Saif Ali Khan And Agent Vinod

Posted on: February 22, 2012

Saif Ali Khan is back in the news. Whenever any big release is around the corner, the lead actors try to get into the news and hog as much limelight as possible so that their big release gets talked about and receives good opening all across. This is an old marketing trick which by now everybody has come to know. Saif Ali Khan’s Agent Vinod is ready for the release sometime next month. Post the release of this much awaited venture, he and his lady love Kareena Kapoor are all set to tie the nuptial knot. There’s a lot at stake for this actor who lost his father recently.  Therefore it is natural for him to leave no stones unturned in making Agent Vinod the biggest hit of 2012.

The release date of this upcoming flick is exactly a month away. The publicity machinery seems to have swung into action to keep the lead actor on the front pages of newspapers and on the TV screens during prime time in the days leading to the release date. How much of these will benefit Agent Vinod remains to be seen. But the fact is these pre-release hypes make for good entertainment although the flicks in question may not prove to be as entertaining. In this age of social media the jury is constantly out and soon after watching the film promos on TV, people pretend to be intelligent enough to predict on the social media whether the film is going to be a hit or a flop.

Considering all this Agent Vinod is out to steal the thunder. His first salvo comes disguised as Iqbal Sharma – an NRI businessman – who landed up with a fractured nose for allegedly ticking off the actor who was talking loudly. This infamous brawl at a public place has got Saif Ali Khan plenty of publicity. The fractured nose of poor Iqbal Sharma has received as much attention as Shirish Kunder’s slapped face by Shah Rukh Khan. Mr. Iqbal Sharma is a wealthy businessman who has shown enough guts to walk up to the police station and lodged a complaint against this angry young man. The police too seem to have acted swiftly by booking him under a case of assault.

Everybody knows that Saif Ali Khan will be granted bail sooner or later. Mr. Iqbal Sharma and Saif Ali Khan will kiss and make up. They will bury the hatchet and become buddies.  This will be a forgotten incident as soon as the marketing team of Agent Vinod stumbles upon some other juicy idea to drum up another controversy to get the leading man yet another round of publicity ahead of the release date of Agent Vinod. People will get plenty of entertainment without watching Agent Vinod. Agent Vinod will rake in moolah and after the success of this magnum opus the leading pair will tie the knot and fly off to some far away location for their honeymoon. The whole pre-hype release of Agent Vinod has a fairy tale feel to it.

However water tight the script may read, some loose ends are there for all to see. Why would a celebrity get into a fight with a wealthy man at a public place where this disgusting act is bound to raise hackles? Agreed the fight was intended to raise hackles to garner publicity but isn’t it silly to get into a fight with an unknown man over a polite request to speak softly? Is there more to this fight than what meets the eye? Who is in need of more publicity, Saif Ali Khan or the victim Iqbal Sharma? The way celebs love publicity, their fans want 15 minutes of fame by ticking off these high flying stars. They know that they have nothing to lose but the star has everything to lose with all the TV and mobile cameras trained on him round the clock. Who knows or who can say just like Saif Ali Khan has the biggest release of his career lined up next month, the victim has some important start-up lined up sometime soon in future for which he wants instant fame? What a better way of getting famous than this? When only smart people are ruling the world, do the dumb have any chance of making it big?

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