What Women Want…..

Posted on: November 21, 2011

Ninety-nine out of hundred men desire women. But when any man is asked whether he has any idea of what the women want, he may scratch his head to come out with the correct answers. There are few men who have successfully figured out as to what the women want and they are a big hit with the women. At any given point of time they have women falling all over them. But not all the men have this gift of charming the fairer sex. Blessed are those who have this important and essential gift of sweeping women off their feet.

A woman is really complicated to understand. This is what most of the men are told in their childhood. How far it is true nobody can say. However the above mentioned statement is not completely without its merits. Some people struggle throughout their lives dealing with women. They just cannot understand what the women want and how they should behave with them. They curse god for making women so complicated.

But if we try and think from a woman’s point of view, it doesn’t sound all that complicated. Any intelligent man can decode the enigma called woman since there are plenty of tell-tale signs. As a young child, a girl wants to be cared for, pampered and well-looked after. So does the male child. Basically the  children are children and we adults have to look after them irrespective of their sexes.

As a mother, the woman wants dignity in the society. She wants to feel proud of her achievements. She wants her children to do well in their careers and nothing pleases her more than her grown-up children’s success. She wants to be pampered as a mother. She wants her children to ask for her opinions before they take any important decision. In other words, she wants to be at the helm of affairs in her family.

As a girl-friend, she wants her boy-friend to take her out. She loves the long rides on his stylish and trendy bike. She loves the sound of “I love you”. The more he tells her how much he loves her, the deeper she falls in love with him. She wants him to please her, be loyal to her and make her feel secure. She likes all types of surprises. She wants him to remember her birthday, her favourite colour, her favourite ice-cream flavour and her favourite chocolate. She hates any kind of ego in her man. She wants spontaneity in her man and not some in-front-of-the-mirror rehearsed lines. She can spot the difference between the spontaneous feelings and the rehearsed ones faster than he can tell her favourite ice-cream flavour. She wants her man to smell nice (Bad breath and stinking socks are a strict no-no. Ironically nobody blames these two when the break-ups happen).

As a wife, this is a different ball game altogether. She makes him realise that now he is a grown up man who is going to become a father soon. And not only he has to look after himself,  but also he has to look after her. After marriage, many men seem to take their wives for granted. This malaise can prove dangerously fatal. She wants affection, respect, genuine words of praise and in twenty-four hours as many declarations of passionate “I-Love-Yous”. She trusts her man but the trust gets built over a period of time.

The heroes of 80’s and 90’s in the Hindi films had it very easy. All they needed to do to woo their women was to rescue her from the bad men. They knew how to throw punches in the air and kick the bad men out of sight. Then the girls were quick to slide into their arms. The reality is a different cattle of fish. Which man can fight a dozen well-built baddies on his own? If only women were easy to please. If only the men knew what the women really want, then the life would be without any mysteries, excitement and thrill.


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