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Nowadays one can feel only pity for poor Sonia Gandhi. Is she really a true sufferer? It is ironic that nobody can see her plight. She seems to be fighting too many battles simultaneously. Looks like her much talked about inner voice is speaking to her. But she cannot hear it properly as all around the cacophony of loud mouths have been drowning out the soft sound of her inner voice.

If the media reports are to be believed, she has gone abroad for a routine check-up of her mysterious ailment. The expert doctors out there will give her the exact prognosis of what has been ailing her, and what medicines she should take to treat her condition.Unfortunately, there seems no one around to bring to her notice as to what needs to be done to revive the fortunes of the party she’s been heading.

The Manmohan Singh led UPA government appears to be on the brink of collapse following the biggest ever scam that has come to be known as Coalgate. On top of it right from Mr. Sibal to Mr. Chidambaram have been insisting that Rahul Gandhi should play a larger role.

Perhaps they are treating the political field as Bollywood. They are thinking that by roping in a good script-writer, they can get a larger role for Rahul Baba in a star studded Bollywood magnum opus and a good director can bring Rahul Baba’s larger role alive on the silver screen earning him all the whistles and claps from the front-benchers. The flick will be a blockbuster by impressing both the viewers and reviewers alike. Lo and behold! All the problems will vanish out the window.

Nothing can be more comic than this. The PM presides over mind numbing scams after scams. When the country looks up to him for explanation, all he gives is stoic silence in reply. The senior ministers and leaders suffer from the foot in the mouth disease. Their ill-thought out statements come at wrong times and create monumental controversies sending their spin doctors into tizzy. But all this is water over buffalo’s back since nothing stirs the consciousness of the ruling elite.

Therefore, the tide is turning faster than you can say Rahul Gandhi. The writing is written on the wall. The country is tired of lame duck leadership at the helm. All it needs is a decisive leadership in charge that can put the country back on the economic growth and overall development path.

So many names as future prime ministers have begun to do the rounds. But there is a massive popularity wave in favour of only one person as of now. He is the most popular chief minister who has taken his state to unprecedented heights. Every business tycoon worth his salt has showered praises over this unsung hero whose fans fondly call him NaMo, aka, Mr. Narendra Modi.

As the more PM stays silent and the more Rahul Gandhi’s name comes up as the future PM, the more it is likely to benefit Mr. Modi. He has perhaps sensed it. And this is why he has never made his prime ministerial ambitions public. Instead he has let his fans do all the talking on his behalf.

The Modi-detractors put forth arguments saying that he may not emerge as the consensus PM candidate as far as the NDA allies are concerned. That he is yet to offer an apology for the post-Godhra riots of 2002 that took place under his alleged watch. That he is merely a good administrator who is yet to make a mark outside his home-state. And so on and so forth.

The anti-NaMo brigade can go on and on. But the fact remains that a weakened UPA is up against the massive wave of the Modi fever. To withstand this wave, perhaps the combined charisma of Rahul-Priyanka may just fall short of the magic number required to form the government at the Centre in 2014.

Therefore, it is advisable to accept the fact the Modi-juggernaut is rolling and crossing all milestones on its way to New Delhi with such panache that the only solution is to step aside as a mute spectator to make way for it. Otherwise, it has a huge potential to crush those blocking its way under its gigantic wheels.

Blame it on Pakistan is the name of a quick fix formula used to sweep under the carpet misdeeds done by home-grown mischief makers belonging to the minority community. This ploy comes in handy especially when the elections are lurking round the corner and the eyes are on the vote-bank politics. This warped approach has been in practice since time immemorial.

This practice is at the very root of divisive politics that seems to have come of age now by sowing the seeds of communal hatred. Everybody agrees that the appeasement has come at a cost of alienation from the mainstream and overall development. The revolution can happen only with the help of education – the basic right of every child and when the awareness of this very basic right is compromised, what further can one expect?

If the Muslim youths are found guilty of inciting communal hatred, why adopt a soft approach? The law is equal for every citizen irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Then why turn a blind eye and pretend the root cause of the problem is a foreign country? Why this alibi time and again? If the guilty who are responsible for causing mass exodus of the North East people studying and earning their daily livings in a perfectly peaceful manner belong to an XYZ community, punish them severely. Let the law deal with them in the strictest possible manner.

What will happen if the law takes its own course without any kind of political interference? Every citizen will have faith in the law of the land. Those wanting to indulge in a similar mischief making in future will get a strong message. Nobody will accuse any political parties of appeasing a community for their political gains. In future, the subsequent developments will create an overall atmosphere of goodwill which will be conducive to long lasting communal harmony and peace. And over a period of time the communal hatred will dissipate.

But going by the current mood, the political masters stand to gain from the communally charged atmosphere. The gain will be in terms of a few million votes. When the political ambitions are at stake, why bother about the massages of peace and brotherhood? How many takers will such an outdated message find? One can always spread such symbolic peace massages after winning the elections and forming the government.

If people don’t understand this macabre game plan now, it will be too late for the communal hatred is spreading far and wide. The need of the hour is to tell the-powers-that-be strongly to stop indulging in the politics of appeasement. Punish the guilty harshly. Let us, as a peace-loving people and the citizens of India, take pledge that we will never do the deeds that bring shame and malign the whole community. That we will always keep the safety, security and reputation of our beloved Bharat Mata in our hearts and minds. And that we will fight for her till the last drop of blood is drained out of our bodies.

When this message gets ingrained deeply and firmly in the minds, there won’t be the need of any appeasement whatsoever. The villainous and harmful game of “Blame-It-On-Pakistan” will come to a sudden halt. And we all will be able to live peacefully and contribute significantly to the prosperity of the nation.

Jai Hind.

The results of the UP, Goa, Punjab and Manipur Assembly elections are out. Exit polls are proven wrong. Results are unexpected. Those who were supposed to emerge winners have emerged losers and those who were supposed to lose have walked away with all the glory. The voters are the winners because they know who to elect. The democracy is the winner because in a democratic set-up the voters have options to boot out the non-performers via electoral rout. The political parties are the winners because they talked about development instead of divisive politics and that’s the reason why they’ve done so well. Those who tried to polarize voters along the religion or caste lines have received a telling reply from the voters of India.

In a nutshell, everybody is a winner. The analysts are too confused at the moment and therefore, they have decided to confuse those who care to listen to them. As a result, nobody is getting the clear picture. The scenario of gloom and doom is prevalent. How can all the stake holders be the winners? If everybody is the winner (as they would like us to believe), where have the losers gone?

Now when stakes are as high as this, there are bound to emerge heroes and villains. All eyes are on the Generation Next to lead the country. Many young leaders from well-known dynasties were looking to make their mark. Some have succeeded and while others have failed miserably. Again the so-called pundits have heralded the dawn of a new era with the rise of young leaders like Akhilesh Yadav of SP. It is believed that it is he who has led the party to victory, and, the expectations from him to deliver are sky-high.

It remains to be seen how long this initial euphoria lasts. After every election the new governments get formed riding on the popularity wave. Six months into the governance people who have elected them to power realise the more things have changed, the more they have remained the same. The disappoint sets in paving the way for much-talked anti-incumbency factor.

Coming to the villain of this star-studded magnum opus, Rahul Gandhi has become the favourite whipping boy of the entire nation. This has got to do with the manner in which some of the senior Congress leaders chose to defend this poor show even before the results were out. This type of blatant cronyism enraged the people of this country. Attempts are always on to project Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister of this country. He decided to take the bull by its horns by exclusively campaigning in the poll-bound UP state visiting each and every constituency and urging the voters to vote for his party.

When so much of efforts and time have gone into making UP a Congress bastion by unleashing the prince himself, will it not raise eyebrows when the so-called pillars of this grand old party play down the aggressive campaigning undertaken by the future Prime Minister himself? Why are they over-protecting the Prince Charming whose charm is yet to work? Where’s Rahul Gandhi aka Rahul Baba’s much talked about magic? The voters are not fool. They know what UPA-II has been up to. Announcing¬† sops disguised as various quotas are not enough to gain votes is evident from the voting pattern. One can see the deep wrinkles on Rahul Baba’s forehead who doesn’t seem destined to have it as easy as his late father.

The way forward for the Congress Party and the PM aspirant is not to rely upon the expert advice of Diggi Bhaiya and other oldies who have been shooting from the mouths and coming out with contradictory statements which only leave the party embarrassed. The party is clearly bereft of innovative ideas and seems out of touch with the ground realities. This is perhaps why many feel that the arrogance of Congress did the party in. Local parties put up a far better show at the hustings proves that leaders from Delhi have failed to win the trust of locals. Even the BJP’s loss of Ayodhya seat is a clear indication of the direction in which the wind is blowing. Whether this mandate is going to put an end to communal politics remains to be seen.

The General Elections are not very far. This performance is bound to give sleepless nights to Rahul Baba. His ambition to become the PM has clearly hit the road-block this time around. Will 2014 be any better? Akhilesh Yadav beat him at his own game. The battle ahead appears to be far tougher with Narendra Modi straining at the leash to make a go for the premier post. Is Rahul Baba ready? If not, then he should take some tips from some wise old man who can drill into his head that the surname Gandhi is not enough, the country is in search of a tall leader who can make all the problems disappear with a magic wand. Had surnames been that important, Poor Abhishek Bachchan would have become the undisputed king by now. If only this mandate could deliver the desired massage to the man who has come under so much flak for his party’s no show.


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