The Salesmen’s Gain : 5 SMS

Posted on: August 18, 2012

Many are grumbling over the government’s diktat to the mobile service providers for capping the limit of  SMSes to 5 SMS per day. Those who are grumbling are mostly young lovers who find themselves unable to connect with their sweethearts for everything that happens in their lives when they are not together.

While their predicament is understandable and worth condemning, there is this most negligent and wretched tribe of salesmen which has heaved a huge sigh of relief following this restriction on the number of text messages one can send from the mobile numbers.

The salesmen are the most harassed lot in the country. Nobody gives a second thought about the plight of the poor salesmen who are always up against stiff targets and devilish deadlines. Their bosses chase them for targets and deadlines big time through SMSes. The tracking system is so severe that the harried salesmen have to carry their mobile phones to the loos for fear of missing important messages from the bosses up there wanting to give Gyaan to their field force.

In the sales field, missing a client’s call is pardonable but missing a boss’s message containing gibberish that often gets passed off as the valuable solutions to the imaginary problems is a strict no-no lest it might cost the salesman his job. No prizes for guessing that sending the prompt replies to such schizophrenic stream of messages is deemed as a must have quality for the survival of brave salesmen.

There had been no escaping from this mindless onslaught of highly intellectual(?) messages prior to this restriction. Now thanks to the government’s initiative which has finally woken up to the sorry plight of the millions of hard working salesmen to keep the company’s coffers filled, all over the country the salesmen are rejoicing for this unexpected freedom from the tyranny of the SMSes.

Many salesmen have decided to take long breaks (albeit unofficial) from duties. The union heads of the salesmen are mulling over the idea of writing a joint letter to the government requesting to prolong the restrictions so that quality of their lives go up and they can bounce back fresh and more productive.

Considering the General Elections being round the corner, the ruling party can take solace from the fact of having discovered a new constituency of millions of salesmen accidentally that will vote for it if the demand of a prolonged restriction of SMS service is met. Therefore it will not come as a surprise if the restriction stays much to the chagrin of young lovers and gossip mongers.

Now lovers can take long walks in the parks. Gossip mongers can get a life. And the salesmen can take breaks with impunity for the government has provided them with an extraordinary opportunity to tell their bosses to shove those smart phones up their noses.


2 Responses to "The Salesmen’s Gain : 5 SMS"

Thank goodness the Govt has not started shooting the pigeons down! It is ridiculous setting caps and intruding into one’s own rt to privacy! Well written! Thanku for sharing!

@Ushy Mohan I must thank you for reading it and leaving your comment. We are living in strange times so nothing comes as a surprise. Difficult to say what next.

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