SRK, Shirish Kunder and a Slap

Posted on: January 30, 2012

The King Khan is back. And this time he’s back with a bang…oops….with a slap! Shah Rukh Khan is the most flamboyant Khan of the Khan trinity that has been ruling the Bollywood for over two decades now. In the recent past Shah Rukh Khan’s charisma is not what it used to be once. His films are flopping. His close friends are turning foes. The rumours of his alleged link-up with his Don co-star Priyanka Chopra have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. The success of his arch-rival’s Bodyguard is still fresh in King Khan’s memory. To top it all, now the news of Shah Rukh Khan having slapped or punched Shirish Kunder at a party is going viral. Thus the cup of SRK’s woes remains full.

How did this slap happen? The story behind this alleged slap is as filmy as it can get. Shirish Kunder is close to Salman Khan who doesn’t see eye to eye with the King Khan. When Ra-One was released, Shirish had tweeted certain unflattering things about the most expensive flick. Obviously this hadn’t gone down well with the hot-blooded Shah Rukh who was waiting for an opportunity to avenge this humiliation. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, King Khan went dhishum dhishum leaving poor Shirish Kunder red-faced.

But isn’t there something more to this whole slapgate than what meets the eye? Those who have been following Shah Rukh’s career will agree that slapping comes to SRK as naturally as boasting comes to KRK. Earlier on in his career he had slapped a journalist and had spent a night in a lock-up for this assault. He had allegedly indulged in dhishoom dhishoom with Amar Singh too. Off screen he is the most loved action hero. This he has proven time and again.

Come to think about poor Shirish Kunder. What he may be going through. The sound of this slap will forever echo in his ears. Wherever he goes, people will go, “Oh isn’t he the one whom SRK had given one tight slap?” His reputation has frozen in epiphany thanks to one slap. How sad! Who would like to be known by the slap he receives on his cheek in a drunken browl? That’s poor Shirish Kunder for you now.

This is certainly not a good time for the larger than life Shah Rukh Khan who seems to have hit a rough patch. Don 2 didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Younger stars like Ranbir Kapoor are stealing the limelight. Gauri Khan’s public snub to Priyanka Chopra is widely reported in the press. Differences with Karan Johar too are visible. Aamir and Salman Khan are topping the popularity charts and have been hogging the limelights for all the right reasons. Under this stressful and volatile scenario it’s natural for King Khan to feel frustrated and let loose his hands on someone like Shirish Kunder who is yet to be a big shot. The question is had there been Salman or Akshay in Shirish Kunder’s place, would SRK have dared to get physical in the same manner? If you really want to fight, why not challenge someone who is either equal or a little superior to you? This is what the Kings did in the olden days, didn’t they?

I think SRK has taken the Don dialogue about the police of 12 countries on a look out for him far too seriously. Maybe Aamir Khan needs to step up to him and whisper some wise words into King Khan’s  ears that are filled with the noisy soundtracks of Ra-One. Kings don’t behave the way King Khan has behaved. But in this cut-throat age, any publicity is good publicity. I think that sums up the entire slapgate saga for both SRK and Shirish Kunder who would never have got this type of publicity in his wildest dream. He must thank this one slap that catapulted him into the entire nation’s conscience.

4 Responses to "SRK, Shirish Kunder and a Slap"

Good to see your blog after a long time

@ Louis I have been blogging a lot but no time to log into FB and share the link. Thanks a lot for the comments.

Mr.Srk loves to make fun of others..who can forget the award ceremony when he made so much fun of ‘Sanwaria’but can’t take it when it come to him 🙂

@ Raju I agree with you. That’s typical of SRK.

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