Why Did Team Anna’s Show Flop This Time?

Posted on: December 28, 2011

Oh my God! Where is this country headed? The common man is under tremendous pressure. Never in the history of independent India the pressure has been as intense as this. How many things has the common man got to worry about? First and foremost, the common man has been carrying the weight of Sachin Tendulakar’s ninety-nine centuries. Every time Sachin walks out to bat, the common man gets his knicker in a twist. Will he score his hundredth hundred this time? This is the question uppermost on his mind. To top it all, the common man is confused because the PM hardly speaks. Even if he speaks, he cannot speak loudly enough to get over the cacophony around him.  And as if that were not enough, Anna and his team keep coming back with the fast.

Where can the common go? He has hardly any place left to go now.  Ramlila Maidan heralded the dawn of a new era a few months back. The common man was upbeat and enthusiastic. He saw a subtle hint of light at the end of the long dark tunnel. But soon he got disillusioned when the members of Team Anna became arrogant. The supposedly non-political anti-graft movement began to bathe in various political colours. All this made the common man angry. This is a non-violent political movement. Therefore, he cannot take to the streets. He waited and watched. When the opportunity presented itself, he struck. Low turn-out at MMRDA – the venue of Anna’s latest fast – was the indicator of the common man’s growing anger. The resentment at yet another fast was there for all to see. Unfortunately, the Team Anna failed to read the writing on the wall.

Politicians are smarter than the rest of us. This is why they are politicians. This time around they were prepared for the battle. They knew how to beat the Team Anna at its own game. All the elected representatives participated in the Lokpal debate at the Lok Sabha that lasted for twelve hours as Anna observed fast at MMRDA. The public saw their elected leaders at some serious work. The history was in the making. Soon the popular support for Team Anna evaporated. The media too decided to give the latest fast low-key coverage and began to ask some tough questions to Team Anna and its method of protest whose madness knew no method.

Has the time come for Team Anna to pack its bags and leave for home? Has the anti-graft movement run its course? Are the people fed up? Is change still as elusive as ever? Well, change will come, all is not lost.  But in a country as vast as ours it takes some time. Corruption is not at the top alone. Corruption is everywhere. In such a scenario where to begin is the million dollar question. Merely making the laws will not ensure a corruption free nation. The entire system needs a complete over-haul. This can become possible by educating the electorate in a systematic manner. By holding the gun to the government’s head what happens we witnessed just now.

The need of the hour for Team Anna is to cool down the tempers and return to the board room. It is losing credibility as fast as it got it. This time it has miserably failed to feel the pulse of the common man. The political class has outsmarted Team Anna in every move. Too much of preening and posturing has resulted in an alienation from the masses. To top it all, somebody is clearly misguiding Team Anna. It must act now to set its house in order. Targeting one party in the poll bound states too may boomerang.

Amid all this the common man finds himself between the Devil and the Deep Sea. He continues to worry about Sachin’s hundredth hundred while carrying the weight of his ninety-nine centuries. At the moment, the passing of strong Lokpal Bill and Sachin’s hundredth hundred are sailing on the same boat. The nation is going to erupt in celebrations as soon as they both arrive on the Indian shores. Right now they are elusive. To make Lokpal a reality, Team Anna is burning the midnight oil and to make another a reality, the man on whose shoulders the weight of countless expectations is resting is toiling away out there in Down Under.

One wonders whether the common man will be able to sleep a peaceful sleep.

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