Posted on: January 11, 2012



Publisher :- Hay House

Price :- Rs. 399/- (Pages 228)


The title  “The Best Thing About You Is You!” makes you want to buy the book the moment your eyes fall on it. What makes the decision to buy the book hard to resist is the name of the author. Who doesn’t know Mr. Anupam Kher? He is a well-known face every Indian has seen on the celluloid countless times. The list of his famous roles is endless. When the star of Anupam Kher’s caliber writes a book that has got as catchy a title as “The Best Thing About You Is You!”, there’s no choice for a book lover like me but to buy it and finish reading it within hours of having brought it home.

The book has 228 pages filled with author’s deep philosophical insights on the subjects ranging from success to failure to sadness to the concept of change to the meaning of self-discovery to final destination (death). Those interested in reading books on self-help may have come across the above mentioned subjects in various books. But the most striking quality about “The Best Thing About You Is You!”  is Mr. Kher discusses the most serious things of life and career without being preachy. While reading the book, the reader feels as if the author has put his hand around his arm and taking him through various ups and down of life like a true friend, philosopher and guide.

Throughout the book, the author insists that no human being is inferior and the  solutions to the most complicated problems are available deep within us. There is no need to look outside. All we need to do is spend some time alone and seek answers to the questions that have been rankling us the most. If we practise the magic of solitude regularly by going deep inside us, the answers will reveal themselves one by one. To drive home these points, he quotes many examples either from famous books or plays or from his own experiences. The thread running in each chapter of the book is the best thing about you is you.

What makes “The Best Thing About You Is You!” both readable and recommendable is author’s lucid prose peppered with plenty of anecdotes that sound convincing and straight from the heart. Nowhere in the book Mr. Kher hints that his readers ought to believe what he says because he is such a big actor. In one of the chapters he quotes that famous Gandhian line , “There is enough for the world’s needs, but not enough for the world’s greed”. This is true but as far as this book is concerned, one wishes there is neither enough for the world’s (the readers’) needs nor enough for the world’s (the readers’) greed. In other words, the book could have gone on for another two hundred and odd pages and the readers wouldn’t even have blinked.


5 Responses to "THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU IS YOU! : A Review"

Anupam Kher is right

@ Louis Thank you, sir.

Hope I’ll get this book soon. Lot of positive reviews. Mr. Kher is really a inspiration. He has played many good or bad roles in movies but in real life, He is playing great role. Keep writting books, sir. Good luck 🙂

@ Ishan Ishan, you’re right. He’s a truly inspirational person who always gives his best. Thanks for reading the review. All the best.

Sorry, It was “an inspiration” in my last post. 🙂

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