God Of Cricket Is Sachin Tendulkar

Posted on: March 16, 2012

At last, the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has scored his hundredth hundred. The entire nation has heaved a sigh of relief. Right from the PM of India to the aam aadmi, congratulatory messages for the little master has been flying thick and fast. This feat has overshadowed the Union Budget 2012. What makes this hundred so special? Every cricket lover in general and the Sachin Tendulkar fan in particular knows for sure what this hundred means since it is the ultimate pinnacle of success any sportsman can ever dream of. Nobody can break this incredible record achieved after giving everything that only someone as lion-hearted as Sachin Tendulkar could have given.

But not everybody is happy with this hundredth hundred. This record has been in the making for quite some time now and the delay has caused this record to get into the eye of an storm. Little Master must have been quite appalled and perhaps this is why even he didn’t seem quite happy or elated after scoring that elusive hundred. Bangladesh are easy opponents, and, Sachin Tendulkar getting his hundred in this game was a given fact even before the first ball was bowled. All said and done, little master has yet again made all the Indians feel immensely proud and what he has done today, only he could have done.

Every cricket lover knows that Sachin has been playing tirelessly for his country for over two decades now. He has entertained us, come to our rescue and given us plenty of reasons to smile whenever we, as a nation, have felt down and out. This is why when some so-called high fliers masquerading as the intelligentsia of this country give unsolicited advice to the God of cricket for bowing out like Rahul Dravid did recently angers all Sachin and non-Sachin fans alike. The man has done something that we cannot imagine doing in our wildest dreams. Scoring a hundredth hundred against any opposition on any soil is not a child’s play. Then why this clamour for his retirement?

It is really sad to see some people thinking so shallow for the man who has done so much for his country. He has endured it all from endless jokes about his hundredth hundred to growing criticism for continuing in the face of poor form to not making way for a younger player to build the team for the next World Cup. God alone knows what it feels like to be in Sachin Tendulkar’s shoes at this moment. I am sure nobody wants to be Sachin Tendulkar at the moment although the man has set a new record and truly deserves to be called the God of Cricket.

Those who are calling for his retirement instead of Bharat Ratna are showing themselves in a very poor light. God will take a call when the time comes to call it a day. By spreading the message he ought to retire now makes it sound as if he only plays for his personal milestones and not for the country. Cricket is a team game and nobody can play for such a long time if he plays only for his personal milestones.

Long live Sachin Tendulkar for creating a new record, for creating a history and for generating so much of hysteria. Down with all those snobs calling for his retirement for only those with twisted mentality can do so.

2 Responses to "God Of Cricket Is Sachin Tendulkar"

I was waiting for ur cimment on Tendul 100

@ Louis Thanks a lot, sir. Glad to know I didn’t disappoint you.

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