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There are many talented heroines around. The show business is one such cruel business that demands one’s pound of flesh day in and day out. Nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult for the celebs to remain in the limelight with so many juicy stories making their way into the Breaking News category.

Considering all the challenges apart from pros and cons of being a public figure, there is one celebrity who has managed to keep her head above the water. She is the very bold and beautiful, one and only Bhairavi Goswami. Recently she has been in the news following the release of her latest erotic thriller “Hate Story”. My respect for her is growing by day as I go through the retweets after retweets admiring her boldness complete with the references to the certain parts of the female anatomy.

Bhairavi Goswami has what it takes to be. She has the looks to kill and the loads of attitude – enough to convince anybody that she is a down to earth sex bomb who won’t turn her  nose up at the mention of the unmentionable body parts. She has no double standards or holier-than-thou approach when it comes to the oomph factor. Therefore it is not surprising to see the list of her admirers growing by the day.

The most outstanding quality of Bhairavi Goswami’s charisma is her ability to connect to the masses without coming across as someone who is fake and does what she’s doing for the sake of publicity. There’s pure sincerity in whatever she does be it rewarding the fans by retweeting their tweets or sharing her pictures to create excitement. At no point of time one gets the impression that she is promoting herself or her upcoming films.

The reason for such positive vibes is she believes in entertaining the masses without any artificial barriers. She reaches out to the fans in a more direct way so as to leave them delighted beyond words. All her contemporaries should learn a few tricks from her book with respect to the PR vis-a-vis the subtle art of self-promotion.

Her bio reads that Bhairavi is uncut, unedited and unapologetic. Now rarely there is anybody who carries all these three attributes with as much panache as Bhairavi does. There is a very thin line between being bold and being vulgar. Bhairavi knows not to cross that line with the caution of a seasoned professional. There have been many heroines in the past who had earned the sobriquets like “Sex Bomb” and “Sex Symbol”. But none of them has been able to carry them off so well as Bhairavi does.

She has become the hottie with a golden heart within no time. After Zeenat Aman and Mandakini, India had been in search of a genuine sex symbol. In between the likes of Bipashas and Mallikas came and went. None of them could capture the imagination of the entire nation for a long time. For a brief period of time, Rakhi Sawant tried to flirt her way into the nation’s consciousness. But the fans could see through her cheap gimmicks and soon she ended up as the butt of ridicule.

But Bhairavi Goswami is here to stay. What makes her tick (apart from her killer looks) is her pragmatic approach to handle her stardom in a balanced manner. She is always well-behaved. Hardly you come across fans complaining about her tantrums or mood swings. She has been gifted with a very understanding temperament that helps her keep her  feet on the ground. She knows the fame is transient. She ought to make the most of it as long as it lasts.

Perhaps this is what explains her calm and mature responses to the fans’ admiration for her body bordering on lust. She is aware of her USP and that’s why she wants to flaunt it boldly. Lest her fans should  be under the impression that their “Dream Girl” exists only on the celluloid that in turn exists in the darkness of the multiplexes or cinema halls. Once they step out, she is like the dream that evaporated when the eyes opened. She knows that she has successfully become the Dream Girl but the challenge is not to give away that coveted place to any of her competitors.

She is on the right path. India is mature enough to admire and appreciate the strategy of self-promotion Bhairavi Goswami has adopted. As long as she keeps her head on her shoulder, she will grown only from strength to strength. That’s Bhairavi Goswami for you – the uncut, unedited and unapologetic.


Shah Rukh Khan aka The Badshah of Bollywood aka The King Khan  has been going all out to promote the most expensive Bollywood film of all times “Ra-One”. Shah Rukh Khan has reportedly spent a whopping 150 crores on the making of “Ra-One”. Surprisingly he looks forward to spending close to 100 crores on the marketing and publicity of the film prior to its release. The King Khan has been apparently nervous at the way his arch-rival’s Eid release “Bodyguard” has performed at the box-office. He gives credit to Salman Khan’s clever marketing strategy of rushing to the US on the eve of the release of Bodyguard (Salman Khan reportedly visited the US to undergo surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia) for the success of Bodyguard. He feels his fans felt sympathy for their beloved Bhaijan and decided to make the film super-hit while the news of Salman being operated upon in the faraway land of America kept hitting the headlines at regular intervals. Everything was timed perfectly and being monitored and micro-managed by Bhaijan himself.

Shah Rukh Khan has been pressurising the think-tank of “Ra-One” to come out with some innovative strategy that touches the emotional chord of his fans so that they go all out to make “Ra-One” the biggest hit of the decade. He has reportedly set the deadline for this innovative strategy to come into existence before 25th October. The Ra-One think tank has been working overtime to formulate the strategy that steals the hearts of King Khan’s millions of fans world-wide. It has already come out with a dozen strategies but none of them has left the King Khan impressed. He wants one unique strategy, like, throughout the making of “Ra-One” he suffered from severe pain on the nail of his right thumb that refused to grow. Now the King Khan has gone to the jungles of Africa in search of some ancient herb that cures the nail pain. But that herb is rarely found and many fear it is now almost extinct. King Khan would have none of it. As soon as “Ra-One” reached the cinema-halls across the world, he has left for Africa and nobody knows his whereabouts. He has given enough suggestions to the think-tank and he expects the strategy to be ready in next 48 hours.

He has been touring all the studios of TV channels. He has appeared in almost all the popular serials and programmes. He doesn’t mind over-exposure on the eve of the release of “Ra-One” since he firmly believes in the motto “what is seen is sold”. He has cast both Rajnikanth and Amitabh Bachchan in the guest roles in “Ra-One”. Now the rumours are doing the round that the King Khan approached Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray , Mr. Narendra Modi  and Mayawati to appear in the re-mix version of Chhamak Chhalo that will be shown before “The End” appears on the screen. All the three have declined to accept the offer citing the creative differences. Sources close to them say they were miffed at King Khan for proposing to show them towards the end. They insisted on appearing during the time when the credits roll in the starting.

The King Khan knows the powerful effect of twitter. He has paid a huge sum of money to twitter. On the eve of the Ra-One release, only Ra-One, G-One, Kareena Kapoor, Anubhav Sinha, Arjun Rampal, Akon, Chhamak Chhallo and cast, characters and incidents related to Ra-One will trend world-wide on twitter. King Khan has struck a direct deal with God for not calling any well-known celebrity to heaven one week prior and post the release of “Ra-One” as we have seen in the recent past when Steve Jobs and Jagjit Singh passed away, how twitterati poured its grief on twitter. He doesn’t want that to happen. Every living soul in the world must have only one word on the lips and that word has to be “Ra-One”.

Last but not the least, the Team Anna is being roped in to give positive sound bites for “Ra-One”. It has already seen the premier of “Ra-One” and now the Team Anna will shortly call a press-conference where it will declare that India needs a super-hero like “Ra-One” to arm-twist UPA-II into passing the Jan Lokpal Bill. Shah Rukh Khan believes that this will result in the tremendous publicity for “Ra-One” and he will laugh all the way to the bank.

The man is desperate and he is doing all he can to make “Ra-One” the super-hit film of the year, of the decade and of the century too. He can call the shots till the film releases. After that it’s public who will decide the fate of “Ra-One”.


From “Maine Pyar Kiya” to “Bodyguard”, Salman Khan has come a long way. What is the secret behind such a phenomenal success of Salman Khan? What’s so special about this Khan who has given four hits in a row and nothing seems to stop him at the age of 45? Critics are pulling their hair at the quality of his recent films that are blockbuster hits. He is reigning supreme at the box office. He is the number one hero as of now. Some media houses even went to the extent of comparing him to the Southern super star Rajnikanth.

Believe it or not Salman Khan has been going through the best phase of his career. Whatever he touches seems to turn to gold. He has come to be known as a superstar with the Midas touch. His films are not serious. They lack any coherent plots. So many cinematic liberties are taken and yet his fans queue up outside the cinema halls to watch their adorable hero with impeccable looks and chiseled body to woo them and transport them to the land where they would love to be in his shoes. He comes across as a simple actor on screen. He defies all the logic that is normally associated with the persona of the most popular super star.

There doesn’t seem to be any method to the madness called Salman Khan. He doesn’t work with the so-called big banners. He doesn’t indulge in street smart gimmicks to promote his films on the eve of their releases. He seems effortless in whatever he does. His charm too has that careless touch to it. Take it or leave it kind of an attitude. You are free to do whatever you like. I am what I am. You can love me or hate me or ignore me at your own peril. But I am here to stay. This is what one feels about Salman Khan who has got the nickers of his superstar colleagues in a twist following the resounding success of his latest Bodyguard.

He knows how to entertain without being complicated. The audiences flock to the cinema halls to have some relief from the daily worries and tensions. They like to see the hero doing things and pulling of breathtaking stunts in style that they cannot do in real life. He has an uncanny knack of knowing the pulse of his audience. This is why he is so successful. He doesn’t want to be logical or answer whys and whats. Things are straightforward and he likes them that way. This is why when he breaks onto the screen, the fans go berserk and the girls stop breathing expecting him to rip off his shirt exposing those well-toned muscles.

Sometimes to remind us we are humans, we need superstars like Salman Khan who can do (on screen) what we humans cannot do. He doesn’t make any efforts to endear himself to the masses. He is someone who doesn’t like to get trapped in any images. This is what we seem to like about him and we have created a special place in our hearts. He is really critics’ nightmare and producers’ delight as one critic put it. Maybe he forgot to add he is his fans’ delight too. Get well soon, Salman Khan. Your fans are praying for you and your speedy recovery.



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