Pawar Slap

Posted on: November 24, 2011

Harvinder Singh is clearly a misguided youth. He is like a tiger who has tasted the blood of politicians. Last week he slapped Sukh Ram. Today he repeated this act of dare-devilry by slapping the senior Union Minister Sharad Pawar. Mr. Sharad Pawar is a man of impeccable integrity. He has done a lot for the poor citizens of our country. Harvinder Singh should have googled Sharad Pawar before setting out to slap him. He cannot call someone like Mr Sharad Pawar a thief, can he? All the politicians cutting across the party line are upset and they have condemned this attack on Mr. Sharad Pawar in the strongest terms. What seems to have miffed all these politicians is an aam aadmi like Harvinder Singh calling them thieves after slapping Mr. Sharad Pawar in the face tightly.

Of late Mr. Sharad Pawar has been trying to create a sympathy wave in his favour. The lady luck seems to have deserted him. When he declared that he had assets of 12 crores only, much to his chagrin the declaration failed to whip up any pro-Pawar sympathy wave. Now this Harvinder Singh’s slap can be a blessing in disguise for the beleaguered Union Minister. His spin doctors have been working over time to convert this slap into an unprecedented pro-Pawar sympathy wave. Having said that  let us examine the real motives of Harvinder Singh behind slapping Mr. Pawar.

Harvinder Singh was not protesting the hikes in the prices of potatoes and onions. The entire political spectrum seems to be misleading the public on this front. He knows how can someone like Mr. Pawar be held responsible for the prices of rotten vegetables? Mr. Pawar has better things to look after than the prices of the vegetables the aam aadmi eats day in and day out. He slapped Mr. Pawar to bring to notice three pressing issues before the entire nation. It is quite unfortunate that he chose the most undemocratic method of protest to bring home the points though.

First and foremost, he is upset because Sachin Tendulkar is unable to complete his new world record of making the hundredth century. He chose to slap Mr. Pawar precisely the moment Sachin walked out to bat. He knows Sachin is coming under undue media pressure and which is why he is unable to play his natural game. If media’s attention got diverted for a day or two, he can easily set a new world record and make the country proud.

Secondly, the Bachchans are struggling to give a unique name to their Beti B. The Bachchans have reportedly requested Mr. Pawar to suggest some catchy name for Beti B repeatedly. All their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. This is what frustrated Harvinder Singh. To remind him of this important task, he gave Mr. Pawar one tightly. Now Mr. Pawar claims to remember this urgent task.

Thirdly, the politicians have been fighting in the Parliament like the cat and mouse forcing its adjournment. He wanted to unite our politicians cutting across the party lines. He did his home-work and chose a soft target like Mr. Pawar who goes around minus Z-Plus security and with only one constable.  He knew if he attacked one politician, all the politicians would unite and come together on one platform to counter-attack him. This will, in turn, foster the much needed team spirit and the Parliament will begin to function smoothly sans unwarranted adjournments.

The man seems to be a visionary. He is also well-ahead of his times. Where his predecessors have tried to throw chappls at the politicians and missed the targets, he has shown enough guts to slap the senior minister without missing the target. It is bound to set a new trend. The media has been caught between the Devil and the Deep Sea. It cannot be seen as supporting the undemocratic method of protest. This is why it has been playing up the incident of Mr. Anna Hazare breaking into the laughter upon receiving the news of Mr. Sharad Pawar having received a tight slap from Harvinder Singh.

This is not true at all. Mr. Anna Hazare broke into the laughter because the monkey behind the messenger who broke this news to Anna began to dance with joy upon hearing this news. Anna Hazare couldn’t obviously control himself at seeing the monkey dance. Laughing at Mr. Sharad Pawar’s slapped cheek is one thing and laughing at a dancing monkey quite another. Media has got it horribly wrong. Both Mr. Pawar and Mr. Hazare have asked for the unconditional apology while Harvinder Singh has expressed his desire to see the monkey that danced with joy.

Thus the dance of democracy continues…….




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