The Turn-Around of World Champions

Posted on: February 28, 2012

It can happen only in India. Yes, the Team India has shown the world that what stuff the world champions are made up of. Nobody can write them off so easily. Every time the fans think that the Team India is out, it comes back with a sting in its tail. Virat Kohli deserves all the praise for that unbeaten knock of 133 that saw India home with a bonus point. However, sadists out there will never be satisfied no matter how well the team performs.

As usual they are asking questions on the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s ability to score that elusive hundredth hudred. Apart from that they are also demanding to know what has cuasued this sudden turn around. How Team India could manage to get back into the form in the nick of time. Isn’t this sudden turn around mysterious coming as it does on the heels of Indian hockey team’s stunning victory over France to qualify for the Olympics? Maybe the cricketers realized that they were on the verge of losing their coveted places in the hearts of millions of their fans who were losing patience with their lackluster performances and to teach them a lesson they were gradually turning their sight to other sports like hockey.

All said and done, the real reason for India’s convincing win at Hobart is unbelievable. But before revealing the real reason, let me try and answer a few questions on behalf of Team India. In the recent times, the media is reporting some rift between some players in the dressing room. This alleged rift is the root cause of all the losses that Team India has suffered. Can this be true? Can the World Champions have egos and can those egos clash overseas and come in the way of the team’s performances? Well, the truth is there’s no rift in the dressing room. The captain M S Dhoni and Virendra Shehwag are close friends. The rift is artificial to deflect the real reason behind the recent losses. The team’s psycho analyst has suggested the senior members of the side to indulge in the mental disintegration to throw the Aussies off track. As a part of this ploy, the rumours of this much-talked about rift was floated and media lapped it up and blew it out of proportion.

Now coming to the question that everybody seems to be asking. When is Sachin’s hundredth hundred going to come? Well, Sachin Tendulkar is a genuis. For him, the form is temporary and the class is permanent. Many ex-cricketers including Kapil Dev and Mohd. Azharuddin have publicly questioned master blaster’s commitment and dropped subtle hints at the need for him to consider retirement. Sachin is yet to break his silence either with his bat or with his actions off the field. He carries on as if he is making his international debut and he has time till the next world cup to score his hundredth hundred. The selectors have faith in him. His captain has faith in him. His team-mates have been backing him up. His fans have been patient with him. Considering all this, the master blaster vows to score his hundredth hundred in style if India plays final in this Tri-Series. Once and for all his detractors will be forced to chew their words and all smarty pants TV anchors will shun them forever.

This brings me to the million dollar question. Can India hope to qualify for the final? Well, although there are many ifs and buts, the probability of India playing and winning the final cannot be completely ruled out. Why do I believe so? Aussies love playing against India. They are under the false impression that the World Champions are tigers at home and lambs aborad. This false belief will lead them to defeat Sri Lanka in the next game and help India qualify for the final only to get a rude shock in the end.

Lastly, today’s convincing win over Sri Lanka could become possible only because of one man. Well, not the man who walked away with the Man of the Match Award for his stunning 133 with the bat and not with the middle finger, but the man who got stuck in an elevator for close to an hour while India-Sri Lanka clincher was in progress. That man is none other than Ravi Shashtri who ends up giving away Team India’s game plans and strategies to the  rivals in the commentary box. After listening to his commentary, they plan their next moves and stay ahead of Team India. At last, the Indian Captain M S Dhoni figured out the real reason behind the recent series of losses and he promptly took care of it by locking the man responsible in the elevator till India were safe and there was no chance of them losing today’s match.

Well-done, Team India. All the fans are delighted and looking forward to a victory lap in the final.


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