Pati, Patni aur “WOH”

Posted on: September 15, 2011

Who doesn’t like a juicy scandal involving a young public figure, his wife and the source of all the troubles in their paradise? People go on talking about it vilifying the “woh” if the poor lady happens to be popular, beautiful and single for fomenting the trouble in couple’s happily married life. This is what seems to be happening in Sandalwood involving Darshan, his wife Jayalaxmi and “woh”,  namely, Nikita Thukral.

Darshan is under custody for physically abusing his wife. The source of the couple’s troubles seems to be Nikita Thukral with whom Darshan is allegedly having an affair. Darshan is not a big name in Sandalwood. He doesn’t have that superstardom. He is yet to act in any memorable film. But his tragic personal life has catapulted him into the public conscience. Until then he was a forgotten hero. His off screen behaviour is not befitting to the characters he portrays on screen. Ironically he is a noble soul on screen who won’t allow any injustice being done to the weak and won’t mind putting his life into danger to save any woman from the clutches of bad men. In real life he has done the very opposite. He has acted exactly like the bad men who he beats to pulp on screen. The irony is not lost on anyone including the judge who has denied him the bail in spite of his failing health.

Now coming back to the “Woh” factor in such sorry love-triangles, why is it that the whole blame goes to the woh? Can a man – however happily married – not falter? Why to blame the poor woh especially if she is a struggling actress looking for some work along with publicity by piggy riding on her male colleague’s success? There is no smoke without fire. The world is a big jungle where wolves roam freely ready to pounce upon vulnerable single struggling actresses like Nikita Thukral. To keep such wolves at bay she might have created a smokescreen by spreading rumours of her alleged dalliance with Darshan. Poor lady may not have realized what kind of misery such rumours would bring upon couple’s life. When KFPA imposed three years ban on her working in any Kannada films, she cried foul by proclaiming the grave injustice was being done to her.  This type of trickery is like a double edged sword. Sometimes it can hurt the wielder of this sword too. Now that the ban has been lifted, she must have heaved a sigh of relief.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the whole world likes to endlessly gossip about such juicy stories. Media too sees an opportunity to increase the circulation and raise the TRPs. It doesn’t realize what type of trauma their endless coverage is causing to the people involved in the controversy. Sadly there is very little the sufferers can do about it. They have to bear all this without complaining. How can you ask people to hold their tongues? After all, can one hand clap? Even without the court pronouncing Darshan guilty, the trial by media has already pronounced him guilty. His credibility seems damaged beyond repair as of now. The marriage will survive this turmoil or no only time will tell. But the incident has shown the actor in a poor light. Why do public figures behave this way? They know millions out there worship them and consider them to be their idols. Such incidents help in reminding their fans that even the idol whom they consider their god is a human being just like them.


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