New Fashion : The Indian Male Bashing

Posted on: July 30, 2012

Following the recent episodes of attacks on women in Guwahati and Mangalore by the so-called moral police, the Indian Male Bashing has suddenly become the flavour of the season.

Poor Indian Male has nowhere to hide. The onslaught is mind-numbing. The anger directed against the Indian Male is genuine or manufactured only time will tell. But as of now every pen wielding, key-board addicted Bharatiya Nari has risen up in arms against the Indian Male.

What does the collective anger demand? Is this anger a precursor to a new dawn which will signal the arrival of an era in which the safety of the women will be given the premium importance? In which the molesters will go straight to jails without any trials and languish there for decades altogether?

The anger that is floating around in cyberspace and TV studios is devoid of any agenda for a better future. It is a given that the incidents of eve-teasing will continue to happen with amazing regularity. The crocodile’s tears will be shed in front of cameras. The demand for strict laws to punish the molesters will be raised. A few articles condemning the Indian Male will appear in the dailies and weeklies before life returns to normal.

Nowadays whatever happens happens with profit in mind. Is anyone really bothered about the safety of women? The complicity of TV channels shows brazenly that controversies are manufactured keeping certain win-win calculations in mind. Everybody is craving for his/her fifteen seconds of fame. And they are even ready to pay the price no matter how expensive it might be.

All this anger is sadly going to amount to nothing. At the most the issue will increase the traffic to the blog much in the same way as it raises the TRPs of those channels showing the gory images of the molestation incident without any regards for the victim’s future.

But the question here is why to villify the Indian Male and put him under the same bracket as those overjealous handful men? Isn’t it the worst type of stereotyping? The massage that the-men-are-lecherous-by-nature-and-they-need-to-be-dealt-with-effword-if-they-look-at-women doesn’t hold true for every man.

Moreover some argue that God has blessed the woman with a beautiful body that needs to be revealed to the appreciating eyes and not to be covered from head to toe smacks of the arrogance of come whatever may we, women, won’t change. How sad!

The moral of the story is the anger is artificial. The more the things change, the more they remain the same. Today Indian Male finds himself under the attack. The day is not far when some girls will get drunk and indulge in Adam-teasing outside some famous pub from where the TV channel office is at a stone’s throw. When the world sees the images of unruly girls molesting a cool dude with six packs, the table will have turned.

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