Baba Ramdev and Blank Ink

Posted on: January 14, 2012

Baba Ramdev is back in news again with the black ink smeared over his face. Well, many would have thought he should be in news with the black money. What’s this fuss all about Baba Ramdev with the black ink. Has the script gone horribly
wrong or what? Baba Ramdev is a hugely respected public figure. In the recent past, he along with Anna Hazare has been campaigning to root out corruption in the country. They both are the leading lights of the anti-corruption movement that unfortunately seems to be fizzling out slowly.

After the flop show at Azad Maidan, Mr. Anna has been sulking silently somewhere. Therefore now it’s time for the flamboyant yoga guru to take the centrestage and grab the limelight who had been lying low ever since the government ordered a crackdown at the venue where he was fasting against corruption a few months ago. What followed in the dead of the night was complete mayhem with Baba fleeing the scene under the female garb.

Now coming to what happened this morning at the press-conference in New Delhi smacks of some well-thought out plan to win sympathy for the beleaguered Baba. How can a man attack someone of Baba Ramdev’s stature with blank ink? The moment he let loose the blank ink, Baba’s supporters roughed him up properly.

What followed was usual blame games between the Congress and Baba Ramdev with Anna Hazare  demanding a probe into the attack. This all seems too familiar. Every player reads the same old lines  from the same old script. This time it seems Baba’s spin doctors are at it. Baba is known to harbour political ambitions. His image had taken a severe beating when he fled the fast venue leaving thousands of innocent supporters at the mercy of the police brutality. To restore his image the black ink is used. Once the image is blackned, to brighten it use more black. What an idea! Anything is possible if you have money and muscle power.

This is the dance of democracy. Let’s see what happens as the general elections draw nearer. More surprises in store. More scripted dramas in store. More innovative attacks in store. We have surely not seen the last of power hungry Babas and their mindless gimmicks to hog the limelight.


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