Narendra Modi – The Next Prime Minister of India?

Posted on: September 13, 2011

The Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi  aka NaMo – as his supporters call him fondly – is always surrounded by controversies. What are the allegations levelled against him? Those sitting in the judgement claim that he presided over the worst pogrom in the year 2002 that systematically targeted Muslims of Gujarat and killed over 2000 people. It is noteworthy that these riots broke out following the burning of a bogey of the Shabarmati Express carrying the Karsevaks returning from Ayodhya  at the Godhra Railway Station sending shock-waves across the country. It is rumoured that what followed was the state-sponsored ethnic cleansing for which neither Narendra Modi has apologised nor has he made any attempts to provide the healing touch to the victims.

In spite of such serious allegations levelled against him, he continues to remain the most popular CM not only in Gujarat but across India. He has done a lot for his state. Under his leadership Gujarat has progressed and prospered forcing even his detractors to sit up and take notice. Country’s business tycoons have heaped generous praises on Narendra Modi’s administrative and leadership qualities. The Super Star Amitabh Bachchan is Gujarat’s Brand Ambassador. In the BJP-ruled Gujarat, he is the strongest leader who cannot be challenged by anybody. Such is the charisma NaMo has over the masses that get hypnotized by his charm and oratory every time he speaks at rallies and the public functions.

Many people fear that Narendra Modi has trained his sights on the Prime Minister’s chair. He wants to play a major role at the national level politics. After Gandhinagar, his next destination is New Delhi. His name as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate has been doing the round and that seems to have got many knickers in a twist. How can Narendra Modi be the Prime Minister of secular India? He will never be accepted as the Prime Minister. Whether he will be accepted as the PM or not time will tell. Rahul Gandhi is going to have sleepless nights over this and so is L K Advani who is gearing himself for yet another Rath Yatra.

For a moment let’s imagine Narendra Modi indeed becomes the Prime Minister of India. What will happen? Will he endanger the secular fabric of India? Will he drive the Muslims out of country? Will the riots break out targeting the Muslims forcing them to flee the country?  After 2002 there has not been even a single major riot in NaMo’s Gujarat. Even Vastanvi praised NaMo for the progress Gujarat has been making under his leadership from which the minority community too has been benefiting. There is a palpable feeling that Narendra Modi is not against any particular community. His sole agenda is to give good governance to his countrymen and develop new infrastructure to attract more wealth to the state he has been ruling.

After becoming the Prime Minister he may not target the Muslims as feared by many. He will show zero tolerance towards terrorists and any acts of terrorism. Afzal Guru and Kasab will soon be dispatched to meet their makers thus setting a strong example to those wanting to harm the nation and its secular fabric. Corruption will drop drastically. Babus will become more efficient and more accountable. Our neighbours (Pakistan and China) will begin to fear and take us more seriously. The grand Ram Temple at Ayodhya will become a reality. The majority community will no longer feel suppressed. The Minority community will no longer feel like a vote-bank. Nobody will ask them to prove their loyalty to Hindustan at the drop of a hat with NaMo at the helm of affairs. He will surely repeat the magic of Gujarat in the rest of India too. If Narendra Modi chooses to contest the general elections in 2014 with a view to becoming the Prime Minister of India, nobody has the right to stop him. It is the voters of India who will decide who they want to elect as the Prime Minister of their country. Period….!


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