Hype Versus Results

Posted on: December 30, 2011

Why do we believe in so much hype? Before any important event or historical moment is about to take place, we create endless hype around it and end up jinxing the moment. The latest examples are Sachin Tendulkar’s hundredth hundred, India’s tour Down Under and the most recent one is the passing of Lokpal Bill.

If we examine the above mentioned topics closely, one thing will become clear, i.e; hype around them has not brought any results. On the other hand,so much hype has acted as a deterrent. We all know that the World Champions are a different unit altogether when they are playing on bouncy wickets overseas. Therefore why to make them nervous by giving blow by blow coverage of right from the moment they board the flight till they land? Anyway this much importance given to them will not spur them on to perform as per the expectations of their millions of fans. Then why to bother? Let them carry on. Let us ignore them for a while. They have been used to cameras chasing them. When they don’t see any cameras around, perhaps they’ll realise their fans mean serious business. The fear of losing the spotlight will make them perform better. 

The same perhaps holds true for the politicians. Our elected representatives are supposed to make lives better for us. But it is other way around. They want to make their lives better first. Those who elect them can wait. The politicians are rulers. They deserve special privileges for themselves since they work round the clock for their countrymen. Another irony is film stars are supposed to entertain us. But the politicians have been doing a far better job of entertaining us than the film stars. Why so? They are given plenty of importance for being non-performers. The kind of media coverage they get feeds off their inflated egos. This in turn makes them act like jokers. They fight, argue, call each other names, crack jokes, mount personal attacks on rivals, blame others for failures and waste tax-payers’ money. Nobody questions them. They get away.

When the time came to pass the Lokpal Bill, media hyped up the issue. The celebrations began prematurely. The chants of history is in the making began to reverberate in the tv studios. Result? Nothing happened. Once again the people of India lost as the political class took them for a jolly ride. Some good speeches got spoken in front of cameras. The performances would have been shortlisted for the Oscars had they been a part of some magnum opus. Team Anna felt betrayed. The ruling party scored brownie points. The opposition got new issues to raise during polls. All this at the expense of innocent people of India.

Democracy is vibrant. But where is the performance of the upholders of democracy? Why is the political class failing to deliver time and again? Why those who matter fail every time hopes are high? In spite of repeated failures to deliver and live up to people’s expectations why does media keep creating the unnecessary hype?

Let them live away from the spotlight. Let them work without distractions. Let them realise getting celebrated doesn’t come easily. Then the performances will improve dramatically. Let the media instead focus upon the achievements of a common man. Then the so-called heroes will wake up from the slumber. Time has come to show those non-performers their place. Then one can truly lay a claim on the vibrant democracy. Otherwise it will remain a cliche like many other.


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