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I am glad that I received a hero’s welcome after returning home from abroad. Past few months have been extremely daunting for me in terms of my battle against cancer. I’ve proven that I am the toughest cricketer around. Following the news of me having diagnosed with cancer a kind of strong sympathy wave has swept across the country.

There are times when I cannot help wondering whether I have overtaken Sachin Paaji in terms of popularity. It makes a beautiful story, doesn’t it? A young and dashing cricketer in the prime of his career suffering from a rare germ cancer between his lungs, supported by his single mother with the whole country praying for his well-being when he leaves abroad for the treatment.

Let me reveal one more secret since it is a secret diary and nobody is supposed to read it. The credit for whipping up this incredible sympathy wave goes to my PR machinery that came out with the elaborate strategy of bombarding my fans and the media with the latest updates and details of my recently concluded treatment. The idea to tweet pictures of my shaven head while undergoing chemotherapy struck a right chord and then there was no looking back.

Not only the whole strategy has helped me remain in the news throughout but it has also killed two birds with one stone. All my detractors had to pretend that they were my well-wishers and they began to air get-well-soon messages right, left and centre through media and social networking sites which resulted in massive publicity for my rare condition. Another advantage was by revealing this secret I checkmated BCCI cunningly.

Well, I should never bite the hands that feed but this is my secret diary and nobody has access to it so let me pour my heart out.  I am having a last laugh at BCCI’s expense and here’s how I outsmarted those big boys up there. I learnt a lot from Sachin Paaji’s tennis elbow. When the poor Sachin Paaji took a break to recover from his tennis elbow, he remained incommunicado throughout. That allowed the BCCI to spin the yarn it pleased to fool the public and misguide the media. Sachin Paaji too shy to confront the Big Boss remained oblivious to all those under-hand techniques.

But I am Yuvraj Singh. I believe in taking the fight to the enemy camp. To me the best form of defense is to attack. I was riding high on the massive hysteria that had followed our World Cup Victory in which I had a major role to play. So why not make hay while the sun is shining? When I am fit to play again after a couple of months, my popularity will be all time high. The selectors and the captain won’t have any other option except to include me in the playing eleven.

The fans too will be delighted to see me back in the action. That way I have ensured my place in the playing eleven for next one decade. One more important thing is I have done a great service to cancer by making it the prime time discussion topic on the television channels. Suddenly cancer is in the limelight. What Sachin Paaji couldn’t do for the poor tennis elbow I have done for the deadly cancer. People suffering from cancer will look at my smiling face and say, “If Yuvraj Singh can win the battle against cancer, why can’t we?”

I am a great guy and nobody can beat me. I am sure Deepika Padukone too is ruing her decision to dump me. What a super publicity she would have got! Imagine the pictures of this lass leaning on my shoulders while I’m undergoing the chemotherapy. It would have provided the much-needed boost to her almost defunct career by now. The producers would have chased this tigress big time to cast her opposite any big hero of the day. She would have given Katrina Kaifs and Priyanka Chopras run for their money. What a loser she has turned out to be! I’ve been really feeling sorry for her.

Do you know what else? I am on cloud nine with the big publishers making a beeline outside my house to sign me for a tell-all autobiography for a whopping undisclosed sum of money with which I can buy a house bigger than Mukesh Bhai Ambani’s Antilia. Oh my god, life has never been so good. I never knew cancer would bring me so much luck and adulation.

My countrymen are the real suckers for the motherly love and a hero with some Greek tragedy up his sleeve. I am loving all my fans out there. Without whose love this epic tale of my battle against cancer and the eventual victory would never have been possible.

I must sleep for now. Haven’t the doctors advised early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise?









What kind of a father Umar Farooq is who tortured his three-month-old baby girl Afreen to death! What kind of a traumatic experience the mother Reshma must be going through! The more one thinks about the cruel fate Baby Afreen met this morning in Bangalore’s Vani Vilas (Victoria) Hospital, the more gruesome the whole incident appears.

We have our fair share of incidents where unwanted newborn baby girls are dumped in the trash bins right outside the hospitals. Such incidents keep happening with amazing regularity. But now the frustrated fathers are turning more violent. Either they want to kill the wives who give birth to the female children in the first place or they want to do away with the innocent toddlers.

There are many campaigns afoot to create awareness about the importance of a girl child. Even the state governments come out with the innovative schemes for the education of girls in their respective states. When we look at the representatives of the print or visual media, most of the high profile journalists or news anchors happen to be women. Moreover, the modern work places do not discriminate between the sexes when it comes to giving opportunities for the further growth.

Therefore, the point that comes to mind is no longer parenting a girl child is as burdensome as it used to be in the good old days. A girl can complete her higher studies and join any respectable profession of her liking. She can earn more than her father and make her parents proud of her achievements. There are countless examples to justify this claim. Then why do incidents like Baby Afreen happen?

The news of Baby Afreen succumbing to the injuries inflicted allegedly by her own father has sent shock waves across the country. Some people are calling for the harshest punishment for the culprit so as to prevent the future Baby Afreens. The father Umar Farooq who sadly doesn’t know the meaning of what a father is or should be is under police custody. The law will take its own course. If proven guilty, he will have to undergo the punishment the law of the land decides to hand out to him.

But the fact remains that one more newly-born innocent has bid adieu to the world for no fault of her own. It is her death that is making the headlines is something that can only get as bizarre as this. The hard-hitting irony is the picture of Baby Afreen’s dead body lying in the hospital bed with the tubes attached will continue to haunt any parent for the long time to come. Will her father Umar Farooq ever realise what a disgraceful and heinous act he has committed?

It will feel a little less painful if the father confesses to his sins and decides to atone for them by doing something really meaningful for the young children. Let’s pray somebody shows him the picture of the innocent Baby Afreen lying still in the hospital bed, for that is sure to break his heart into pieces and force tears out of his eyes.

Rest in peace Baby Afreen.


Bangalore is one of the best cities of our country. Job opportunities are aplenty. Climate is the envy of any other big cities. With all the roads chock a block with traffic almost round the clock there’s hardly any dull moment. Every other day international rock stars grace the city with their presence and the Bangaloreans dance away the night listening to their mesmerising numbers. On Saturday evenings when you observe the fellow commuters on the roads, what stands out is the fact people are here to eat, drink and be merry following the busy week that has just ended.

Due to many reasons Bangalore is on a fast track of growth. But one look at the headlines of newspapers and any Bangalore lover will tell you that all is not well with Namma Bangaluru. Somewhere something is amiss. I am not talking about the rising mercury that has been tormenting hapless Bangaloreans for the past few weeks. But it has got to do something with the strong character of the city that we all boasted of once upon a time.

A young girl’s life went topsy-turvy on the night of Christmas. She was returning home with her boy-friend on a two-wheeler when some miscreants stopped them and made life hell for the young couple.

There was hardly any outcry on the streets of Bangalore. Nobody reacted. Life went on as if nothing had happened. Does this city deserve to be called humane anymore?

Then came the news of some girls from a foreign country attacked in a posh bar and getting critically hurt. Nobody flinched a muscle nor moved an inch. People pretended as if everything was hunky dory. After a few days the story died a natural death.

A few days ago the media itself was under attack from lawyers and advocates. Police did nothing to prevent the attack and allowed the lawyers to take the law into their hands as the whole city came to standstill with the image of Namma Bangaluru taking a severe beating world-wide.

Nobody raised the voice. Where’s the intelligentsia? What’s it scared of? Why such a pin-drop silence? Why on earth nobody is crying foul? How far do we want things further deteriorated?

The aging regional satraps from national political parties hold the city to ransom. Reason? They were knee-deep into corruption. The high-command decided to salvage the image by cleaning up the party. Some heads rolled. But as the luck would have it, the Court has squashed these corruption charges and now the rolled heads are demanding the crown back. And to get it back they are ready to go to any length.

In all this hurly-burly of political one-up-manship the city of Bangalore is the sufferer. Traffic piles up as all the roads either lead to Vidhan Soudha or to the house of that ousted king who ruled his kingdom not so long ago with impunity.

When we are talking about our rulers, let me also add fuel to the fire by mentioning the episode of Porngate that shocked the entire country leave alone Bangalore. How could something as obscene as watching the porn in the House of Assembly have happened in such a well-educated and cultured state is beyond anybody’s guess?

But alas there’s not even a murmur to be heard against all the atrocities being committed in the name of democracy and right in the temple of democracy. What has the city come to? Where are the morals? Where are the values? Who will speak up before it’s too late? Any saner voices?

The icing on the cake is yet to come. As if all this is not enough, a week ago something more sinister and mind numbing took place. An SUV ran over four construction workers sleeping on the pavement in Banasvadi, killing one of them on the spot. A woman was allegedly behind the wheels. She was returning from a party and was allegedly drunk. Nobody is shocked to know that police is yet to nab her. She has been absconding for past one week.

The young man who died in the accident on the spot was a poor migrant. What makes this accident more tragic is the fact he had become father days before he perished.

The story is more or less the same. The city continues to absorb everything quietly. No candle light vigils for this poor victim. No tough questions to the police. It is as if nobody is in charge of this city. The incidences of crime are rising. Police is yet to declare any effective measures to curb this menace. If the custodians of law and order cannot inspire faith and confidence, who else can?

Is Namma Bangaluru really losing its character? Will it bounce back? Will somebody come forward to take the bull by its horns? Or we are witnessing a slow death of the city that the world knows as the IT hub and we call it the garden city of the dreams where “svalpa adjust maadi” is the mantra of survival and where the hot kappi from the neighbourhood Sukh Sagar or Shanthi Sagar waits for every soul who loves this city.

Who doesn’t know Anna Hazare? The way he has taken on the Congress led UPA Government has earned him lots of fans. The aam aadmi has come to look up to him as his saviour. He seems to have captured the imagination of the entire nation. This anti-corruption movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare is reminiscent of what Mahatma Gandhi did to get India freedom from the British Raj. The hapless government is doing all it can to thwart the juggernaut called Anna Hazare. But Anna Hazare has the support of the whole country and nobody can stop him now.

The fact is the aam aadmi is fed up of this lackluster government. The scams after scams have been tumbling out of its closet. Prices of the essential commodities have been going high. There has been no respite from the onslaught of corruption. The people of this country have been desperately looking for a change. Anna Hazare promises to do this and he seems convincing enough. He doesn’t seem to have any political ambitions. His only interest lies in serving the people of this country by rooting out the corruption. This is the main reason why people have turned out in large numbers to support Anna Hazare and his fight against the corruption.

What will the government do now? It seems to be on the back foot. Anna Hazare seems to be having an upper hand in this second round. The government seems ill-prepared. It has been taken by surprise at this sympathy wave in Anna’s favour following his arrest. Anna has done his home-work before taking on the government. He knows he has been fighting for the people, and the government cannot muzzle his movement without drawing the ire of its own countrymen. Now it’s not Anna versus government but it has snowballed into People versus Government.

If this sustained pressure is kept on the government by Anna, his supporters and the media, then the government will have no other option but to give in. Ultimately it is going to be the victory of the people of India who deserve better politicians, better governance, and the corruption free nation to cement her place as the Super Power in the world hierarchy.

Anna Hazare’s name will be written in the golden letters whenever the history of the modern India gets written. For he seems to be doing what no other modern visionary could think of doing. Full power to Anna Hazare and his team of brave supporters.

Jai Hind.

So today we come to know that Suresh Kalmadi who robbed the country in broad daylight is suffering from dementia. Sometimes we accidentally hear about our politicians suffering from cardiac conditions, diabetes and some or other hypertensive disorders. Their health conditions are their best kept secrets. Nobody likes to talk about them even in the hushed tones. But then how come Suresh Kalmadi’s current mental condition is out in the open? Well, he has been lodged in the Tihar Jail and considered to be a political liability. Therefore, it’s befitting that he starts suffering from dementia so that the investigation into the CWG scam can hit a roadblock. It looks like a smart lie to hoodwink the public. But going by the initial reactions of the intelligentsia nobody is buying this line about Suresh Kalmadi suffering from dementia. How come this acute onset of dementia is the question on every lip.


Now what is dementia? Dementia is defined as memory loss with at least one or other impaired area of cognition, such as language ability, orientation; attention and concentration and activities of daily living. Now come to think of  this. How many political leaders would love Suresh Kalmadi to lose his memory and suffer from cognitive impairment especially the language ability? It is all very convenient. The whole CWG scam is a history now. Public memory too will grow demented with this news of Suresh Kalmadi suffering from dementia. It’s a real political masterstroke. If this ploy is successful, we will hear about so many politicians or their sidekicks accused of swindling public money or some other wrongdoings having the acute onset of dementia. As a result of which they cannot recall who they are and what crimes they have committed. The courts will have no option but to let them go scot-free on the medical grounds.


The Karnataka CM B S Yeddyurappa currently under the heavy weather for his alleged involvement in the mining scams must have got some innovative ideas after hearing the news of Kalmadi’s dementia. If proven guilty, he wouldn’t mind suffering from dementia. Until the Lokayukta report comes out, he will be praying for the Lokayukta to suffer from dementia. That will solve all his problems and save his chair of CM too.


The PM Manmohan Singh too keeps coming under increasing media and public scrutiny over his silence on many grave issues. He too would love it if all of a sudden the whole country were to lapse into the bouts of dementia. Nobody will question him if that happens. He will continue to rule over his countrymen as silently as he wishes then.


Dementia seems to be the next flavour of the season. Heart-attacks, hyper tensions, diabetes and strokes have been ruling the roost for quite some time now. But dementia is an in-thing. There are certain memories we all wish to erase once and for all. The difference will be the dementia sufferers would want those asking them questions to lose all their memories rather than they losing theirs so that they can live happily ever after……..

Ever since I’ve read papers this morning, two news items are refusing to leave me alone. They have made me extremely sad and put me into a reflective mood on an otherwise peaceful Sunday. Both the events have taken place in the faraway continent of Europe. Thanks to the internet the news has travelled with a lightening speed spreading the shock waves across the globe.


The first sad news is that of Grammy winner Amy Winehouse found dead in her London home. She was only 27. She was considered to be an iconic singer who had issues with the drug abuse and alcohol. She was obviously too young to die. The news of her death has spread shock waves across the entertainment industry leading to the speculations that either a drug overdose killed her or she committed suicide. The cause of death is not known yet. The investigation is on. Her death raises several questions. Why do young successful famous figures take this self-destructive path? Why do they get hooked on to the drugs? Why are they unable to cope up with fame and wealth especially if they happen to earn them at a young age? Along with success, the feeling of insecurity too rises. There is a lot of jealousy in the world. So many big egos to be massaged. Not many people can handle all the responsibilities that come along with success and world wide popularity. Moreover, the feeling of loneliness too increases leading these vulnerable celebrities into acute depression and then if the depression goes unchecked or untreated, it culminates into a potential suicide shocking the whole world. May Amy Winehouse rest in peace.


The second sad news is that of a mystery killer Anders Behring Breivik from Oslo, Norway. A handsome looking Anders decides to take law into his hands by first setting off a bomb blast, and then gunning down innocent young campers in Utoya mindlessly sending the world into a tizzy. Initially, some Islamic terror outfits were the suspects for the bomb blast. But soon the authorities were successful in taking this young homegrown killer into the custody much to the relief of the Muslims across the world. Anders is a businessman who lives with his mother in a wealthy suburb. What made him turn a killer? What was he thinking when he unleashed this mayhem on such a massive scale? Was he alone or were there some accomplices? How could he pull off such a bloody act on his own? After all, has the man any conscience?  What were his motives and above all what did he want to prove by shedding the blood of so many innocent victims?


We all struggle with the question of basic identities. We all long to gain the worldwide popularity some day. If we are not as famous as we long to be, the life feels like a burden. As a result, out of sheer desperation to become famous sometimes we tend to turn to the acts of mindless violence. But we forget that people are likely to remember those who killed innocents without any apparent reasons as terrorists or lunatics. History too judges them harshly. Again it’s a matter of choice as to how we would like the world to remember us. Sadly speaking educated and rich law-breakers like Anders Behring Breivik forgot some important lessons and chose to shed the bloods of innocents in their desperate bid to gain the worldwide fame.



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