Chetan Bhagat’s Maid Breaks Her Silence

Posted on: October 25, 2011

Dear All,

India is a beautiful country. I am proud to be an Indian. In this country, we have best-selling authors -like my Bhaiya aka Chetan Bhagat whom you all love to hate – can write extensively what they have done for their maids and the whole country gets up in arms against them.  Do our voices not deserve to be heard? We know we are down-trodden. But then again we too have some status and prestige, and at times like Diwali we too want people to sit up and take notice of our existence. I am grateful to Bhaiya for having done so on his popular blog.

On a sad note, this gesture has not gone down well with many of his detractors.  What is more saddening is the fact that they have doubted his noble intentions of uplifting the lives of his poor maids. All sorts of innuendos were being bandied about on social networking cites. He wrote down that post in a hurry. So what if there are grammatical mistakes? Is the message more important or the purity of language? Having said that the purpose of that post was to raise some funds. Bhaiya  was confident of generating good amount of money and he confessed that in no uncertain terms as the post was being uploaded on his blog. Bhaiya doesn’t like us to live in a small room. He wants us to watch Saas-Bahu TV Serials on the gigantic screen of 36” Sony Bravia. He also wants a bigger AC for our tiny room. He thought by highlighting (on the auspicious occasion of Diwali) our plights his fans across the globe will chip in with some money so that our standard of living can become better. Look at what happened. The post missed its mark. It was taken in a wrong spirit. Sadly all we got in return is funny jokes and sexual innuendos.

We all care for our Bhaiya a lot. We cannot tolerate people (read wannabe writers) making fun of him. Bhaiya has a heart of pure gold and this is why all his books are blockbusters and films too have been made based on them. The whole world knows this but it chooses to ignore conveniently every time Bhaiya takes up some social cause. Being so popular can he not talk about his domestic help? What’s wrong with it? He chose his personal blog to air his views on how the domestic help should be treated. For this he didn’t choose the space in TOI where he writes his columns although those chaps at TOI had no issues. As per an estimate, on the day Bhaiya’s columns appear in TOI, its circulation triples across the country. So much for the rules of grammar.

Let me also tell you all that Bhiaya’s driver is a thorough gentleman. Bhaiya fondly calls him Bhola. I swear by Bhola that Bhaiya has already seen Ra-One twice. Shah Rukh Khan had organised a special (and private too) screening of Ra-One at “Mannat” only for Bhaiya. He wanted Bhaiya to give the film a thumbs-up since Bhaiya knows the pulse of the youth of this country. Bhola was the one who drove Bhaiya to Mannat in the dead of the night. Look at Bhaiya’s greatness. He is taking us to watch Ra-One on its opening day. So what if the tickets are being sponsored by Inox Multiplex? Usually they don’t allow outside food into the multiplex but for Bhaiya they have relaxed that rule a little. We will be able to carry Paranthas and Mithais into the screening hall and we will munch them as the super-hero Shah Rukh Khan jumps from one moving bus to another. Oh my god! I cannot wait for the excitement to begin.

Thanks to Bhaiya’s generosity of allowing me to join the English coaching class, my English has become much better than the English of Sidin’s maid. Bhaiya is confident that at this rate my English will become so good that even Shakespeare will have nothing left to say. Before I wish each one of Bhaiya’s detractors a happy, peaceful, prosperous, healthy and wonderful Diwali, let me take this opportunity to inform them that maids across the country are planning to join the social networking cites. Whenever we notice a negative tweet or wall-post or massage about our beloved Bhaiya, we will swing into action by reporting that detractor as a spam. The job of a maid is to clean the dirt and maintain cleanliness. Times are changing now. Earlier we used to do the job of cleaning the houses of our masters. Now we will do the job of cleaning the timelines, wall posts and comment sections of our masters’ virtual houses.  So watch out. Be careful. Excess of anything can be bad. Don’t mistake the silence of our Bhaiya as a sign of weakness.

Wish you all a happy and fun-filled Diwali.

Take care. Stay sweet. Don’t get bitter.

Bhaiya’s Maid,





18 Responses to "Chetan Bhagat’s Maid Breaks Her Silence"

is chameli a creation of fertile mind bhagat?

@ Mahendra Brahmbhatt She is a creation of yours truly… Thanks…..

This is just amazing!!! Never could stand sanctimonious ars#####les

@ GK Misra Thanks a lot……

Felt the language was too evolved for the character. But otherwise was a fun read

@Srijith Nambiar Thanks Srijith for appreciating words……


@Harikirshnan V Thanks Hari…….

I doubt if Bhaiya has still got the message, despite this piece of awesomeness

@ Harsha Thanks Harshad for reading my piece of awesomeness and leaving your comment. Nowadays the information travels fast. Maybe he has got the message. Let’s see…..

This is in the league of Faking News! Keep it up.

@ Satish Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. Yes, I’ll keep it up…..

Chetan bhaiyya’s maid’s blog seems to be getting more popular than the one pennned by bhaiyya himself. I heard that it’s going viral on the net. Really enjoyed reading it !!!

@ Suresh Kini Thanks Suresh……. I looked forward to entertaining my readers on this Diwali and your comment indicates that my purpose is served. Thanks again…..

Thoughts well conveyed…

@ Ritu Taneja Mehta Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

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