Dealing With Gang-Rapes

Posted on: August 24, 2013

Whenever there’s an incident of gang-rape, there’s a lot of outrage, condemnation, verbal attacks on the police force and government of the day, demand for the resignations of the police chief and CM and so on and so forth.

The social media helps gauge the popular sentiments prevalent at that precise time. The mainstream media does its bit to exploit collective anger by giving the gang rape victims names like Nirbhaya. A lot of frustration and disappointments coupled with rage and helplessness are generated. The public sentiments are running all time high.

Amidst all this, powers that be try to rein in protesters or those demanding tough action against the rapists by offering token gestures like paying off victim’s medical bills. But still the basic issue remains even after the outrage dies a natural death after some time.

A normal human being cannot understand the mentality of those who indulge in the act of rape. Many excuses come to light every time there are incidents of either rapes or gang-rapes. Some of which are quite regular by now. And a few of them are the girls should not step out of the house after the sun-set. If they do so, a male companion should accompany them. The girls should dress up properly. They should avoid wearing mini skirts and low rise jeans. Scantily clad girls invite rape upon themselves and the list goes on. In fact, some of the excuses cited are so sickening that there’s no doubt left that whenever there’s a rape, the victim is to be blamed.

Nothing can be more cringeworthy than this general attitude towards the victims. Then this is not all. God alone knows what social stigma and ordeal the poor victims go through in case they want to seek justice. No wonder why in our society rapes keep happening.

After a bout of collective outcry, there’s utter silence because newer scandals have grabbed the headlines or Indian cricket team has won the important champions trophy or Rahul Gandhi has decided to get married.

So who’s to blame? According to me, the entire society is to blame. When rapes happen at an amazing regularity in metros like New Delhi and Mumbai, this means that the whole society is facing a moral crisis of conscience.

Many a times we tend to come across people who, even today, think that a working woman is a fair game for sex. The girl who hangs out with her male friends late into the night is a fair game. Immediately such girls get labelled as loose. And when they resist advances from strangers, the problem starts.

To root out this mindset, every child must learn to respect women. If our society wants to see the change it wants, that change has to begin from home first. If every male child receives the knowledge to respect female children right from a very young age, when he grows up, he will see women as his equal and have a healthy and genuine respect towards their contribution either at home, school, college or work place.

Secondly, the media must exercise a lot of restraint in highlighting incidents like rapes or gang-rapes. No doubt that they bring a lot of TRPs and circulations. But they leave the survivors’ existence permanently damaged. The psychological impact on the survivor of a gang-rape would be so devastating that they can never get over and get on with their lives. Moreover, it gives smart Alecs an opportunity to cast aspersions on victim’s character.

Thirdly, police must get into swift action without brooking interference from anyone. A special task force to nab the rapists must be formed and deployed in every city. This task force must operate secretly keeping a deadline in mind.

Fourthly, politicians can channelise the collective anger into forming groups of volunteers who are ready to campaign against the social stigma a rape survivor has to face in the society.

Lastly, a rapist is a rapist. The moment he indulges in an heinous crime like raping an innocent woman, he ceases to be a follower of any religion. A rapist must face a boycott and nobody should come forward to protect or defend what he has done. When that happens, a man will think hundred times before committing a rape. He will know that if he gets caught, he will be spared no mercy on any ground and his end will be inevitable.

In conclusion, it will suffice to say that instead of advising girls to stay indoors after the sun-set or asking them to put on ‘proper’ dresses, if men are advised to expand their horizons by being more accommodative in nature and more understanding and sensitive towards their female counterparts, it will automatically restore a sense of security, safety and confidence in them.


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