Of Chetan Bhagat, Twitter And Detractors

Posted on: August 28, 2013

How difficult or challenging it may be to become Chetan Bhagat? In other words, what it feels like to be Chetan Bhagat. Chetan Bhagat is not new to controversies. Whether controversies love him or he loves them is difficult to say. Those who follow Chetan Bhagat on Twitter, read his articles and books and watch films based on his books know that Chetan Bhagat and controversies are always within kissing distance of each other.

One wrong or politically incorrect word in a tweet can land him in a controversy. This is what seems to have happened today. Nowadays the word ‘rape’ sends a chill when used in public discourse or in a tweet. Due to two incidents of gang rapes in the recent past, there are those who believe that the use of word ‘rape’ must be avoided at all costs. And if a celebrity and a Youth Icon like Chetan Bhagat who has lakhs of followers on Twitter ought to think more than twice before using the R word in a tweet that’s likely to get hundreds of RTs and Favourites.

While slamming the slide of rupee, he used the R word in a tweet. Unfortunately, the ill-fated tweet stirred up hornet’s nest and outrage was so deafening that he had to delete that tweet. This spontaneous outrage over the use of R word in a tweet by a best selling author raises many serious questions.

It is agreed that rape is a beastly crime and the rapist deserves the harshest possible punishment. By committing rape, a rapist violates not only his victim’s dignity but her entire existence. Those who follow the current affairs would know that Indian rupee has been falling as if there were no tomorrow. This unabated fall of rupee is raising serious concerns. Economists are worried at this alarming trend and to make the matter worse, there’s no trick in sight to arrest the fall of rupee. The ruling class is equally clueless and what we get from the powers that be are false assurances and free advice to remain calm even as the rupee fall continues to break all previous records.

Now if this brazen disregard with which the ruling class is dealing with the falling rupee is not rape of rupee, then what is it? If Chetan Bhagat demands punishment for this continuous rape of rupee, what’s the problem? Why should he be subjected to the lectures on the usages of certain words in popular discourse? There’s an entire army of self-proclaimed conscience keepers out there against Chetan Bhagat and his use of R word in a tweet. Are they not going overboard in taking him to task?

In spite of incidents of rapes in metros like New Delhi and Mumbai, the Hindi films often portray heroes stalking heroines with a view to wooing them. This is exactly what rapists are supposed to do. They stalk their victims before striking. Why doesn’t anybody raise their voice against such scenes in films that glorify stalking? There are songs in which heroes tease heroines and call them by names. This type of behaviour in real life amounts to eve-teasing if emulated on streets. Why don’t we ever hear even so much as a whimper of protest against such songs?

Nothing can justify these potshots against Chetan Bhagat. His tweet was subjected to unfair scrutiny, criticism and vilification. It is sad to see that he had to delete that tweet because his detractors were out their with knives to misinterpret it. Another sad thing is he often gets unsolicited advice on English grammar and usage of right words at the right places on public platforms like Twitter.

It must really be extremely tough to be Chetan Bhagat. One wonders how he copes with so much scrutiny and not to mention unfair criticism. But he often comes across as a brave underdog who keeps doing his job no matter what others think and say about him. He doesn’t mind getting pilloried. Maybe he knows that what great heights he has achieved both as a popular writer of fiction and a Youth Icon are exactly what not many (read his detractors) can digest. And this is precisely why his path will continue to be infested with thorns.

Poor Chetan Bhagat. He is someone who keeps dodging bullets and yet manages to write best selling novels that get converted into super-hit films and columns that create controversies and debates. As I’ve often argued on this platform, if Chetan Bhagat’s detractors are successful in muting or dumbing down Chetan Bhagat’s spontaneity, then Twitter won’t be half of as much fun as it is today.

I wish his detractors are forced to eat an humble pie yet another time and Chetan Bhagat comes out smelling of roses this time too.


2 Responses to "Of Chetan Bhagat, Twitter And Detractors"

i couldn’t agree more Irfan, there is a trend (not good at all) that people feel great or some sort of happiness or relived in letting good meaning personalities like Chetan Bhagat down, he’s undoubtedly one of the best icon my generation has witnessed and i feel myself lucky that i got my generations voices at such level by this icon, and that’s why he’s iconic.
I will put some real conversations what i had heard on him by such people they just hate him for no reason, they hate him just because he speaks, i don’t understand why they have such cynicism in this case, let me show you such conversations or rather their dialogues:
* ye har issue pe kyon bolta hai.
* depth hoti nahi fir bhi articles likhta hai
* sabko pehle se pata hai, bahut general baat kahta hai
* classics nahi pade kabhi esliye ye achha lagta hai

And so called intelligentsia, these are mostly worthless and frustrated intelligent people, whose intellect lies in criticizing things only, or hating a particular person, because of h/er/is voice gets not only heard but impacted as well.

well i have this much limit only to criticize such people who feel relived in letting down Chetan Bhagat or people like him.

As i get motivated by Chetan, and like him i believe in see the brighter side, or move towards solving the problem, not wasting energy to talk of problematic people much.

I rest my case.

I believe in ‘Freedom of Expression’ and Mr. Bhagat is free to express his views. I don’t agree with all (or most) of them, and my criticism about his style of ‘gyaan’ is that his suggestions/solutions are often simplistic, and complicated issues rarely have simple solutions (everyone remembers the “don’t make rotis, ladies, get a job” article !). In fact, I have more issues with his fans than I do with him.. he’s just another guy who is entitled to his opinion.
But I don’t think I can ever be part of the “Poor Chetan Bhagat” brigade. He is a best-selling author, that kinda of implies he has more fans than foes 🙂
May be it is tough to be Chetan Bhagat.. but it’s tough to be me too. Who cares ?!

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