Big Boss 5, Sunny Leone’s Entry and the Secret…..

Posted on: November 18, 2011


So the cat is out of the bag finally. Sunny Leone is all set to enter the house of Big Boss as I write this post. She has landed in Mumbai. The house of Big Boss is gearing up to receive one of the hottest stars of the adult film industry. Predictably this has raised many eyebrows. The purpose of the reality shows like Big Boss is to entertain its viewers by giving them rude shocks and surprises. The viewers love the reality shows precisely for this reason. Then what is the problem? Why are the questions of morality raised?

Well, the truth is the story behind the inclusion of Sunny Leone into the star-cast of Big Boss is not without a sting in the tail. It seems the decision to include this glamourous face has been taken at the behest of I&B Ministry. The original choice for the next episodes of Big Boss was Vinod Kambli, the ex-cricketer and the batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar’s childhood buddy. As it turns out, Vinod Kambli is in dire need of publicity to convince the cricket crazy fans of India that it was he who contributed in India’s World-Cup Victory this year. Since nobody is taking him seriously, he approached the producers of Big Boss with a request to let him enter the house  without any fee. He was ready to even carry his own ration into the house. All he wanted was an appearance on the national TV to reveal the real face behind India’s World-Cup Victory. Everything was agreed and he was all set to enter the Big Boss house when the decision to replace the stylish left-handed batsman with the charming and equally stylish (on a different pitch) damsel Sunny Leone was taken at the eleventh hour.

The heart-broken Vinod Kambli couldn’t believe his misfortune. As a result, he began to shoot his mouth off about the match-fixing and India’s loss in 1996 semi-final against Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens. Nobody has taken him seriously so far. Ironically his demand for a probe into that loss has rebounded on himself. The powers that be are seriously considering to order a probe into the fact as to why he maintained a stoic silence for all those years. Now the pressure is mounting on Vinod Kambli to prove what he has said in the heat of the moment. In fact, nobody will be surprised if a statement from Vinod Kambli saying he was quoted out of context and he has high regards and respect for every team member including the captain who played that 1996 semi-final comes out soon.

Coming back to the story of Sunny Leone’s sudden appearance on the scene, the I&B ministry has prevailed upon the producers of Big Boss to include this hottest face from the other side of Atlantic into their reality show. There are no prices for guessing that even the I&B Ministry is dancing to the tunes of someone powerful from the PMO. The recent incidents have drained some important people of energy and stamina to carry on. They desperately need to chill out. Their busy schedules don’t allow them to take breaks. In such a scenario, it will be ideal to provide them with some entertainment in their drawing-rooms. The Big Boss Season is on and therefore, The Big Boss can certainly provide some much-needed relief into the tension-filled lives of these movers and shakers of the Indian democracy. Who are those movers and shakers the government is hell-bent upon pleasing? Well, the entire list is a top-secret but as usual some selective leak has taken place and some of the names that are doing the round are really worth-mentioning.

The first name is that of Vijay Mallya. Mr. Vijay Mallya has been going through a real tough phase following the dismal performance of Kingfisher Airlines. The government cannot provide the much-needed bail-out as there are many other things to consider before bailing out KFA but it can surely provide entertainment to the beleaguered  business tycoon. The please-all-anger-none policy of the government has been pressed into service. The producers of Big Boss received summons form the I&B Ministry. The closed door meeting took place and when the producers came out of the meeting, they remembered only one name and that was the name of Sunny Leone.

The second name in the list is Didi. Yes, you guessed it right. The Didi is none other than the CM of Poschim Bangla. She single-handedly forced the government to roll back the recent hikes in the fuel prices. She is completely tired of negotiating, bargaining and threatening the government apart from running the show in her state. The government doesn’t want to lose the charismatic leaders like Didi. It wants Didi to come back and fire on all cylinders. This is one of the reasons why I&B Ministry directed the Big Boss producers to fly Sunny Leone into the house. Seeing Sunny Leone in the country of her parents, Didi will mellow down and rejuvenate herself to fight many more battles.

The third important name that is doing the round is that of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Mr. Bachchan is the feel-good factor for the aam aadmi. He gives away crores of rupees to the needy. He doesn’t ask many questions while giving away the goodies. His modus operandi is simple. Ask thirteen questions. Give four options for each question and let the contestant become rich overnight. The credit for making maximum numbers of crorepatis in India goes to none other than Mr. Bachchan. The job of signing cheques, asking questions and hearing the contestants’ life stories is not as easy as it looks. The hours of preparations go into the making of one episode. The KBC season has just ended. The icing on the cake was his becoming of grandfather. Mr. Bachchan is very tired and in urgent need of some top-class entertainment. The government wants to please Mr Bachchan for giving the real push to the India Shining image. The government is worried about the aam aadmi. This is why it wants Mr. Bachchan back on the set of KBC asking questions and signing cheques as soon as possible. This can happen only after he is fully entertained and fit as a fiddle to roar like a lion.

There are many other names too in the list. Since this is a selective leak from some vested interests who are envious of this government doing so well on all fronts, it includes only three names. The Big Boss 5 Season is on and the war of TRPs is won, the government is happy, the aam-aadmi is getting a staple diet of all gossip and entertainment, the producers are laughing all the way to the bank, what else is needed? Isn’t it a win-win situation?


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