Rahul Gandhi as PM

Posted on: January 19, 2013

Today is a very proud day of all the Congress leaders and party workers. For past twelve hours Rahul Gandhi as PM has been trending on Twitter. This is thanks to the Chintan Shivir happening at Jaipur.

All the Congress party leaders went into a huddle at this Chintan Shivir. The agenda of this Shivir was to formulate strategies for the upcoming general elections. The sources within party have confirmed that all the leaders are seriously concerned with the growing phenomenon of the Gujarat CM Narendra Modi who is going to emerge as the most formidable force as the PM in the run-up to the next general elections.

On the condition of anonymity many senior Congress leaders have spoken to this observer. Off the record they have agreed that Rahul Gandhi’s chances of becoming PM are as slim as Deepika Padukone’s waist at least in the next general elections.

Besides there are many senior leaders within the grand old party who have been secretly dreaming of becoming the PM themselves. This is precisely why time and again they end up giving statements in the media saying that Rahul Gandhi should take over and all such sugary sweet stuff. In reality what they mean is it is they who should take over.

But nobody is ready to state the obvious as they strongly feel that they have still few years of politicking left in them. Nobody wants to tick off the High Command and shoot himself in the foot. As such the terms’retirement’ and ‘resignation’ are anathemas in the lexicon of Indian politicians.

Keeping the current mood of the nation in mind, these conniving and conspiring senior Congress leaders came up with a brilliant idea ahead of the much talked about Chintan Shivir. Mr. Kapil Sibbal is on friendly terms with the Twitter guys in the US where their servers are located.

In cahoots with Shashi Tharoor, Diggi Raja, AMS, PCC and few others Sibbal sa’ab sent a request to his friends in Twitter to allow ‘Rahul Gandhi as PM’ to trend for a day. Rahul Gandhi cannot become PM but he can definitely trend as PM on Twitter. This will jolt all the world leaders and they will start congratulating Rahul Gandhi left and right. 

What a brilliant idea given by Shashiji! It worked wonders. The fans of Modiji panicked for a while as Barrack Obama hastily asked the White House to dial Rahul Gandhi’s mobile number to give the congratulation message. This faux pass was averted thanks to the First Lady who luckily called up Barkha Dutt of NDTV to get the first hand updates on the new developments in India.

Needless to say that Rahul Gandhi is very happy to see the list of trending topics on Twitter. According to a young MP and close aid of Rahul Gandhi, Baba is so excited that he has taken one thousand screen shots of today’s list of trending topics to keep them as a memento forever.

Every Congress leader and party worker have come to know that the end is nigh. They have no other option but to pave way for the Enigma called NaMo. Thanks to Twitter they could see Rahul Gandhi as PM. Had it not been for Twitter, even that privilege would never have come along.

Now enough of Rahul Gandhi as PM and hurriedly over to Narendra Modi as PM for whom the nation awaits with bated breath.


11 Responses to "Rahul Gandhi as PM"

Tears in my eyes!

rightly said.

Surely we have seen his father for a term on the sympathy wave of his mother’s assassination, then promptly he was thrown into dustbin in1991 with waves of protests about Bofors et al, we could never see him again as PM. That is history. What is awaiting the nation only youth can perceive. Good luck to the King and the nation he is going to rule.

I don’t think that Rahul Gandhi could ever become PM only time will be witness.

As of now Rahul is just a MP (Mom’s Pet).
It’s a long way to go from MP to PM.

rahul gandhi jenda bad

He is born with Golden spoon in his mouth so he can be anything as he imagines.

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