Good Bye Diary 2011

Posted on: December 31, 2011

How fast the year 2011 has come to an end! Well, today is the last day of the year that brought me so much of excitement and joy. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year. Each new year brings with it fresh hopes and anxieties. While the prayers for a healthier, more prosperous, more exciting and funnier 2012 are on the lips, I cannot help but think about the year gone by.

So many things happened in 2011, some good some bad. That’s life. The very unpredictable nature of life makes it so interesting and worth living. I documented almost every moment worth preserving in my diary of 2011. Well, with a slight twinge of regret I confess that now that time of the year has come when I ought to replace my diary. So many things became a part of me, kept me company for a few days or weeks before disappearing, but not the diary of 2011. It stayed with me right from the first day and became an integral part of me. It stood by me like a strong pillar throughout the year. Whenever I was lonely, it was there for me.

Today when I look at it, I notice that all its pages are filled. I have no other choice but to replace it with its brand new counterpart. I’m sure given my penchant of sharing everything with my diary, the new one too will soon be successful in forging a strong bond with me. All said and done, I still feel sorry for my old diary.

Whenever I wanted it to be on my selfish side, it was already there.  I didn’t even have to look around for it. Many a times I completely forgot it during happier times, and; on the contrary never let it go out of sight during challenging times. I poured lots of unhappiness & grievances into it to get things off my chest. It accepted them with open arms and made me feel better and lighter. How can I ever forget its greatness in inspiring new enthusiasm and confidence in me?

I think of all the days today is the day when I can thank my diary for not only being always there for me but also accepting me as I am. It never complained. It accompanied me wherever I took it. It always kept its pages open for me. It allowed me to fill them with whatever came to my mind. The best thing about it was it gave me freedom from tension, worries and anxieties. It never asked for anything in return. That was the real beauty of my diary 2011.

Thank you and bye bye diary 2011. I’m going to miss you.

2 Responses to "Good Bye Diary 2011"

Liked reading it

@ Louis Thanks a lot, sir. Your encouragement has inspired me to write many more posts in the year 2012.

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