Nitish Kumar and Development

Posted on: March 17, 2013

Buoyed by the success of today’s rally in New Delhi, the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s PR Machinery has planned a few more things to keep Nitish Kumar in spotlight in the build-up to the 2014 General Elections.

The purpose of today’s rally was to request the Centre to grant the special status to Bihar. Nitish Kumar exerted the pressure on the mild mannered and ever silent PM by saying that his support is going to be crucial in the formation of government at Centre in 2014.

By this bold assertion, the insiders say that Nitish Kumar is hoping to jolt the PM into speaking a few words. The whole nation has been eagerly waiting for the PM to say something on the rising prices of essential commodities. Many employees working in the sales and marketing field have abandoned their two wheelers since they cannot afford costly petrol any longer. It is important to note that every other week the price of petrol receives a silent hike of minimum three rupees.

Nitish Kumar is also going to firmly advocate the use of cycles. In a unique move, he plans to urge the Centre to build high quality tar roads across the country so that he can promise skating shoes to the potential voters. He wants to see people going to work not on two wheelers but on skating shoes.

Nobody can match Nitish Kumar’s grand vision for the country as of now. He also plans to unveil a brand new development model for the country. His development model will be inclusive for all. He staunchly believes that development must be for all and it must affect everyone equally.

The way he wants PM to grant special status to his state, he wants Prabhu Deva to teach dancing skills to every child below the poverty line. This will be easier for the poor children to dance to the tunes of his party when they grow up.

His office has contacted Shah Rukh Khan to teach acting skills to the people living in underprivileged conditions. The advantage of this move will be when the media tours his state to gauge the progress made under Nitish Kumar’s rule and visits slums to interview people living there, they can act as if they are living in a palace to hoodwink the mediapersons

The rumour has it that the latest batting sensation Shikhar Dhawan is roped in to teach cricket and fast running between the wickets to the workers from the rival parties. This will help them run furiously when the police resort to lathi charge to disperse the protesting crowd outside the CM’s bungalow under Nitish Kumar’s tutelage.

Nitish Kumar is looking to go in for a complete image make over. He wants people of India to be happier and more productive. He wants his countrymen to have a dynamic PM in 2014. He will do all he can to make that charismatic leader PM in 2014. That’s the promise made in his election manifesto scheduled for a release pretty soon.

Many well wishers are delighted at the emergence of new Nitish Kumar that is likely to herald the dawn of a new political chapter in the Hindi heartland. However, they are skeptical about his attempts to make the current PM say a few things.

In the recent past, Italy tried its level best to hear the voice of our PM. When everything else failed, it gave those two Marines orders to go absconding. Italy thought such a grave provocation would make PM roar like a lion. And the entire world will be forced to listen to him. But nothing happened as PM declined to break his vow of silence.

Nitish Kumar’s well wishers hope that Nitish Kumar has embarked upon a challenging journey. It is possible to make mountains move. But it is impossible to make our PM speak. Nitish Kumar is an astute politician and the hope is that PM’s silence will not deter him from his brave mission to gift India with a charismatic PM in near future.

1 Response to "Nitish Kumar and Development"

He is on 2nd term, it is good enough to show some results. But empty talks. Grand vision, or no vision.

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