Veena Malik and Free Publicity

Posted on: December 18, 2011

These days everybody seems to be talking about two things. One is Why this kolaveri di and another is disappearance of Veena Malik under mysterious circumstances. Veena Malik shot to fame for all the wrong reasons. She was recently in the news because of an infamous nude photo-shoot adoring the cover-page of FHM. She is in India to participate in a reality show Swayamwar. Now that she has gone missing, people are wondering whether the disappearance is real or some publicity gimmick.

Well, nobody seems interested in Veena Malik. Therefore the disappearance seems stage-managed to garner publicity for the upcoming show Swayamwar. The timing couldn’t have been better than this. The nude photo shoot on the cover-page of FHM got her some publicity both in India and Pakistan. Soon the euphoria subsided and it appeared as though the FHM controversy had died a natural death. Now Veena Malik is back in news again for her alleged disappearance.

Fake celebrities like Veena Malik’s hunger for any kind of publicity never gets satisfied. The more people ignore them, the more they crave for their attention. In India, she is up against the likes of Poonam Pandey and Rakhi Sawant. In the country of her home, mullahs have denounced her and have been baying for her blood. Poor Veena Malik is like a lit bomb that didn’t go off due to some unknown reasons.

The way nobody is surprised at the news of her having gone missing, nobody will be surprised when she surfaces somewhere on the eve of new year. The endless jokes about her will continue unabated. People like Veena Malik come and go. Who cares? If the appearance is stage-managed, chances are it is going to boomerang  badly as people seem to have had enough of Veena Malik and her endless tantrums in the recent past. It is likely to affect the TRPs of her upcoming show Swaymwar adversely provided she is found and the show manages to go on air.

All said and done, the million dollar question is where is she? Why has she ducked herself out of sight without informing her manager? The whole disappearance theme sounds inspired from John Grisham’s best-selling novels. First a nude photo shoot followed by a denial and then the ultimate act of disappearance when the new show is about to go on air. Veena Malik’s act of disappearance has got the people from both sides of the border talking. If her PR agency was looking to get her publicity, there couldn’t have been any better ploy than this.

Let’s hope she surfaces somewhere on the Juhu Chawpaty beach savouring the taste of Vada-Pau and Bhel-Puri. Mumbai is such a big city. Foreigners like her can get lost in the hustle and bustle. We should provide them guides so that they don’t melt into the crowd sending the countries into tizzy only to surface later to claim they had never gone missing in the first place and the whole saga was a result of a silly communication error.


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