The Powerful Miracle Called AB’s Baby

Posted on: November 16, 2011

Strangely enough the world came to a standstill today with the news of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan delivering a girl child. Abhishek Bachchan became a father. Amitabh Bachchan became a grand-father. This is something India had been waiting to happen ever since Abhi-Ash tied the knot way back in 2007. Their millions of fans world wide celebrated the news of the arrival of AB’s Baby into the family with enthusiasm. The festive mood was palpable across the country as the waves of joy spread far and wide. Once again the social media played an important role in spreading the news like a wildfire. The Bachchans are the quintessential public figures with the fiercely guarded private lives.  The media loves to cover everything the first family of the Hindi Film Industry does. But the Bachchans are a down-to-earth lot and they hate to be loved so much by the media. They feel uncomfortable when the TV cameras are trained on them round the clock capturing their every minor expression. Sensing the first family’s discomfort at being the toast of the entire nation, the visual media has shown a lot of restraint in its coverage so far.

However, along with the Bachchans, the nation too has heaved a sigh of relief. The entire nation had been praying for this new arrival ever since the news of Aishwarya’s pregnancy hit the headlines. Now that the delivery of a baby girl has happened, along with the Bachchan Parivar the world too is rejoicing. As usual the Manmohan Singh-led UPA-II government has tried to take the credit for Aishwarya’s successful delivery. Not to be outdone the main opposition party BJP too has issued the press statement stating the doctors who performed Aishwarya’s delivery are the loyal BJP workers. It further reads that these doctors worked round the clock to bring the baby into the world and, therefore, it is wrong on the part of the Manmohan Singh-led-UPA-II government to take all the credit for such a glorious event. The Bachchans have maintained a dignified silence by choosing to not make any comment over these silly fight between the ruling coalition and the main opposition party of our country.

The aam aadmi has every reason to cheer now. The AB’s Baby has brought plenty of luck along with her. The icing on the cake will be when the selection of the name for AB’s Baby beginning with the alphabet ‘K’ takes place. All the major problems plaguing the country are going to disappear into the thin air in a week or so. India is going to emerge so strong, so happy, so united and so self-sufficient that the whole world is going to sit up, take notice and feel jealous of the sudden turn-around in her fortunes.

Some of the major breakthroughs likely to happen are listed below:-

  1. The price of petrol will soon be 50 rupees per liter. There won’t be any price hike till the AB’s Baby turns ten years old.
  2. Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th 100 will be a reality soon. (It’s a very touchy subject for the millions of Sachin’s fans out there. So the less said the better).
  3. Imran Khan will become the Prime of Minister of Pakistan and hand over all those most wanted terrorists hiding in his country to India unconditionally and the relations between the two neighbours will become cordial.
  4. China will become India’s closest friend and help in getting her the permanent UN seat.
  5. Rahul Gandhi will get married to the girl chosen for him by the people of India.
  6. L K Advani will take a vow of not taking out Rath Yatras again.
  7. Abhishek Bachchan’s next film starring him in the lead role will break all box-office records.
  8. The Parliament will function uninterrupted. The MPs will behave themselves thus transforming India into a super-power in next few years.
  9. Convicted terrorists will be hanged soon.
  10. Amar Singh and Amitabh Bachchan will reunite soon to avenge those who separated them in the first place.
Apart from these ten breakthroughs, many more good things are in store. The AB’s Baby is a blessing in disguise for the people of this country. Let’s congratulate the Bachchan Parivar once again for bringing so much of joy, excitement and hopes for a new beginning into our mundane lives.





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