The Porngate and Karnataka Assembly

Posted on: February 7, 2012

Whenever the film-stars and cricketers fail to entertain the people of India, suddenly from nowhere the politicians enter the stage and hog all the limelight. This is exactly what seems to be happening. The mega-budget films have been failing to create any ripples on or off the box-office. The Indian cricket team has been performing below par Down Under. The news of their much loved hero Yuvraj Singh battling with cancer has been making the fans nervous. In such tension filled times, the news of two Karnataka ministers watching the porn clips while the session of Karnataka Assembly was on have brought much needed comic relief.

Everybody knows that the politicians are considered to be the masters of all trades. They demand hefty bribes to get things done. They murder in the broad day light and get away. They loot the nation’s natural resources by hobnobbing with so-called corporate giants and nobody bets an eyelid. We all know that the politicians are above the law of the land. The hands of the law are not long enough to reach them. They can do anything and get away.  Therefore, when the TV channels began to flash the images of these minister enjoying porn clips in the middle of the session, nobody felt any sense of outrage. There were no mobs pelting stones on the streets of Bangalore demanding the resignations of these elected representatives of people. A sense of helplessness prevailed in the air. Somewhere deep down people knew they would get away with this too.

The politicians have been caught red-handed doing almost everything that there is to do under the sun. But this incident is the first of its kind. On the floor of the Assembly, ministers watching porn on the mobile phone while the serious debate concerning state’s deteriorating law and order situation is underway sounds like a plot of Ashwin Sanghi’s next pot-boiler. Had there been no TV cameras zooming in on the minister’s mobile screen while he was caught in the act, it would have been indeed difficult to believe. But the facts are stranger than fiction and the art indeed imitates the life. Whether the ruling party in Karnataka ends up paying hefty price for the ministers’ misdeeds, whether  these ministers will be shown the party door are the matters that will be taken up by the high command and decided later. But the irreparable damage has been done and the names of these two ministers will surely go down in the history books for the coming generations to pillory them forever.

What must have prompted these two ministers to go funny and act in such an irresponsible manner? Were they not aware of the cameras staring at them from every nook and corner of the Assembly? Were they not worried about the reactions of their voters and the party high command in case they got caught? It would be interesting to know what they were thinking. But they will choose to forget about this incident and emerge as changed men when they make their next public appearance after a brief period of hibernation. Nobody will ever come to know the secret behind choosing to watch the porn clip in the Karnataka Assembly.

According to one theory the involvement of the ex CM of Karnataka cannot be ruled out into this infamous porn gate. He has reportedly been pleading with the high command to reinstall him as the CM – a position from which he was made to step down following the Lokayukata’s charges of corruption against him. The ex CM has been smarting at this untimely ouster and has made  no bones about his plans to stage a comeback. Maybe it is he who gifted those porn clips to these ministers and asked them to enjoy them while the session was on and simultaneously signalling the camera men to follow the movements of these ministers in a desperate bid to embarrass his party and the high command.

The politics is dirty and when the shit hits the fan, the surroundings too tend to get dirty. This is what seems to have happened in this porn gate. Had it not been for this porn gate, the nation would still be in a downcast mood following the news of Yuvraj Singh undergoing cancer treatment overseas. Such is life.It makes you cry one day and lights up your face with a smile the  next day.



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