Sharad Pawar’s Assets

Posted on: September 3, 2011

Just when the weekend seemed peaceful for the first time after the Anna mania ran its course, Sharad Pawar dropped a bombshell by declaring his assets worth 12 crores. Why is everybody genuinely shocked in this country where every other person lives below the poverty line?

The politicians are the most important people in this country. They protect us from the natural calamities like floods, earthquakes and famines to the man made disasters like riots and terror strikes. They work round the clock. They don’t take holidays in any of the desi destinations. They don’t use desi health care facilities.  In no way they are a burden on our country. They are the complete opposite of what Mahatma Gandhi had visualised. They wear spotless white khadi clothes which look crumpled most of the times. If these high profile supposedly public servants are not rich, who else can be rich in this country?

Let us not poke fun at Sharad Pawar’s bold act of declaring his assets worth crores. The guy has worked hard to earn them. He has  every right to keep them too. Why should we feel jealous at this wealth? He may be a businessman apart from being an active politician with a couple of key portfolios under his belt. He knows the importance of  time management. God gives him also 24 hours in a day. Unlike his poor countrymen he makes the best use of all these 24 hours in a day. As a result he is what he is today. Let’s stop bitching about him and learn the success mantra from him. He has done it successfully without going to those so-called high profile Symbioses, IIMs and IITs.

Yes, we all know he is much more than those paltry 12 crores he has declared. So what?  Nobody should be surprised. Obviously he cannot declare the real worth of his assets for the simple reason that all those poor chaps out there will die of heart attacks. At the same time we ought to appreciate his honesty and zeal to serve the people of this country tirelessly and selflessly for close to half a century. In the process if he has earned those crores, so be it. They came his way and he pocketed them. Why make fuss about it? Our country may be poor but her rulers are not. With such rich politicians we should heave a sigh of relief that we are in safe hands.

Jai Hind.


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