Teacher’s Day

Posted on: September 5, 2011

Today is Teachers’ Day. Well, like every Father’s, Mother’s, Children’s, Women’s, Men’s Day, this day too is celebrated every year to pay tribute to our teachers who strive hard to make us what we are today. Our teachers too deserve a day to celebrate their status in the society. Nothing wrong with that.

But the question here is are the teachers the only source of learning? Well, we learn a lot at home from our parents especially from the mother. Apart from that day in and day out we learn countless lessons from the people we may know or we may not know. Our bosses teach us a lot. Our friends teach us a lot. Our relatives teach us a lot. Each experience that we go through in our daily routine has something or the other to teach us.

Therefore, instead of wishing the teachers alone on this important day, we should wish all those who have taught us something. For example, what about those who promise us lots of things but never keep their promises? The lesson to learn is don’t trust such people anymore. They may have made those promises in the spur of the moment. What about those people who come across as polite and well-meaning but make fun of you the moment you turn your back? Well, they teach us one very important lesson and that is don’t take anybody at the face value. People have hidden motives. They may not like you but they want you to like them. Now how is that possible? Maybe they only can answer.

Each day comes with a lot of gift-wrapped learning. It is up to us as to how we unwrap that learning and use it to the best of our advantage. Teacher’s Day or no Teacher’s Day learning is an ongoing process. So keep learning. Life is a school that begins from the cradle and ends at the grave.

Happy Teacher’s Day.



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