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Buoyed by the launch of iPhone 5C and 5S, there is a widespread outrage amongst Indian politicians. The reason for this is Apple’s much touted iPhone 5C. According to some analysts C in iPhone 5C stands for cheap. This version of cheap iPhone is specifically targeted at emerging markets like China, Japan and India where large number of aspirational middle class wants to own an iPhone but due to its steep price tag cannot afford. With the launch of colourful iPhone 5C, Apple led by Tim Cook has successfully addressed this issue.

According to media reports that appeared in various dailies after Apple launched its two phones the day before yesterday at Cupertino, California, a delegation of Indian politicians cutting across the party lines led by Mr. Kapil Sibal flew to Cupertino to specially hold a closed door meeting with the Apple CEO Tim Cook. Craig Federighi the Apple Software boss was also said to be present at this high octane meeting.

According to an eye witness, the meeting lasted for close to three hours. After congratulating Mr. Cook for launching cheap iPhone for poor Asians, Mr. Sibal went on to impress upon the CEO that he must consider launching an iPhone device exclusively for the Indian politics. To support his claim how such a move was going to benefit Apple, he asked his counterpart Mr. Shashi Tharoor to give Keynote presentation to the top management of Apple. The buzz is Mr. Tim Cook is highly impressed with this presentation and in an interview given to Faking News – a web portal highly popular in sub-continent, he has agreed to launch iPhone for Indian politicians.

This device will be called iPhone 6IP and the launch date is going to be the day after new PM takes oath in 2014 following elections. Apple is tight lipped about iOS, software hardware combination, screen size, build, designs and so on.


But our sources have found out that iOS 7.0.1 will power iPhone 6IP which won’t be available for common man. Siri will be available in all Indian languages. The screen size is going to be six and half inches. Battery life will be a solid forty eight hours on 3G with standby time up to an entire session of parliament.

Touch ID will be converted into kiss ID. The processor will be A8 128 bit smartphone processor with a RAM of ten GB. Only 64 GB of iPhone 6IP will be available with a 36GB memory card slot. Yes, Apple has decided to give an option of expandable memory a feature exclusively created for this top secret iPhone 6IP.

Amongst the hosts of apps, Twitter and Facebook will come with extra features unique to this particular iPhone. Below the tweets the followers of politicians will be able to see thousands of RTs and favourites though the actual numbers may be less. The same holds true for Facebook status updates that will receive so many numbers of likes that nobody will be able to count them.

The iPhone 6IP will be available in three colours. The colours will be white, green and saffron. This will help in establishing secular credentials of a politician. All the loksabha and rajyasabha speeches will uploaded on iCloud and will be available on the shared folder of each iPhone 6IP. This will ensure smooth functioning of parliament sans walk outs and disruptions.

If this is true, then in the days to come, we shall feel surprised if Rajyasabha TV beams live images of MPs looking on their iPhone screens. They will be busy reading speeches of fellow MPs.

This phone will cost only ninety nine thousand ninety nine rupees. Apple has started per-launch order booking. Looking at rupee condition, right now they are accepting advance only in dollars. The new iPhone 6IP will be first of its kind and it will further strengthen Apple’s claim to innovation as far as mobile computing is concerned. This is what one source at Apple on the condition of anonymity has confirmed.

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