Life’s Paradoxes

Posted on: August 4, 2011

The number 13 is indeed deadly. I have been struggling to write my 14th post for past few days.


So many things seem to be happening. Politicians are ruling the roost. Chairs are dearer than the lives. These chaps don’t want to let go of the chairs at any cost.


So many symbolic gestures, brand building exercises, image building exercises and more importantly gimmicks to remain in the news are the flavours of the season.


The young want to look slightly old so that the people would take them seriously.


The old want to look young and fit so that the young can relate to them.


Paradoxes and more paradoxes.


Netas don’t like to walk the talk but they don’t mind walking a couple of kilometers along with their supporters in the tow to make a political statement.


The foreigners come to India to seek cure for their many ailments but netas go abroad for their treatment.


“Corruption” is no longer a stigma if people have voted you to power. Do they mean to say people have given them the mandate to loot as well?


There is a very thin line between the mandate to rule and the mandate to loot. As the days are passing the line is getting thinner and thinner. Has the common man grown immune to the corruption all around him?


Anna Hazare burns the copies of Lokpal Bill. Does he not respect the Parliament is the question asked to him by all and sundry. Is the campaign against the corruption losing steam? There are questions, paradoxes and more paradoxes.


Nobody has the answers. But everybody has the questions. Questions are multiplying. More questions are breeding even more questions. The pile of questions is growing so high that the common man cannot see anything beyond these questions.


Are these the paradoxes or the symbolic gestures?


Why are symbolic gestures necessary in the democracy?


Is democracy important or the symbolic gestures?


Are these paradoxes real or the figment of my imagination?


Do the questions and paradoxes go hand in hand?


Why so many questions?


Maybe answers too are in the offing. Once the questions arise, the answers too appear out of nowhere.










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