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What kind of a father Umar Farooq is who tortured his three-month-old baby girl Afreen to death! What kind of a traumatic experience the mother Reshma must be going through! The more one thinks about the cruel fate Baby Afreen met this morning in Bangalore’s Vani Vilas (Victoria) Hospital, the more gruesome the whole incident appears.

We have our fair share of incidents where unwanted newborn baby girls are dumped in the trash bins right outside the hospitals. Such incidents keep happening with amazing regularity. But now the frustrated fathers are turning more violent. Either they want to kill the wives who give birth to the female children in the first place or they want to do away with the innocent toddlers.

There are many campaigns afoot to create awareness about the importance of a girl child. Even the state governments come out with the innovative schemes for the education of girls in their respective states. When we look at the representatives of the print or visual media, most of the high profile journalists or news anchors happen to be women. Moreover, the modern work places do not discriminate between the sexes when it comes to giving opportunities for the further growth.

Therefore, the point that comes to mind is no longer parenting a girl child is as burdensome as it used to be in the good old days. A girl can complete her higher studies and join any respectable profession of her liking. She can earn more than her father and make her parents proud of her achievements. There are countless examples to justify this claim. Then why do incidents like Baby Afreen happen?

The news of Baby Afreen succumbing to the injuries inflicted allegedly by her own father has sent shock waves across the country. Some people are calling for the harshest punishment for the culprit so as to prevent the future Baby Afreens. The father Umar Farooq who sadly doesn’t know the meaning of what a father is or should be is under police custody. The law will take its own course. If proven guilty, he will have to undergo the punishment the law of the land decides to hand out to him.

But the fact remains that one more newly-born innocent has bid adieu to the world for no fault of her own. It is her death that is making the headlines is something that can only get as bizarre as this. The hard-hitting irony is the picture of Baby Afreen’s dead body lying in the hospital bed with the tubes attached will continue to haunt any parent for the long time to come. Will her father Umar Farooq ever realise what a disgraceful and heinous act he has committed?

It will feel a little less painful if the father confesses to his sins and decides to atone for them by doing something really meaningful for the young children. Let’s pray somebody shows him the picture of the innocent Baby Afreen lying still in the hospital bed, for that is sure to break his heart into pieces and force tears out of his eyes.

Rest in peace Baby Afreen.


What a dance of democracy! Nobody can match our politicians when it comes to entertainment. Even the supposed blockbuster Agent Vinod bombed on the box-office Kareena Kapoor’s mujra not withstanding. There are times when our films and film stars have failed to provide us any real entertainment. But these politicians know the importance of entertainment. And this is precisely why they, time and again, step into the shoes of film folks and serve us tasty dishes of entertainment till we cry out, “Enough now.”

How else can you explain Sharad Yadav’s outburst against Team Anna for abusing the MPs and the temple of democracy? Our rulers are above everything. The subjects have no right to criticise them or call them names. The rulers are innocent and their position in the Parliament is sacrosanct. Dare raise voice against them and be ready to get persecuted. All politicians cutting across the party lines will stand united and ensure even the slightest hint of opposition against their ilk dies a natural death.

As if all this were not enough, we have a story of the army chief being offered a bribe of high sum for the purchase of army trucks belonging to a particular manufacturing company. As soon as the story is out, allegations and counter allegations begin to fly thick and fast. All sorts of theories start doing the rounds. The poor army chief becomes the butt of all sorts of joke. The Defense Minister too is not spared and the trial by media gets underway with the entire country sitting in the judgement.

This is the real dance of democracy where anybody is welcome. The proceedings are televised and the whole country can partake. There’s nothing wrong in it. This is the hallmark of a truly vibrant democracy. But there is something that doesn’t quite jell well. What’s that? All this hyperbole masquerading as freedom of speech borders on voyeurism. The real issues get buried. The work doesn’t happen. The politicians at whom cameras are trained begin to act like actors who are under tremendous pressure to get the lines right and make the scenes they are enacting as memorable as possible.

With the film industry looking so bereft of new ideas and newer acting talents, it should consider shifting its responsibility of entertaining people to these wily politicians who know the pulse of the nation and will leave no stones unturned in making the TRPs soar as high as the sky and break all previous box-office records. Any takers?






Dear Twitter,

Today everybody is congratulating you for turning a six years old baby. I too want to congratulate you. But I don’t want to do so in 140 characters since I have a lot to say to you. I don’t know whether you will read what I write for you. There’s no harm in trying, is there? Who knows you might sit up and take notice?

You are six years old but my love-affair with you is only two years old. Let me tell you (I know many people have told you before what I’m going to say now) that you are a great place to be. You brought me face to face with countless people I admire and long to be with. I had never imagined in my wildest dream that one day I would meet them. So what if I can’t see their faces? Reading what they share on you is more than enough for me since it gives me a fair idea about their personalities.

I spend time on you to feel good. There are lots of funny people whose tweets lift my mood and make my day. I am sure you know them. In case you don’t know them, they are Gabbar Singh, Ramesh Srivat, Fake IPL Player, Satan Bhagat, Faking News, Namrata Joshi, Ghanta Guy, Joydas, Sarcasan and how can I forget Kamal R Khan? Their perky tweets leave a goofy smile although I envy their fan following on you and always lament the fact that I don’t have as many followers as they have. More on this later.

I enjoy reading the tweets of high profile media personalities like Rajdeep Sardesai, Sachin Kalbag, Nikhil Waghle, Kanchan Gupta, B Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, Bhupendra Chaubey, Dibang, Diptosh Majumdar, Ayaz Memon and supremely talented Pritish Nandy a lot. They always inform their followers on the latest news doing the round and leave them with some or other food for thoughts. The whole nation waits for Rajdeep Sardesai’s good night tweets. It is only after he wishes good night to his followers, the nation heaves a sigh of relief and goes to bed.

Please don’t ask me to comment on the film industry wallahs. They are on you to promote their upcoming flicks without giving much thought about their crazy followers with the sole exceptions of Gul Panag and Anupam Kher who are kind enough to mention their fans in their replies. But they are all big people. Talking about them is like spitting on the sky. The less said abut them, the better it is.

You know what else? You are always teaching me new expressions. One example is “that awkward moment”. I love “that awkward moment”. Thank you for this one expression as it describes the mood or situation aptly if used appropriately. What to say about your list of trending topics! I mean I am speechless. Had there been no list of trending topics on you, this blog would have been dead by now. It’s only thanks to the list of trending topics, I have managed to write sixty plus posts.

Having given you the gist of all the positive qualities you have, let me bring to your notice some of the drawbacks and challenges I encounter on you. Well, it so happens that those who have followers on you indeed have extremely good time. Their TL is always overflowing with the mentions they receive from their followers. But those who don’t have followers begin to feel like in no man’s land after sometime. They heavily rely upon someone with good number of followers to retweet their tweets to spread the information. Not everybody is kind enough to retweet. If you ask someone to follow you or retweet your tweets, you are bound to become a butt of joke.

I would like to suggest that you should come out with a set of guidelines to follow certain twitter etiquette so that tweeple with relatively unknown background don’t feel that lonely. Another thing is when you disagree with some tweets and express your disagreement, you get labeled as troll. Isn’t it unfair? Ultimately who should have the right to decide who is a troll and who is a decent tweeple?

On your sixth birthday I am giving you some food for thought.  Please ponder over the suggestions I have given and see if you can come out with something useful. Meanwhile have a rocking birthday. Once again thanking you for being there for me. Whenever I’ve looked up to you in melancholic times, you’ve brought me smiles within no time.

I wish I can thank you enough.

Love as always,

Yours Truly,

A Twitter Fan From India.


Bangalore is one of the best cities of our country. Job opportunities are aplenty. Climate is the envy of any other big cities. With all the roads chock a block with traffic almost round the clock there’s hardly any dull moment. Every other day international rock stars grace the city with their presence and the Bangaloreans dance away the night listening to their mesmerising numbers. On Saturday evenings when you observe the fellow commuters on the roads, what stands out is the fact people are here to eat, drink and be merry following the busy week that has just ended.

Due to many reasons Bangalore is on a fast track of growth. But one look at the headlines of newspapers and any Bangalore lover will tell you that all is not well with Namma Bangaluru. Somewhere something is amiss. I am not talking about the rising mercury that has been tormenting hapless Bangaloreans for the past few weeks. But it has got to do something with the strong character of the city that we all boasted of once upon a time.

A young girl’s life went topsy-turvy on the night of Christmas. She was returning home with her boy-friend on a two-wheeler when some miscreants stopped them and made life hell for the young couple.

There was hardly any outcry on the streets of Bangalore. Nobody reacted. Life went on as if nothing had happened. Does this city deserve to be called humane anymore?

Then came the news of some girls from a foreign country attacked in a posh bar and getting critically hurt. Nobody flinched a muscle nor moved an inch. People pretended as if everything was hunky dory. After a few days the story died a natural death.

A few days ago the media itself was under attack from lawyers and advocates. Police did nothing to prevent the attack and allowed the lawyers to take the law into their hands as the whole city came to standstill with the image of Namma Bangaluru taking a severe beating world-wide.

Nobody raised the voice. Where’s the intelligentsia? What’s it scared of? Why such a pin-drop silence? Why on earth nobody is crying foul? How far do we want things further deteriorated?

The aging regional satraps from national political parties hold the city to ransom. Reason? They were knee-deep into corruption. The high-command decided to salvage the image by cleaning up the party. Some heads rolled. But as the luck would have it, the Court has squashed these corruption charges and now the rolled heads are demanding the crown back. And to get it back they are ready to go to any length.

In all this hurly-burly of political one-up-manship the city of Bangalore is the sufferer. Traffic piles up as all the roads either lead to Vidhan Soudha or to the house of that ousted king who ruled his kingdom not so long ago with impunity.

When we are talking about our rulers, let me also add fuel to the fire by mentioning the episode of Porngate that shocked the entire country leave alone Bangalore. How could something as obscene as watching the porn in the House of Assembly have happened in such a well-educated and cultured state is beyond anybody’s guess?

But alas there’s not even a murmur to be heard against all the atrocities being committed in the name of democracy and right in the temple of democracy. What has the city come to? Where are the morals? Where are the values? Who will speak up before it’s too late? Any saner voices?

The icing on the cake is yet to come. As if all this is not enough, a week ago something more sinister and mind numbing took place. An SUV ran over four construction workers sleeping on the pavement in Banasvadi, killing one of them on the spot. A woman was allegedly behind the wheels. She was returning from a party and was allegedly drunk. Nobody is shocked to know that police is yet to nab her. She has been absconding for past one week.

The young man who died in the accident on the spot was a poor migrant. What makes this accident more tragic is the fact he had become father days before he perished.

The story is more or less the same. The city continues to absorb everything quietly. No candle light vigils for this poor victim. No tough questions to the police. It is as if nobody is in charge of this city. The incidences of crime are rising. Police is yet to declare any effective measures to curb this menace. If the custodians of law and order cannot inspire faith and confidence, who else can?

Is Namma Bangaluru really losing its character? Will it bounce back? Will somebody come forward to take the bull by its horns? Or we are witnessing a slow death of the city that the world knows as the IT hub and we call it the garden city of the dreams where “svalpa adjust maadi” is the mantra of survival and where the hot kappi from the neighbourhood Sukh Sagar or Shanthi Sagar waits for every soul who loves this city.

We live in strange times. Nobody would have thought that the Internet was going to change the way we lived as drastically as this. Everything is available in abundance, right from food to clothes to films to music to news channels to swanky shopping malls to various gizmos to cars to bikes to air flights to bank ATMs. Sometimes one wonders isn’t what we have more than enough? Is there really so much of demand?  Perhaps nobody seems to care except the manufacturers. Now since the demand and supply ratio is skewed in terms of more supply and less demand, enter petty marketing gimmicks masquerading as controversies. To spread the words like a wildfire the social networking sites are used with impunity. How? The latest example that comes to mind is that of the hit Tamil number “why this kolaveri di”.

The so-called marketing moghuls have coined a new term for the online marketing which has come to be known as “viral marketing”. The example of “why this kolaveri di” is being given to the students of IIM-A and IIM-B. The concept of viral marketing is the new in thing. Well, all said and done but the fact remains that a mediocre product like “why this kolaveri di” doesn’t become a great product just because the experiment of viral marketing has succeeded in fooling people into believing that they are listening to a masterpiece.

“Why this kolaveri di” has been into the news ever since the video of this number hit the you tube a few weeks ago. First came the famous tweet from none other than the super star Amitabh Bachchan himself  praising the number. If any music lover who understands even a little bit of good music will agree that “why this kolaveri di” doesn’t sound pleasing at all. Neither it has a great tune nor soothing voice nor memorable and sweet words. Then why did Mr. Bachchan go out of his way to praise “why this kolaveri di”. If that was not enough, soon Junior Bachchan followed in his dad’s footsteps by tweeting now listening to “why this kolaveri di”.

As soon as these tweets made their way into the cyberspace, “why this kolaveri di” became a juggernaut that got a life of its own and went on to roll without coming to a halt. It has reportedly broken all the records. The success of “why this kolaveri di” has even prompted the famous singer Sonu Nigam to launch his toddler son as a singer with a funny version of  the number. All sorts of weird things are happening thanks to “why this kolaveri di”. No programme is complete without referring to “why this kolaveri di” on TV. No newspaper article is considered readable if it doesn’t mention “why this kolaveri di” once at least. The wave of “why this kolaveri di” has swept across the country. I’ve heard many people asking those who are angry or complaining about something, “Why this kolaveri di?” It appears as though the expression “Why are you angry?” has been replaced with “Why this kolaveri di?” successfully.

However, the “why this kolaveri di” phenomenon indeed found a fierce critic in the renowned Mr Javed Akhtar who tweeted tarnishing it in no uncertain terms. Sadly his criticism appeared a tad too late. When it came, it did find a few takers. But the number had already gone on to  become a big hit and saying anything against it had become an anathema.

The times we live in are made up of artificial appreciation. To sell a product all sorts of gimmicks are employed. An Amitabh Bachchan has to praise a jarring tune to make it super hit. A Karan Johan has to appreciate a silly flick Ra-One on twitter to keep his buddy in good humour. Somewhere a fake account of Mr Bachchan appears online to trash a big budget sci-fi flick and to drive a wedge between the two super-stars. Most of the things are happening online. If you are not on twitter or on facebook, you have not arrived yet. Having an account on either twitter or on facebook has become as necessary as holding a ration card.

Where is all this leading us? Are we becoming better humans? Is the world becoming a safer and a better place to live in just because twitter is the place where all the action seems to be taking place? The answers are a big no. As in real world, in virtual world too the double standards are rampant. There are a few people with large number of followers of who call the shots. They can say any nasty thing and get away but a lesser mortal (read with no followers) cannot. He gets reported as a spam immediately and twitter too dismisses his account without any delay.

As long as the likes of Mr Bachchans and Mr Johars are around with huge virtual following to boast of, the mediocre numbers and flicks will find many takers. They will even succeed in creating new records too. But few days down the line nobody will remember them. Who cares for “Darling aankho se aankhe chaar karke lo….” or “Bhaag bhaag DK Boss….” now? Just a few months back hadn’t they taken the whole world by storm as thought there was no tomorrow?

A big salute to the marketing jargon like “Viral Marketing”. It has indeed changed the way we look at the world. Selling got a little easier. Long live twitter and the followers of celebs. Let the controversies rule the roost. Who cares for the quality nowadays? More than the quality the product in question ought to make it to the list of trending topics on twitter and stay there for a couple of days. That makes it a hit automatically. So much for the so-called viral marketing.

Sometimes I feel like talking to myself. Every time I feel the need to get things off my chest, I turn to writing (typing). I find writing therapeutic. It restores order in my life. I feel purged after writing my heart out. I feel all charged up and raring to go after writing.

The weather has been pleasant. It cannot get better than this. It has been raining. Whenever it rains, my creative juices begin to flow. I get into a different zone altogether. While it is raining, all I seem to want is a diary and a pen. I just want to go on writing without worrying about the time. Writing is my first love. I write to understand myself first. Then I can entertain my readers.

Now there you go! Where are the readers? I launched this blog with loads of hopes. Although it is too early to tell, I feel the move to launch this blog has boomeranged. There are no readers. Or if there are readers, I don’t know how to reach out to them and promote this blog. I tried all I could. I singed up on twitter. I signed up on facebook. I launched a facebook page too. But the saddest thing is success has proven elusive. Why?

I have been trying to search for the answers. I don’t know where I can find the answers. It’s not easy to launch a blog if you are a nobody. So much of networking is required. People should know you in the cyberspace. Then only you can think of getting a whiff of success. I sound disappointed, don’t I? Well, I am really disappointed. But staying disappointed is not  a solution. The fighter in me is refusing to accept the defeat.  So what is the way forward?

Well, I cannot give up. It’s easy to give up but very difficult to continue. In the face of adversity I have to carry on. I must learn to address an imaginary audience. There are speakers who get intoxicated at the sound of their own voice. I am a writer who gets intoxicated at the sight of his own words. I get a kick out of writing. It gives me immense pleasure to go on writing and later on read what I have written. I know I am a genius whose time is yet to come.

The bottom line is whether people bother to read my blog or no, I will go on promoting my blog on twitter and on facebook. If nobody reads my blog and encourages me to keep up what I have been doing, I won’t mind. I won’t get disappointed. I won’t accept the defeat. But I will carry on. I have faith in my capabilities. I know I can write. I know one day the blog will become a hit and it will get the attention it deserves. The day may be far but it is not non-existent. The only thing is I have to have patience.

Having patience is the key. This is the time-tested success mantra. I am sure it won’t let me down. I will come out smelling of roses. If you like my style of writing, if you feel I have it in me to entertain readers, do spread the word. Help me get the success that has been eluding me so far.


The number 13 is indeed deadly. I have been struggling to write my 14th post for past few days.


So many things seem to be happening. Politicians are ruling the roost. Chairs are dearer than the lives. These chaps don’t want to let go of the chairs at any cost.


So many symbolic gestures, brand building exercises, image building exercises and more importantly gimmicks to remain in the news are the flavours of the season.


The young want to look slightly old so that the people would take them seriously.


The old want to look young and fit so that the young can relate to them.


Paradoxes and more paradoxes.


Netas don’t like to walk the talk but they don’t mind walking a couple of kilometers along with their supporters in the tow to make a political statement.


The foreigners come to India to seek cure for their many ailments but netas go abroad for their treatment.


“Corruption” is no longer a stigma if people have voted you to power. Do they mean to say people have given them the mandate to loot as well?


There is a very thin line between the mandate to rule and the mandate to loot. As the days are passing the line is getting thinner and thinner. Has the common man grown immune to the corruption all around him?


Anna Hazare burns the copies of Lokpal Bill. Does he not respect the Parliament is the question asked to him by all and sundry. Is the campaign against the corruption losing steam? There are questions, paradoxes and more paradoxes.


Nobody has the answers. But everybody has the questions. Questions are multiplying. More questions are breeding even more questions. The pile of questions is growing so high that the common man cannot see anything beyond these questions.


Are these the paradoxes or the symbolic gestures?


Why are symbolic gestures necessary in the democracy?


Is democracy important or the symbolic gestures?


Are these paradoxes real or the figment of my imagination?


Do the questions and paradoxes go hand in hand?


Why so many questions?


Maybe answers too are in the offing. Once the questions arise, the answers too appear out of nowhere.









Wow....!!! This Much Love.....!!!!

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