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My name is Robert Vadra and I am not corrupt. Nobody knows the excruciating pain I have been experiencing following the revelations of my alleged involvement in the corruption by Kejrival and co.

I am a patriotic citizen of India. I am a son-in-law of Italy. Had I wanted, I would have established my business empire in Italy. But I want the country of my birth to benefit from my out-of-box and underhand business deals. This is precisely why I chose to be in India.

Look at what my fellow country men have been doing to me. They should never bite the hands that feed them. My hands have grown so wide and strong that they can reach any nook and corner of India and feed the mouths where food doesn’t reach.

Following these allegations, do these morons think that I will be interested in doing social work any longer? They have dug their own grave. They have burnt all their bridges with prosperity. But I am safe as I have uncountable wealth stashed away in the lockers of the Swiss banks.

Nobody knows the truth how and from where these revelations have materialised. The Congress supporters are naive enough to think that the BJP is directing the Kejrival and Co from behind the scene ahead of the Gujarat assembly polls.

Alas! How misguided these die hard fans are!

The BJP is too busy dousing fire in its own backyard with so many prime ministerial candidates entering the fray. Then who is responsible for the latest skeleton to appear from nowhere? Well, the fact is stranger than fiction, isn’t it? I am the writer, director and producer of the magnum opus that is playing itself out on the TV screen near you.

But then you want to ask me why someone like me would want to blow his own chances of becoming the brother-in-law of future PM or if the god is willing, maybe the husband of future PM by getting maligned as a corrupt businessman. Well, there you got it.

I am sick of playing the second fiddle to these bumbling Gandhis. I want to become neither the brother-in-law of future of PM nor husband. The fact is I want to become the PM of this country. The late Feroz Gandhi and I hold discussions in my dreams. It is he who wants to see me as the PM of India. He wants me to fulfill his dream of becoming the PM as he strongly feels up there in the Heaven that the Gandhi dynasty has run its course and the time for another dynasty has come. The Vadra dynasty fits the bill perfectly.

Amidst all this hullabaloo Soniaji got very upset and expressed her desire to speak to me on phone. Now the PM is scared of her who takes her calls even when he is evacuating himself in the rest room. I decided to show the lady who the real boss is and kept her waiting on line for half an hour during which I had a perfect head to toe body massage from Thai masseuse and smoked three Havana cigars.

The lady sounded agitated and feared that her government was on the brink of collapse. I pacified her by saying that all the attars of Arabia might not be able to wash away the stink of corruption her government has raised but certainly all my money can save her government from toppling. She sounded relaxed and hung up before advising me to keep clear of the press.

If only she knew what I have been up to.

Even as Salmanji and Manishji hop from one TV studio to another to defend me, I am counting wades of crisp currency notes meant to be sent away to the Swiss Bank lockers where my money will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

So much for Kejrival and his crusade against corruption.

So the first day of Baba Ramdev’s fast against corruption is over. The supporters have returned to Ramlila Maidan proving Baba Ramdev’s charisma as a crowd puller. Although the media wants to downplay this huge mass support to Baba, there is no doubting the fact¬† that Baba Ramdev has done what Anna Hazare couldn’t do in the recent past.

The fight against corruption is alive and kicking. People are for the corruption free India and they are ready to support a leader who is able to articulate his vision for the corruption free India by leading the fight from the front.

The phenomenal support to Baba Ramdev is the result of his clear cut approach to the cause. He has conveyed time and again that he is against the menace of the black money and corruption. His fight is not against any political party or politicians for that matter. He wants a corruption free nation. And he is ready to wait and watch the effect of his campaign over a period of time as such systemic rot cannot be eradicated overnight.

This is precisely what has won the hearts of people and they have decided to support Baba Ramdev hoping he is the harbinger of good times. Poor Anna Hazare threw the advantage by heeding to the ill advice and flip flops on the core issues of the campaign. What further damaged the credibility of Anna’s campaign was constant infighting amongst team members for the one upmanship. Add all this to a thorough dilution of the cause for which it claimed to fight and one gets the sense of the fading support for Team Anna.

Coming back to Baba Ramdev, this time around he has bounced back with a sting in his tail. Once bitten twice shy. He has done his home-work. He appears determined not to over attack and target any individual for there are no permanent enemies. The government cannot take it easy now. Again the tables have turned. The rules of the games have changed overnight. 

Thank you Baba Ramdev for infusing fresh lease of life in the fight against the corruption and black money. You are indeed the real hero the nation so desperately seeks.

Wow....!!! This Much Love.....!!!!

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