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To all angry fans out there, MS Dhoni is innocent. He is under threat from Srini and his cahoots. He cannot open his mouth if he loves his life. This is why he kept mum when reporters asked him questions on the spot fixing saga in recently concluded IPL.

The fans are disappointed. Journalists are feeling let down. Angry TV anchors are asking questions that nobody wants to answer. With each passing day the spot fixing saga is getting murkier and murkier. To this the Indian Captain MS Dhoni’s silence has added fuel to fire.

Now why did MS Dhoni buckle under pressure? Why did he choose to look the other way when he had an opportunity to express his views and feelings? Didn’t his loyal fans have every right to know how strongly their beloved captain cool feels about the spot fixing and players-bookies nexus for a widespread betting network across the country? Maybe, the loyal fans were expecting too much. Even the noisy reporters were creating obstacles for him by subjecting him to silly questions. The ever angry TV anchors were going over the top in a desperate bid to gain TRPs for their shows.

Everybody is wrong in asking MS Dhoni questions on spot fixing. Nobody should have asked him questions simply because he has won India a world cup. He has done a lot for the country. By this logic he is not answerable to either reporters or fans. He is answerable to the BCCI President. He will follow what the president says. In the bargain, if he has to lose a few fans, so be it.

After all, you cannot go on playing cricket forever. There is, of course, life post retirement. There are various career options available even after you hang your boots. You can become a coach or a selector or a commentator. But for this to happen you must be in the good books of BCCI,  mustn’t you?

This explains MS Dhoni’s silence. After all, he seems to have taken a leaf put of PM’s book. Silence is golden. Maybe BCCI has browbeaten him into that silence. But in times like this silence is the last resort. In a country prone to mind boggling scandals at regular intervals, soon spot fixing will be off the media radar. Sreesanth and co. will be out of jail after the dust settles. It will be back to business in another fortnight or so. Then why should MS Dhoni say something in the prime of his career and chuck it all away?

Silence is invaluable. What MS Dhoni has done is remarkable. He has come across as a diplomat dodging all bullets with a smile and without trace of remorse. Today MS Dhoni has lost a few fans but certainly gladdened the heart of his master and earned himself a lifetime membership in the elite club that matters the most.

The IPL marketing managers have, so far, failed to arouse both interest and enthusiasm amongst the viewers. How they are going to grab the eyeballs is a million dollar question on every one’s mind. If, at all, IPL has dominated the news headlines; it has done so for all the wrong reasons. A couple of days ago there was a news item about the Sri Lankan players not allowed to play the IPL matches in Chennai.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the politicians have started using IPL as a tool to settle their political scores. Cricketers and the cricket managers have been deprived of an opportunity to milk IPL for their personal popularity and gains. Be that as it may, the fact that IPL is likely to prove to be a damp squib this time around has left the organisers a worried lot. Suddenly they have realised that the cricket fatigue is setting and the upcoming edition of IPL is yet to find many takers.

Since the stakes are high and big bucks are riding on the success of this IPL tournament, the strategy makers have gone into a huddle so as to come out with a winning formula that makes this edition of IPL a super success. The major stakeholders in IPL are not the players but beleaguered businessman like Vijay Mallya who is hoping that his team RCB will turn around the fortunes of debt ridden KFA and employees will finally receive their much awaited salaries.

In terms of debts, inflated egos, political rivalries and sinking popularity, there is indeed a lot that is at stake with regards to IPL. This IPL edition is a make or break for many stakeholders including players in more ways than one. Keeping all these factors in mind, the marketing in-charge of IPL has got a few game changing ideas in one of the brain storming sessions.

This self proclaimed reporter filed an RTI to get the minutes of the strategy meet of the IPL marketing team. According to the highly confidential documents available with this reporter, in the said meeting, a unanimous decision has been taken to withdraw all TV commercials featuring Farah Khan whose irritating dance moves have enraged the viewers world wide. There were reports of a few frustrated viewers having smashed their TV sets as soon as the ad had appeared on their TV screens. Somehow the IPL organising committee managed to stop those news items from making it to the headlines of the newspapers and TV news channels. 

However, with less than a week to go before the IPL tournament gets underway, all is not lost. The think tank has been surfing the latest trends in the cyberspace. The startling revelation is Justice Katju. His open letters have got an uncanny knack of ending up as the talk of the nation. These MBA guys have reportedly roped in Mr. Justice Katju to write an open letter to the cricket lovers. In his soon to come out open letter – the draft of which is being carefully reviewed – he is going to cite example of how this IPL edition is different from the previous ones and why watching IPL will improve the overall IQ of the nation and how each countryman will be doing a great service to the nation by watching those games.

This move will really hit the bull’s eye and do wonders for IPL and its popularity. In addition to Katju’s open letter, Sanjay Dutt has been roped in to file a petition in the court requesting that he be granted time till IPL is over to surrender. In the run up to the final date of IPL, a lot many things are expected to make the IPL tournament the top most trending topics across various online social  platforms.

Marketing is an art of making the shit hit the fan. Once the shit hits the fan, there’s no looking back. The IPL marketers are just going to do that. After all, isn’t everything fair in love and war?

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