Get A Grip

Posted on: August 25, 2011

So much seems to be happening. Yet so little seems to be getting achieved. Anna Hazare’s fast completes its tenth day. His supporters seem to be growing. The government appears to be on the back foot. Back channel negotiations are going on. Who will win? Will Anna call off his fast? Will the PM budge? Will he promise to accept the Lokpal bill Anna and his team are fighting for? Will these protests across the country set a new precedent in the history of the Independent India?

Well, all sorts of theories are floating. The opinion makers are having a field day. At the moment chaos appears to be ruling the roost. When will all this frenzy end? Is whatever happening good or bad? The PM has promised to debate the issue of corruption in the Parliament and consider Anna Hazare’s demands. He has appealed to him to call off his fast now keeping in view his deteriorating health conditions. Should Anna Hazare listen to the PM and call off his fast?

Many people think that Anna Hazare should listen to the PM and call off his fast. Let the protests continue but the fast has to end now. Anna has successfully scored his points. The whole country has risen in his support. PM too has broken his silence and expressed his solidarity with Anna and his team. No doubt that Anna has been fighting for a noble cause. He wants to rid this country of corruption. This has touched a chord with the common man. The winds of change have started blowing. The Government has nearly accepted its defeat. But it wants to keep up the show of not having been defeated by the Team Anna. This is why back channel negotiations have been going on. Obviously it cannot be seen as having defeated by the civil movement. The Opposition will tear this government apart and moreover, the ruling parties have to fight and win the next elections. There’s so much at stake and so many calculations to take into consideration.

In the hindsight, I must confess that the way Team Anna has fought against this government is worth applauding. It didn’t allow the government to suppress this civil movement. The government attacked the Team Anna and tried to indulge in the character assassination of its members. But nothing mattered. The fight really went out on the streets and every common man threw his weight behind the Team Anna. The government has been shell-shocked. It had never expected so much of support in Anna’s favour.

Having scored his points, Anna Hazare ought to call off his fast. We all want him live and guide us through these difficult times. Let the Team Anna have a firm grip. But it should advise Anna to call off the fast now. The battle will be won. The victory seems to be within the grasps of Anna. The government has blinked. The writing is clearly written on the wall.

Live Anna Hazare thousand of years. Please call off the fast. The people of this country are with you.

Jai Hind.

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