Success Mantra

Posted on: August 17, 2011

Sometimes I feel like talking to myself. Every time I feel the need to get things off my chest, I turn to writing (typing). I find writing therapeutic. It restores order in my life. I feel purged after writing my heart out. I feel all charged up and raring to go after writing.

The weather has been pleasant. It cannot get better than this. It has been raining. Whenever it rains, my creative juices begin to flow. I get into a different zone altogether. While it is raining, all I seem to want is a diary and a pen. I just want to go on writing without worrying about the time. Writing is my first love. I write to understand myself first. Then I can entertain my readers.

Now there you go! Where are the readers? I launched this blog with loads of hopes. Although it is too early to tell, I feel the move to launch this blog has boomeranged. There are no readers. Or if there are readers, I don’t know how to reach out to them and promote this blog. I tried all I could. I singed up on twitter. I signed up on facebook. I launched a facebook page too. But the saddest thing is success has proven elusive. Why?

I have been trying to search for the answers. I don’t know where I can find the answers. It’s not easy to launch a blog if you are a nobody. So much of networking is required. People should know you in the cyberspace. Then only you can think of getting a whiff of success. I sound disappointed, don’t I? Well, I am really disappointed. But staying disappointed is not  a solution. The fighter in me is refusing to accept the defeat.  So what is the way forward?

Well, I cannot give up. It’s easy to give up but very difficult to continue. In the face of adversity I have to carry on. I must learn to address an imaginary audience. There are speakers who get intoxicated at the sound of their own voice. I am a writer who gets intoxicated at the sight of his own words. I get a kick out of writing. It gives me immense pleasure to go on writing and later on read what I have written. I know I am a genius whose time is yet to come.

The bottom line is whether people bother to read my blog or no, I will go on promoting my blog on twitter and on facebook. If nobody reads my blog and encourages me to keep up what I have been doing, I won’t mind. I won’t get disappointed. I won’t accept the defeat. But I will carry on. I have faith in my capabilities. I know I can write. I know one day the blog will become a hit and it will get the attention it deserves. The day may be far but it is not non-existent. The only thing is I have to have patience.

Having patience is the key. This is the time-tested success mantra. I am sure it won’t let me down. I will come out smelling of roses. If you like my style of writing, if you feel I have it in me to entertain readers, do spread the word. Help me get the success that has been eluding me so far.



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