Rejections & Life

Posted on: August 6, 2011

Rejections are a part and parcel of life. Can anyone imagine life without rejections? Are rejections important? Why do people undergo rejections? Well, rejections are important in the sense that they make us stronger. They prepare us for tougher challenges that lay ahead. They make us think deeper and propel us to give our best. If rejections are taken positively and handled in the right spirit, they end up giving us the most valuable lessons.

If rejections are taken in the wrong manner, if they are handled negatively, then the repercussions can be deadly. They have the potential to induce the negativity that can prove devastatingly spirit-breaking in the long run. Once the self-doubts creep in, they are difficult to get rid of. Rejections are designed to test you. They are there to check how serious and how committed you are to achieve what you have set out to achieve. Many people are so chicken-hearted that at the first signs of rejections they give up what they have set out to achieve. Moreover, they begin to doubt their own capabilities. They think they don’t have it in them to make it.

But the truth may be different. The reasons for rejections may not have anything to do with the capabilities of the person who has received rejection. Whenever faced with rejections, it helps to think, “I have what it takes to become successful and reach the top. This rejection means somewhere out there a better opportunity exists for me. The only thing is I must keep trying and the opportunity will come knocking at my door sooner or later.”

It’s very difficult to keep thinking positive thoughts especially when the going is tough and all chips are down. Without being aware we tend to entertain negative thoughts and allow them to have their deadly effect too. It may be difficult to think positive thoughts in such a scenario but it is not entirely impossible. With proper training we can focus our mind on thinking positive thoughts even when the going is not all that smooth. We need to watch what thoughts are going into the mind. If they are negative in nature, we ought to give them the red signal by shifting our mind to the types of thoughts we would like to think at that particular moment. It takes some getting used to. But when the success is achieved in keeping the negative and harmful thoughts at bay, the joy that one experiences is out-of-world.

Like it or not rejections are going to be there no matter what we do. They are an integral part of one’s life. Although we have not bargained for them, they’ve come along with the package called life. We must learn to live with them, if we want to conquer the battle of life. Rejections are here to help us win and not to push us in to the corner. Can rejections defeat the spirit? Well, it depends upon the recipient of the rejection. Rejections are the tests passing of which is mandatory to reach the top. Without undergoing rejections show me the one person who has reached the top and stayed there for years to come. So learn to love and embrace the rejections. They will enrich your life in some or other way. They will make the taste of success sweeter and long lasting. They will equip you with the know-how to deal with the success and make the most of it.

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