Justice For Harbhajan Singh

Posted on: December 12, 2011

While the whole country is busy celebrating Rajnikanth’s sixty first birthday, suddenly in a remote corner of hinterland the robbers have struck taking advantage of the celebratory mood that has been prevailing in our country. This time the robbers have chosen a soft target – poor Harbhajan Singh. This traumatic experience couldn’t have come at a worse time in the beleaguered bowler’s career. The robbers have robbed him of his passport, purse and other valuable documents while vandalizing the car in which he was driving.

This robbery in the fading day light raises serious security concerns. If a living legend like Harbhajan Singh is not safe, then what about the lesser mortals? Ever since Harbhajan Singh tweeted the news of this robbery that naturally shocked the entire cricketing fraternity, sympathy has been pouring in for him. There has been vociferous demand of justice for Harbhajan Singh by the famous online news portal called Faking News. In a startling revelation his former and now retired team mate Anil Kumble has already resigned from the post of the NCA chairman to protest against this robbery in the fading lights. The robbery of his former match winning partner has shocked Anil Kumble so badly that he finds it difficult to continue as the NCA chairman.

The million dollar question doing the round on the virtual world is who is behind this robbery? BCCI has taken a tough stand against this robbery. It has demanded a CBI probe. The Indian Cricket Team is rumoured to have threatened the government with a strike if the robbers are not nabbed in twenty-four hours. The Government is under tremendous pressure to bring the situation under control. Mr. Kapil Sibal has been working over time to soothe the ruffled feathers. Sources close to Mr. Sibal claim that the minister has been mulling over the proposal of pre-screening all the robberies before they are made public.

Not to be outdone, the opposition has already decided to raise the issue of cricketers’ safety in the parliament. The BJP MP Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu will lead the attack from the front and force the honourable Prime Minister to issue a statement on the same. The irony is how can one living legend can get robbed while another living legend is busy celebrating his birthday? One theory doing the round is Australians are scared of Harbhajan Singh. They don’t want him to fly to Australia in case he gets a call from his team. Therefore, it is possible that the Australians are behind this robbery. What makes this theory convincing is the robbers have fled with his passport.

All said and done, the robbery has exposed many loopholes in the security apparatus for our cricketers. The likes of Arnab and Rajdeep are most likely to raise a hue and cry for the complete overhaul in the so-called security apparatus on their respective news channels. The Government has many pressing issues on hand. Obviously it is not going to like what is going to follow from here on. Amidst all this ha ha hoopla let’s say a silent prayer for the safe recovery of whatever Harbhajan Singh has lost in the robbery. May no harm come his way. May he regain his lost place in the national squad as soon as possible. Amen.



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