A Letter To The Honourable President Of India

Posted on: August 30, 2012

Honourable President Shri Pranab Mukherjee,

Please accept my sincere apology for taking a few minutes of your valuable time for the matter that is yet to concern you as of now. I know that you are still trying to feel at home amidst your new palatial surroundings. Moreover, there is a lot of pending work to do. But I, as a layman, request you to take out only a few minutes to read this letter which may serve as a reference point some time in future.

To tell you the truth, after a long time our country has got something to rejoice about. No, no, please do not misunderstand me. I am not talking about under-19 cricket team becoming the world champion by winning the world cup. In fact, I am talking about the Supreme Court’s verdict upholding the death penalty awarded to the lone surviving terrorist Kasab.

All the patriotic citizens of India are celebrating this verdict. Everybody is now relieved. The law has finally taken its course. The wheels of justice have come a full circle for Kasab and company for having waged war against our beloved country.

Our independent judiciary has delivered. Right from the lion-hearted policeman Tukaram Ombale who nabbed Kasab alive by risking his life to all the jail officials to all the public prosecutors and the judges deserve to be applauded and rewarded handsomely for ensuring that the justice is delivered. The families of the victims too must have heaved a sigh of relief.

The verdict must have sent a shiver down the spines of those who are secretly harbouring ambitions of waging war against India. The speedy execution of the verdict will forever seal India’s image as a soft state. Having said that the real test begins now.

As you are aware that amongst our political class there is a tendency to polarize society along the caste and religious lines to win votes. These folks have been playing one community against another since Independence. The country too has been suffering great losses in terms of everything on account of this short-sightedness. The fear is that some vested interests will try and play a bloody game by giving this verdict some political colour keeping the upcoming elections in mind.

My humble request to you is as the President of India, please do not allow this nonsense to happen. If and when the mercy plea of Kasab comes to you, without betting an eyelid please throw it out for this beast deserves no mercy. He has killed the innocents. He has shed the blood of those strangers who had never done any harm to him. The deadly bullets that left his automatic machine gun were meant to kill the human beings irrespective of their caste, creed and above all religion.

Does such a terrorist deserve any mercy? No, right? Instead he deserves to be sent straight to the gallows without any further delay. In fact, he has overstayed his welcome. He has eaten enough plates of Biriyani. He has watched enough Hindi films. He has hurt the pride of this country enough. Most importantly, he has murdered enough sons of this soil. Please spare no thoughts for such a terrorist. He is neither a human being nor he belongs to any religion. He is a death machine whose sole job is to snuff out the precious lives given by god.

Sir, you are the statesman of impeccable integrity. Your commitment to democracy and the esteemed post you are holding is beyond reproach. You know the impact of the mindless bloodbath. Being the honourable man you are, please do not let your countrymen down who are looking up to you to set an example by rising above petty opportunism to deny a victory to this country.

Thanking you for your patient reading.


An Indian.


10 Responses to "A Letter To The Honourable President Of India"

nice 🙂 jai hind

@shanu Thanks… Jai Hind

Verdict on Kasab is welcome. But my request to President of India, is not only to give death punishment to the terrorist but to wipe out this terrorism from the country itself. We need to revive our system of security. Questions are remained unanswered, why it took more than 48 hrs to clean up the operations these 10 boys started on 26/11. why our security system is so weak? why we are not able to restrict the inflows of terrorist across the boundries?
We are saying that we have systems in place? but whether those system are being used? seen many detectors in railway stations like churchagate, CST, Mumbai central but people are just bypassing those scan system while securty guards are sleeping or not interested in to be strict with the people. why we cant have the strict system? why our civil servants are not free in the mind to take actions on spot.
There are many questions in mind…but it remained un-answered? when our country will be free from all

@sadhanadudhe Thanks a lot. Hope something positive happens.

Yes thxs. lets see our new President can take actions (whether he will be allowed to do that? that is another question)

Instead of letter to President, a letter to prosecution should hv bn written, requesting them to send d copy of the verdict to the lower court to make lower court enable for issuance of death warrant to the jail authority. Mean time if any mercy petition to President through Home Ministry then letter to Ministry for nt hold back fr endless time, send it at earliest to President. Then to this to d president. No need to groping in d dark. SC considered Kasab’s mercy plea & found him not entitled anyway. He waged war against India. So since he does nt deserve fr any mercy, President shall reject it. And nation vl see soon that Kasab d death machine has been removed frm the earth.

@shaukatali Thanks….

nice one infact this is all happening in our country. Really it is sad that a peson like Kasab can go to SC instead the local court should have the power to take actions these terrorist and the hanging should be on the same day maximum. no more mercy no more opportunity to be given for people like kasab to live.

@sadhanadudhed Thanks….

Aren’t you asking for some thing impossible? in this country only votes and sounds of pseudo-secularism matter.By the way do you think anyone in congress(INC) bothers a dman for the country,its people and its misofrtunes?

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