes magazine. The list is endless. I can go on and on.

The media is the direct beneficiary of all the shenanigans that have taken place during my tenure. Thanks to all the scams and communal unrest in the recent past, the media has witnessed a steady growth in its circulation, TRPs and revenues over a period of time. Poor western media – buoyed by recession – cannot see its Indian counterparts doing so well.

This is precisely why they target me thinking it will bring a turn around in their fortunes. The Time cover-page was not only silly but also in a poor taste. Nobody (here or abroad) was impressed with the lousy job Time did. Instead of me losing my (already lost) reputation, it was Time that ended up damaging its own reputation.

This western press or media doesn’t like to learn from its own mistakes. Now as I write this diary, the Washington Post seems to have shot itself in the foot by calling such a man of fine repute like yours truly as a tragic figure who has fallen from grace. Can there be anything more comic than these juvenile observations?

The scribe Mr. Simon Denyer himself is a tragic figure since all those gentlemen he has spoken to before doing this piece on me have royally taken him for a jolly ride. Poor Simon Denyer doesn’t seem to understand that without grasping the local political permutations and combinations and equations if you sit down to write something as serious as that, your sources and facts tend to get all mixed up making you look like a tragic figure in the end.

The learned gentleman has little idea that my government and the party boast of years of experience in blaming on poor “foreign hand” everything that happens in this country. Then how can this foreign hand (scribe) come back to haunt me? I am really having the last laugh now.

Before I slip back into my preferred silence mode, one word of caution for Ambika ji who has been demanding an apology from Mr. Denyer who merely did as he was asked to do. She doesn’t know that my favourite film is Yash Chopra directed super-hit “Deewar”.

To quote the famous line from my all time favourite Deewar, “First go and get the signature of that person who inked on my hand that my father is a thief”, I think in view of the ongoing predicament, it would be more appropriate if first she went and got Madam’s apology for having listened to her inner-voice way back in 2004. While she is at it, she might as well go to the voters who voted UPA to power to get their apologies.

So many apologies are required. Whatever is happening is politically motivated for which as usual a foreign hand is to be blamed. Since I am not to be blamed for anything, please offer your unconditional apologies.





Following the recent episodes of attacks on women in Guwahati and Mangalore by the so-called moral police, the Indian Male Bashing has suddenly become the flavour of the season.

Poor Indian Male has nowhere to hide. The onslaught is mind-numbing. The anger directed against the Indian Male is genuine or manufactured only time will tell. But as of now every pen wielding, key-board addicted Bharatiya Nari has risen up in arms against the Indian Male.

What does the collective anger demand? Is this anger a precursor to a new dawn which will signal the arrival of an era in which the safety of the women will be given the premium importance? In which the molesters will go straight to jails without any trials and languish there for decades altogether?

The anger that is floating around in cyberspace and TV studios is devoid of any agenda for a better future. It is a given that the incidents of eve-teasing will continue to happen with amazing regularity. The crocodile’s tears will be shed in front of cameras. The demand for strict laws to punish the molesters will be raised. A few articles condemning the Indian Male will appear in the dailies and weeklies before life returns to normal.

Nowadays whatever happens happens with profit in mind. Is anyone really bothered about the safety of women? The complicity of TV channels shows brazenly that controversies are manufactured keeping certain win-win calculations in mind. Everybody is craving for his/her fifteen seconds of fame. And they are even ready to pay the price no matter how expensive it might be.

All this anger is sadly going to amount to nothing. At the most the issue will increase the traffic to the blog much in the same way as it raises the TRPs of those channels showing the gory images of the molestation incident without any regards for the victim’s future.

But the question here is why to villify the Indian Male and put him under the same bracket as those overjealous handful men? Isn’t it the worst type of stereotyping? The massage that the-men-are-lecherous-by-nature-and-they-need-to-be-dealt-with-effword-if-they-look-at-women doesn’t hold true for every man.

Moreover some argue that God has blessed the woman with a beautiful body that needs to be revealed to the appreciating eyes and not to be covered from head to toe smacks of the arrogance of come whatever may we, women, won’t change. How sad!

The moral of the story is the anger is artificial. The more the things change, the more they remain the same. Today Indian Male finds himself under the attack. The day is not far when some girls will get drunk and indulge in Adam-teasing outside some famous pub from where the TV channel office is at a stone’s throw. When the world sees the images of unruly girls molesting a cool dude with six packs, the table will have turned.


Shah Rukh Khan is an undisputed king. This Badshah of Bollywood has got an uncanny knack of hogging the media spotlight by getting into controversies. His IPL team KKR is on fire in the current season and has emerged as one of the hot-favourites to claim the title of the champions.

Well, but Shah Rukh Khan is an actor. Acting is his sole forte. Since he is an entrepreneur, he has made his foray into the sports arena. Of late the magic of Shah Rukh Khan on the celluloid appears to be on the wane. The rival Khans have outsmarted him and now in the race of Number One they’ve left him far behind. The latest salvo is from the Aamir Khan camp in the form of a much-talked reality TV show “Satyameva Jayate”.

Obviously these latest developments have left the King Khan scratching his head. The crown is in danger of either falling off or being snatched away. His insecurity has begun to manifest itself in various ways. In the recent past he has got himself involved in a couple of scuffles. In one incident he had allegedly given a tight slap to theĀ  poor Shirish Kunder. And in the latest incident he has bravely taken on the cops of Mumbai at the Wankhede stadium.

The allegations of Shah Rukh in inebriated condition at the stadium have flying thick and fast although the actor had categorically denied them. The million dollar question is why does Shah Rukh Khan get angry? Why is the King Khan so temperamental? What makes the Badshah of Bollywood so controversial? Has all these recent incidents of his public display of machoism got something to do with his failing charisma on the celluloid?

The competition is cut-throat in the film industry. It’s a high pressure job where every Friday determines your present status and the rightful place in the hierarchy. It is a snake and ladder game where a wrong throw of dice can plunge you into the depth of despair. In such a scenario, he seems to be making a bold statement through his off-screen actions.

By taking on the mighty cops of Mumbai in front of cameras, he has sent out a strong signal to his detractors and competitors alike. The message is “I am the King Khan and I will be back with a bang. You can keep me down for a while. But you cannot throw me out forever.” Otherwise how else can you explain his stand on the manhandling of little girls by the policemen on duty at the stadium?

He seems to have killed two birds with one stone. Aamir Khan took up the issue of the female infanticide in the inaugural episode of “Satyameva Jayte” and got the whole world talking about it. Shah Rukh soon realised that the issue of girl child is an emotive one that has tremendous potential to whip up the frenzy and hysteria. Which is why he highlighted in no uncertain terms that he was only trying to rescue the young girls from the clutches of the evil men (and thereby professing his unconditional love for the girl child).

Secondly, by taking on the men in uniform he was sounding a warning bell to Salman Khan aka Bodyguard who is all set to take the world by storm with his upcoming Ek Tha Tiger. The message for Sallubhai was it is no use acting Bodyguard or tiger on screen if in real life you’re scared of flexing your muscles. Whether both these Khans will get the messages through these actions or not remains to be seen. The fact is Shah Rukh Khan is likely to face a life-ban on his entry into the Wankhede stadium.

But the King Khan is too smart to care for such bans. He will pull a few strings in the capital and have the whole issue hushed up. Nobody will be surprised when the story of the matter between him and the cops having been amicably sorted out breaks before the IPL final complete with the pictures of the King Khan giving a big beer hug to all the policemen present on that fateful evening at Wankhede.

As they say, “As in cricket, class is permanent and form is temporary so in stardom controversies are permanent and charisma is slippery.” Are we witnessing the end of an era for the King Khan?



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