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Today is a sad day in the history of our democratic country. Rupee keeps crashing further. Sonia Gandhi took ill but thanks to our super specialists’ timely efforts, she returned home hale and hearty. The icing on the cake was the revelation that Robert Vadra the first son-in-law of our country is merely a small farmer. Not only India but the entire world is in shock at this revelation.

Robert Vadra has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. There are many who believe that Robert Vadra has made a lot of wealth and his personal net worth has sky rocketed ever since UPA’s reign at the Centre. So many op-eds have come out speculating his personal net worth and its mysterious sources.

But today mother of all revelations has proved in a single stroke that Robert Vadra is a poor victim of malicious campaign against him. He is a thorough and thorough gentleman who works as a small farmer somewhere back in the beyond. His personal net worth has always remained a big zero. On the other hand, like any other small farmer of this country even he has a debt of several thousand rupees on him. It is said that to pay off that small debt he approached several banks without revealing his famous mother-in-law and brother-in-law’s names. Obviously, the banks have turned out his request for loans. And as a result, poor Robert Vadra aka small farmer is forced to live in penury.

This is not some propaganda on the eve of general election. Nor this revelation is a ploy to repair ruling party’s both image and credibility. But the small farmer act of Robert Vadra is a hard hitting fact in the face of those who were projecting him as a multi millionaire son-in-law who was out to grab everything. As the news of Robert Vadra’s real vocation spread like a wildfire, the self proclaimed political analysts and so-called sources close to the first family were out there to enlighten anyone who cared to listen how this could benefit Congress party.

All said and done, if Robert Vadra is living like a small farmer with his in-laws running the country, it speaks volumes about their ruling capabilities. There are some former ministers who held important portfolios a few months back and who have successfully eradicated poverty from its very root. They are in a comfortable position. Their near and dear ones are also able to secure their livelihoods and there’s no immediate threat to their well heeled future. If the ministers could do this, why couldn’t the rulers themselves? This is really puzzling.

The well-wishers of Dynasty are in a terrible shock. They want the first son-in-law to be in a comfortable position. Instead of working in the field under the harsh sun rays, what they would like to see is Robert Vadra sporting imported goggles, posing for glossy magazines in tight fitting, muscle rippling t-shirts next to imported cars and bikes.

Who would like to see the only son-in-law in tattered dhoti and torn vest standing next to buffaloes and cows wiping mud from his unshaven face?
As a sycophant of the ruling Dynasty, I hope that the Republic of India will be spared those devastating images (if there are any).

To paraphrase the tweet that enraged many supporters of Mr. Modi, “Darkness at noon is NaMo (always in the eye of a storm) and brightness at night is Priyanka Gandhi.”

Needless to say that who is more famous between the two. Mr. Narendra Modi has been the elected chief minister of Gujarat for past one decade. There are way too many achievements to his credit. To begin with, the business tycoons are flocking to Gujarat for the investments as the one single man takes all the important decisions promptly. The young population of this country adores him from the bottom of its heart. The kurtas he wears have gone on to become the fashion statements. The head gears he sports have come to be synonymous with the ideas the man stands for.

He is hot favourite to win the race of prime minister in 2014 even without throwing his hat into the ring. He doesn’t believe in politics of appeasement. He takes tough stands on the matters pertaining to national security. He often faces flak from “secular” media for taking the road less-travelled. But here is the man with a steely resolve taking everything in his stride and marching on tirelessly. True to his forward looking nature, rarely do we see him resting on his past laurels. Instead he carries on with the sole agenda of developing the nation as a super power in his heart.

How can such a man be described as the darkness at noon?

Coming to the brightness at night, what qualification does Priyanka Gandhi have to become Prime Minister? Had it not been for “Gandhi” surname, who would have cared to give her a second look? Many a times one often comes across people comparing her to her grandmother god-alone-knows on what basis.

She hardly speaks to the media. Nobody knows whether she wants to become prime minister. She has never been a part of electoral process. In other words, she has never fought election and entered the parliament as the elected representative of people.

She has accompanied her mother and brother on the campaign trails. She has gone to the cricket stadiums to cheer for the Indian team. Agreed that she has got a cute smile and ability to reach out to the crowds by waving at them. If the quality of waving at the crowd alone is enough to become prime minister, the film stars and cricketers will do wonders as prime ministers.

It is against this backdrop of prime ministerial candidature one wonders what meaning the brightness at night can possibly have. Why should the lovers of dynastic rule insist on such a novice for the premier post? What hidden agenda can such an impractical demand serve? The pathetic governance for past eight years complete with the morbid silence of the ruler has done enough damage as of now. To rub salts on the wounds the demand of illusory brightness provider at night be installed as prime minister has only added fuel to the fire.

Whether Mr. Modi is the darkness at noon or brightness at night, the history will judge and tell. But as far as Priyanka Gandhi is concerned, nobody has an iota of doubt with regards to what kind of brightness at night would descend upon the country if she were to become prime minister even for a day.


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