Friendship – An Essential Need

Posted on: August 7, 2011

Today is a Friendship Day. All of us have friends. Show me the one person who doesn’t have friends. Why is having friends important in life? Can we imagine our life without friends? What is friendship? Why is the concept of friendship so celebrated and held in high esteem? Well, the man is a social animal. He cannot survive alone. He has to mix with the people for various reasons ranging from social to business. Along the way he meets many people. Those whom he likes and shares something in common ends up as his friends.


The friends are there for us when we are lonely and want to lift our mood. They are there for us when we are in need of some help. They are there for us when we want to unburden our soul and feel light-hearted. They are there for us when we want to celebrate something. They are there for us when we want some serious opinion. They are there for us when we want some frank feedback. True friends are those who show us our back. They don’t mind telling us the truth however bitter it may be. They don’t mind offending us if it is meant to open our eyes to reality. When we are falling, we need hands to us. The hands that held us belong to the friends. Friends are god’s gifts. Friends don’t want anything in return when they do us a favour. They know it’s an ongoing account. Some day it will get settled and nobody will be a loser. Everybody will be a winner.


The concept of friendship is built upon trust. The friends never suffer from the crisis of faith. There is never this trust deficit among true friends. Friends never question one another on the matters involving trust. The concept of friendship is as old as one can remember. A successful person is really considered successful when he is all the time surrounded by his friends and well-wishers. His friends take pride in his achievements and he too reciprocates in the  same manner. Without mutual respect true friendship cannot exist. Friends respect one another by showing respect in the equal measure. They understand one another and try to grow close by being complimentary.


Today is the day when all friends should feel proud of the fact that they chose really good people as friends. They ought to thank one another for this unique gift of friendship. Let’s stay friends forever n ever.


Here’s wishing you a Happy Friendship Day. Please be my friend and stay my friend forever.




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