Anna Hazare – The Hero Of The Aam Aadmi

Posted on: August 16, 2011

Who doesn’t know Anna Hazare? The way he has taken on the Congress led UPA Government has earned him lots of fans. The aam aadmi has come to look up to him as his saviour. He seems to have captured the imagination of the entire nation. This anti-corruption movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare is reminiscent of what Mahatma Gandhi did to get India freedom from the British Raj. The hapless government is doing all it can to thwart the juggernaut called Anna Hazare. But Anna Hazare has the support of the whole country and nobody can stop him now.

The fact is the aam aadmi is fed up of this lackluster government. The scams after scams have been tumbling out of its closet. Prices of the essential commodities have been going high. There has been no respite from the onslaught of corruption. The people of this country have been desperately looking for a change. Anna Hazare promises to do this and he seems convincing enough. He doesn’t seem to have any political ambitions. His only interest lies in serving the people of this country by rooting out the corruption. This is the main reason why people have turned out in large numbers to support Anna Hazare and his fight against the corruption.

What will the government do now? It seems to be on the back foot. Anna Hazare seems to be having an upper hand in this second round. The government seems ill-prepared. It has been taken by surprise at this sympathy wave in Anna’s favour following his arrest. Anna has done his home-work before taking on the government. He knows he has been fighting for the people, and the government cannot muzzle his movement without drawing the ire of its own countrymen. Now it’s not Anna versus government but it has snowballed into People versus Government.

If this sustained pressure is kept on the government by Anna, his supporters and the media, then the government will have no other option but to give in. Ultimately it is going to be the victory of the people of India who deserve better politicians, better governance, and the corruption free nation to cement her place as the Super Power in the world hierarchy.

Anna Hazare’s name will be written in the golden letters whenever the history of the modern India gets written. For he seems to be doing what no other modern visionary could think of doing. Full power to Anna Hazare and his team of brave supporters.

Jai Hind.


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this was really a knowldge able information. it is well written.

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