The Newsroom Mafia : A Review

Posted on: January 2, 2012

“The Newsroom Mafia” – Oswald Pereira

Published By  GreyOak India/Westland

Price :- Rs 245/-     (Pages 258)


What an exciting start to the year 2012! I kicked off the new year by picking up Oswald Pereira’s “The Newsroom Mafia”. Soon after watching Don 2, I think the nicest things to do was to read this debut novel of journalist-turned-novelist. “The Newsroom Mafia” is the story of the Don whose real name is Narayan Swamy. Basically It tells the story of the fight between the good and the evil. The answer to what’s good and what’s evil depends upon whose side you are on.

Donald Fernandez is the Bombay Police Commissioner who has vowed to smoke out the underworld Don Narayan Swamy. Narayan Swamy may be the Don according to the police but to his followers he is no less than a saint with a heart of pure gold. Even the Don is fed up of his life as the underworld Don and he’s been trying hard to go in for an image make-over of that of a quintessential social worker who believes in wiping out the tears of the poor and putting the food on the plates of  the hungry.

The Don is smarter than the police commissioner Donald Fernandez who is waging a war against the Don in cahoots with the powerful daily newspaper ‘The Newsroom’. The Don has many aces up his sleeves with his writ running large in the entire city of Bombay. Donald knows he has a tough battle at hand with half of his Police Force on the Don’s pay-roll.

Will the Don survive the onslaught of the determined cop who won’t settle for anything less than the Don’s head on the silver plate? Will the Don be successful in outsmarting the cops? What will happen? Who will win the battle of nerves? These are the questions that the reader keeps asking himself right from the first page to the last page of “The Newsroom Mafia”.

The novel is supremely crafted with plenty of twists and turns. The suspense keeps the reader on the edge till the last page. The Don has loads of attitude with some smart lines dedicated to him. Sample this, “When the Don desires, the lights go out and the birds stop chirping. Such is his power and glory.” The Don too keeps saying with a smile, “I love my people and my people love me.” He firmly believes in the love and adulation the poor and the needy shower upon him. He is the Don with a difference. He doesn’t lust after money. He knows he can make the money appear out of nowhere with a sleight of his hand. Then what does he want? He wants the control to the entire city. His aim is to rule the city like an Emperor.

“The Newsroom Mafia” is also about how the media colludes with either the underworld or the police to make or break news. The novel is relevant and the reader can instantly relate to it since we live in the era of the 24×7  Breaking News. This gripping novel also tells the story of what goes on behind the scenes before the Breaking News reaches the viewers or the readers. “The Newsroom Mafia” boasts of high octane moments coupled with endless chase, traps and counter traps, bouquets for the loyal and bullets for the traitor. The adrenaline will pump more blood so the warning for weak hearts  is stay away. The green signal for those who love action, emotion and drama.

Kudos to the debutant novelist Oswald Pereira for weaving such a wonderful yarn.

3 Responses to "The Newsroom Mafia : A Review"

i too liked the book for its depiction of the back door activities in print media. the author, being a renowned journalist has given a clear sense of influences that drive the printing or non printing of sensitive isuue. as we all know, visual media is mostly about sensationalism, print media does not wish to be left back.

i hope another sequel comes to this book.

@sumeettiki Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Yes, I agree with you. I too feel “The Newsroom Mafia” has a sequel in the offing.

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